What is the Local Marketing Vault? Is it Worth Joining for Beginners?


Spend a few minutes on the internet trying to find an online course that teaches you to make money on the internet, on the side, and you’ll soon see there are literally thousands of ways to achieve that.

You could start a blog, upload videos, or just create a Facebook group to entertain people with memes and other content and you might start making money.

  • But in order to sustain your small business and its profits, you’re going to need something that allows growth and works in the long term. The real challenge is finding something that you are passionate about. 

Starting your own business on the internet is a pretty good idea, but you can’t just jump in with all the investment and hope to make good money out of it. Millions do that every day only to fail miserably.

If you’ve been looking for ways to earn money on the internet based on real-world concepts with real tactics and strategies used by the internet marketing experts in 2019, then you should be looking at the Local Marketing Vault (LMV)

What is the Local Marketing Vault Course?

In 2019, things like pyramid schemes and MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) are quite popular for being easy ways to make money online. Unfortunately, they’re also full of fake claims and scams. 

  • What most MLM courses teach you these days is very close to pyramid schemes – they make you go through the course teaching unnecessary skills and tools only to help you sell the course to others after you’ve completed it. 

This is a good way for the founders and creators of the course to make money for themselves, but it actually never enables any of their students to sustain the business model for long, which is why a lot of them fail within months of completing the courses.

  • If you’re really serious about making money on the internet, then Local Marketing Vault is a course that I highly recommend. It is created by two of the best people I know and trust, James Bonadies and Jason McKim
Local Marketing Vault

Both are very respectable individuals in their respected fields. Jason and James have combined their skills to create this amazing course that teaches you real skills that help you make money on the internet and sustain that income source for the rest of your life.

  • LMV is not a pyramid scheme, nor it is an MLM, and definitely not an affiliate marketing program.

The course is unique. It is based on the principals of leveraging local lead generation traffic. You are taught ways to send traffic to your site using a variety of different methods, both organic and paid.

  • However, in 2019, getting traffic through organic means is tougher than ever.

You can do everything in your power to create the perfect landing page with the best content on the internet and it will still be unable to convert or climb the ranks of Google. 

Even social media can’t help you these days. 

  • Why? Because these days most people use paid ads to gain massive amounts of highly targeted and valuable traffic. 
Local Marketing Vault

Imagine learning a way to target people who are ready to buy your service or product. It sounds impossible, but with Local Marketing Vault, you’re taught the industry secrets of paid traffic that help you pull this.

By the time you are done with the course, you’ll have enough knowledge to create the best content and send out the most effective ad copy to your targeted audience that converts well.