Real Estate Tycoon Ben Mallah Net Worth

Success can mean something different to everyone, and to one man, it meant the world. Buying and selling property would become his big ticket to success.

In this article from IBuyIReview, you won’t only learn about who Ben Mallah is, but how he achieved his famed success in the real estate industry.

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Ben Mallah, The Real Estate Professional

Ben Mallah, or Benjamin Mallah, is a celebrated Tampa Bay real estate tycoon who started from nothing and worked his way through the ranks until he achieved an impressive net worth number.

A proclaimed “self-made millionaire”, he worked his way through the slums to the wealth he has achieved today through flipping homes and commercial real estate.

Between maintaining his wealth and always striving for more, he works tirelessly to make his dream continue to be a reality for him and his family. His wife and children vacation with him often in the Caribbean and in Florida, renting yachts and living the good life, a far cry from the life he grew up with.

Ben is also very active on social media, positioning himself as a public figure in the real estate industry, helping new real estate investors learn the ropes and get into the industry like he did. He has a popular YouTube series called Life for Sale.

Early Life

Ben's Early Life and the Start of His Career

Born on October 29th, 1965, Ben Mallah grew up in Queens, New York. According to Ben, his childhood was one of the worst experiences he’s had, and quite possibly the worst anyone could imagine.

While that claim is a bit of a stretch, he didn’t have it easy. He lived in a bungalow in one of the worst New York slums in the 60s and 70s.

Walking through the richer neighborhoods of New York made him aspire to greatness. He saw how good it could be, if only he tried. That realization left him with a burning desire to make a lot of money and make it big.

Ben dropped out of school at 14 and began working odd jobs to try and make some independent income as a child. He did everything from office work to running messages back and forth, but the New York slums life was holding him back. His uncle, convicted for a hard drugs distribution crime didn’t help matters.

He hated being poor, and at the age of 17, he saw his opportunity to get out of the city: the army.

Ben enlisted and spent a few years with the army, and while he knew it wouldn’t get him to where he wanted to be, it solidified his character and made him value the real changes hard work can bring.

Ben had always toyed with the idea of real estate, but it wasn’t until he was working for someone else in real estate, after his time in the army, that he realized there was so much more to the industry, and that property flipping could be his big ticket to success.

Ben Mallah's Real Estate Academy

It isn’t any surprise that the real estate tycoon has his own course teaching other people how to invest in real estate like he has. After all, you make more money selling pickaxes in a gold rush than you do panning for gold, right?

Well, Ben has the best of both worlds, continuing his real estate investments while keeping his step-by-step course up to date.

One thing I’m not a huge fan of is that these videos are the set-and-forget kind: it’s Ben talking to you on a camera, and while there is certainly wisdom to take out of the videos, there’s no guided mentorship included with the deal from the advertisements.

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It is important to note that at the time of writing, this course hadn’t been launched yet. You can’t click to enroll, and many places on the website are lorem ipsum filler text.

Ben Mallah Net Worth Today

When looking at Ben Mallah net worth reports, it’s curiously more stable than a lot of other famous millionaires that you might come across. Certainly, this is a mark in his favor when it comes to managing his finances, especially since he isn’t particularly frugal when it comes to his personal life.

Enjoying the life of luxury, he purchased a $1.5M mansion for his wife Karla as an anniversary gift a few years ago. The mansion sports a six-car garage, an in-home gym, wine cellar, elevator, and many other adornments.

Today, Ben Mallah doesn’t show any sign of slowing down, having just bought a Lantana, FL apartment complex for a little over $10-million dollars. (1) The apartment complex was purchased from the previous owner in 2015 for $6.9M, so the complex is expected to continue increasing in value.

In late 2019, Mallah sold an 183-key Boca Raton hotel for $14 million, two years after he bought it at a bankruptcy auction for $9.25 million.

This apartment complex is just one of the Tampa Bay tycoon’s properties, though he does occasionally still purchase properties outside of the area.

Ben Mallah house and car

Ben Mallah's Advice for Aspiring Real Estate Agents

It seems like Ben Mallah has everything figured out, which leads aspiring real estate agents and investors trailing behind him in awe. He does leave some advice behind for those interested in the industry, however.

This advice is rather simple, but could be nuggets of wisdom depending on where you are at in your real estate venture. “You just have to get out there and look for a deal […] where you can make it better and creative value, and you can get some sweat equity in it, and typically, there’s always gonna be a place like that.”

He goes on to add that you can’t take half measures, especially when you’re working on a strict budget. Sometimes, you’ve got to do the work yourself, be willing to stay up all night painting the walls of your new property or doing minor repairs. “You gotta cross the line […] you gotta work the hours nobody wants to work,” he stated, “If you really want to be wealth in life you have to go further than the average guy next to you.”

His philosophy, crafted over years of poverty and hard work from childhood through his military days, has helped him get to where he is today. Something that should resonate with each of us: our faults and failures aren’t something to bring us down, but to shape us into who we need to be for the next step forward.

Ben's Family Life

Ben's Family Life

On top of his wealth and fame in the real estates industry, Ben has a successful family life, having been married to loving wife Karla Nila since 2004.

Karla and Ben met when Karla was just 14 years old living in one of California’s most violent neighborhoods without hot water, sharing space with seven other relatives. Ben, 34 at the time, relocated the family and gave them jobs managing the new property.

He gradually brought her family into his business and private life, and when Karla turned 18 in 2004, they married. The pair have three children together: Aaron Mallah, Vinson Mallah, and Ben Mallah Jr

Unusually secretive about his love life before Karla, there is record of a Benjamin Mallah’s marriage and divorce prior to Karla, and it is rumored that Ben Mallah Jr. is from his previous marriage, though these are unconfirmed.

Overall, Ben Mallah’s family life is relatively quiet, and little is known about the family dynamic other than the fact that he and his wife Karla seem happy together. They are nearing their 20th anniversary in a few years, a big milestone for any couple.

Push Your Career Beyond What You Thought Possible

What Ben Mallah has been through might not be the conventional idea of a rags-to-riches story that you’re used to, but it is just as inspiring as any other.

Pulling himself from the slums of New York, becoming a millionaire, rescuing an orphan girl from a violent neighborhood, and in the end, he not only keeps his wealth but also winds up with a happy family? Beyond his net worth, Ben Mallah seems to be a rich man indeed.

If anything, the story of Ben Mallah only serves to inspire everyone feeling down on their luck, helping them get through even the toughest spots in life. It shows us that yes, success is achievable – you just have to work hard enough, be clever enough, and have enough drive to achieve your goals no matter what.

Where are you now, and what does success mean to you? This inspiring story is just one man’s life; we each have our own achievements to shoot for. To read more about what I’ve done to achieve my goals of a sustainable 6-figure business, take a look at my About page.

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