No Life Shaq Net Worth

No Life Shaq has recently been taking YouTube by storm, posting reaction videos and becoming a vocal public figure on rap music, politics, and many other topics.

Here on IBuyIReview, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this Youtuber’s success and how he achieved the amazing net worth he has today.

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Who Is No Life Shaq?

Shaquille Davis was born on May 22nd of 1993 and has always been interested in music. Having grown up in Marlboro county in North Carolina, the American Youtuber found his calling in reaction videos in 2016.

He uploaded his first video on April 7th, 2017, several months after starting the channel. This video was him reacting to an MMA fighter, Conor Mcgregor’s funniest moments in the sport.

He came up with his channel name using his first name Shaquille, shortening it to Shaq; thus “No Life Shaq” was born and became a reaction video channel.

Outside of these details, not too much is known about the man’s childhood or how he grew up.

A New Kind of Reaction Video

The man started spending his time on Youtube reacting to sports videos after joining in November of 2016. (1) His bio simply states:

“Just a guy who make videos, and talk trash !”
No Life Shaq

He started out reacting to sports videos and uploading his commentary and reactions to various games. It wasn’t long before he moved into reacting to music videos, however, making commentary about rap videos and rappers.

No Life Shaq’s expressive way of handling reaction videos is unique. Particularly because of the medium he is reacting to, you might think that there isn’t much to react to – but Shaq does an excellent job of communicating his reaction to the lyrics, beats, and instruments in the music he listens to.

A lot of his recent Youtube videos include thumbnails that clearly communicate his overall reaction or opinion to the songs he critiques and reacts to as well.

YouTube Earnings

YouTube Earnings: No Life Shaq Net Worth

Are you ready to be blown out of the water when you hear No Life Shaq net worth? This YouTuber earns an estimated $1.1-million a year reacting to music videos online.

When you look at his profile, it’s not hard to believe; his account is active and he uploads daily in many cases. While it makes sense, considering the reaction videos have become his job, it’s inspiring to see how much new content he can come out with, even if he’s had to expand into new genres of music.

No Life Shaq has come a long way in his YouTube hobby, turning it into a career in just a few years.

His uninhibited disdain for “mumble rappers” and fervent dedication to Eminem has sparked a couple of feuds as well, as No Life Shaq will publicly defend the rapper on Twitter and on Youtube.

He has sparked controversy in some groups and has had beef with several rappers over his outspoken opinions on music, causing him to have released a couple of apology or explanation videos to his fans over the years. Despite this, he is still highly respected in the Youtuber and rap community, and retains his online fanbase.

How Many Subscribers Does No Life Shaq Have?

No Life Shaq’s YouTube profile currently has 3.37M subscribers, and his outspoken personality mixed with his robust expressions and reactions has continued to allow his subscriber count to grow over time.

His most popular videos have several million views each, and he earns an average of several hundred thousand views for new uploads.

No Life Shaq also has a live Youtube channel called MoreLifeShaq – previously named DatsTuffGaming –where he plays games and reacts on livestreams. This channel, while not as popular at 233K subscribers, it isn’t as frequently updated either. He has kept his attention on his main channel, while uploading additional, more casual videos on this live channel.

reaction video with his son

How Many Kids Does No Life Shaq Have?

No Life Shaq has two children, but he had them out of wedlock. His sons names are Kingston and Shaq Jr., and live with him in North Carolina. He talks about his sons in some of his videos, and in 2019 he uploaded a video titled “2 year old REACTS to Lil Nas X – Old Town Road” where he filmed a reaction video with his son at the time.

In February of 2021, he uploaded a video titled “I FINALLY PROPOSED TO MY GIRLFRIEND! (I almost cried!)” where he talks about the day and shows the video of him proposing to his girlfriend. He has also uploaded several videos where he talks about his girlfriend, and even gets her to react with him to one of the songs he was critiquing at the time.

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