Is The Local Marketing Vault and Visibility Cloud the Same?

While searching for a review of Local Marketing Vault (LMV) on the internet, you may have probably stumbled upon Visibility Cloud LLC. Why does the name Visibility Cloud often come next to LMV in most reviews and discussions about LMV on the internet?

  • Is Visibility Cloud related to Local Marketing Vault? The short answer is – yes, in some ways they are. Here’s why.

The Local Marketing Vault was created by James Bonadies and Jason McKim. Both are very well known digital marketers with a unique special set of skills. The two combined their knowledge, experience, and skills to create LMV in which they teach how to generate local leads for small-to-medium businesses. 

  • The course is based off the techniques they used in there business Visibility Cloud LLC to generate leads for their clients. Because it was created by the same founders of LMV, James Bonadies, and Jason McKim, and has the same techniques upgraded for 2019. So in other words, Local Marketing Vault is a program created using the same tactics the guys used to build their agency Visibility Cloud.

And if you are confused about whether you are paying for Visibility Cloud or Local Marketing Vault, don’t be. Local Marketing Vault is a business under the Visibility Cloud LLC.

The new and improved Local Marketing Vault course applies the same great techniques and introduces students to new things that resonate with the search engines of today. In simpler terms, the LMV course will introduce you to several new modules that provide a solution to the current challenges internet marketers face. 

  • Also, another great thing about Local Marketing Vault is that it is now accompanied by a private Facebook group where the very same Jason & James of Visibility Cloud LLC  personally get involved with the students. 

The community consists of more than 4,500 paid members who share their experiences and learn from others. When you have any problems with a module within the course, you can easily go to the group and get feedback from other users and directly from James and Jason.

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