Is The Local Marketing Vault and Visibility Cloud the Same?


While searching for a review of Local Marketing Vault (LMV) on the internet, you may have stumbled upon Visibility Cloud LLC.

Why does the name Visibility cloud often come next to LMV in these reviews, and other discussions about LMV across the internet? Are they related, or is there something else going on?

In this article from IBuyIReview, you’ll discover everything you need to know about the names behind the platform, what’s going on, and why these appear as different companies.

Hint: you might be surprised by the answer, especially if you’re used to shady MLMs and dubious business and platform practices.

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Is Local Marketing Vault and Visibility Cloud The Same Business?

The short answer is – yes, in some ways they are related, and you might see the LMV course billed to you as Visibility Cloud, but there isn’t any shady business going on, despite the fact that both LMV and VC are two separate entities.

Here are the details:

The Local Marketing Vault was created by James Bonadies and Jason McKim. Both are very well known digital marketers with a unique special set of skills.

The two combined their knowledge, experience, and skills to create LMV in which they teach how to generate local leads for small-to-medium businesses.

What Is Visibility Cloud?

The course is based off the techniques they used in their business Visibility Cloud LLC to generate leads for their clients. If you go to their website, you’ll see that they are an ads agency with a specialty in social media and Youtube ads. They like to work with small businesses, consultants, and course creators, but they generate leads for a wide variety of business types.

Because this agency was created by the same founders of LMV, James Bonadies and Jason McKim, the course uses the same techniques that the agency uses to help small businesses ramp up their success and gain leads in the industry, all upgraded to modern standards.

So in other words, Local Marketing Vault is a program created using the same tactics the guys used to build their agency Visibility Cloud. Their agency is not only what inspired the course material, but is also their testing ground for new techniques, portfolio of proven successes, and a way to develop new course material before adding new features and upgrades to the course proper.

What Is LMV?

LMV is shorthand for Local Marketing Vault, and it is the course that James and Jason have created based on their proven techniques in Visibility Cloud.


The course is home to thousands of students who have made their way into the digital marketing space thanks to the techniques these two teach, and it all started with their experimentation inside the agency.

Because James and Jason are so dedicated to their student base, they take the time to develop funnels and provide them directly to their students on a niche basis, but only once they’ve been proven to work. They believe in their techniques so thoroughly, providing an open space inside the Facebook group as a resources network for new digital marketers who are looking to change their line of work or expand their current knowledge.

Does It Change What You Get With Local Marketing Vault?

If you are confused about whether you are paying for Visibility Cloud’s services or Local Marketing Vault, don’t be. Local Marketing Vault is a business under their agency Visibility Cloud LLC.

When you enroll in the LMV course, you aren’t enrolling in services; only the course, so no, it doesn’t change what you are getting.

Visibility Cloud is James and Jason’s customer-facing entity where they generate leads to business owners in need – the exact thing they will teach you to do in their in-depth training course. In many cases, they will not let you pay for the product before making certain it aligns with your goals and they are able to talk to you one-on-one.

This policy is a huge advantage with all products because not only are you able to confirm for yourself that you are paying for the right thing, but you are also able to ask any kind of question about the course material.

The new and improved Local Marketing Vault course applies the same great techniques and introduces students to new things that resonate with the search engines of today, all for a low cost considering the amount of information and value you get out of the material.

In simpler terms, the LMV course will introduce you to several new modules that provide a solution to the current challenges internet marketers face, while Visibility Cloud will generate leads for your business through proven paid advertising methods.

The techniques used in this agency are not only phenomenal and kept up-to-date, but they are directly from the source of many paid advertising specialists’ knowledge.  

LMV Updated Features for Members

Features for Members

Also, another great thing about Visibility Cloud being a testing ground for their course is that the Local Marketing Vault is now accompanied by a private Facebook group where the very same Jason & James of Visibility Cloud LLC personally get involved with the students and teach them how to perfect their strategies and techniques learned inside the course.

The community consists of more than 5,500 paid members who share their experiences and gain information from others. When you have any problems with a module within the course, you can easily go to the group and get feedback from other users and directly from James and Jason.

Visibility Clouds Service and Support

While the LMV Facebook group is not open to their clients, they do provide excellent service and communication to those who sign on as clients of their agency.

Before you are able to pay for services or get a quote for your project, you have to book a strategy call with one of them to discuss your business, your goals, and what you are looking to get out of the exchange.

In everything James and Jason do, their goal is to ensure they are providing the utmost best product, no matter if you are a client or a student. These guys are two of the best people I’ve met. They are kind and dedicated to their students’ successes in a way I haven’t seen with any other program I’ve tried before. You can count on them being there when it matters, whether it’s to help you out of a learning rut, or help celebrate your latest victory.

The success I’ve seen inside the group is also astounding. Every day, there are more and more posts from students who are seeing successes and major client or funnel management wins with their partner services discovered through the group. It’s unbelievable how well these solutions work, and I’m ecstatic to see the course modules updated periodically to help keep everyone updated on the latest strategies and best funnels. It’s a remarkable view into the online world of traffic optimization, especially if you are choosing to partner with small local shops or are providing these ads management services to public businesses.

Not only does this course help students optimize their success and view these optimization strategies a little differently, but it helps ensure the success of every public business owner these students work with, expanding the success of everyone involved. There isn’t a better community-oriented course on there on the internet that I’ve found yet for ads optimization, it is so full of solutions and resources to fit your needs, and I’m thrilled to have found it in the sea of work-from-home scams and other solutions or products that don’t work as well.

Local Marketing Vault Student Success

Local Marketing Vault is a fantastic ads management program that has allowed thousands of students to succeed in digital marketing and better understand what goes into each campaign.

It is the perfect choice no matter where you are in your digital marketing journey, whether you are just starting out and have just learned the term “paid ads” in this article, or if you are a long-time expert looking to polish your solutions and services up to the next level with a partner or by yourself.

LMV students see record success with the management resources James and Jason provide inside the Facebook group, and it’s one of the only truly legitimate programs I’ve come across in trying to make money online. Because each of their products and solutions are tested ahead of time, the services you can provide expand with each new update.

If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know that having those resources and solutions is no small feat either; I’ve been working to make money for years through all kinds of programs, courses, MLMs, services and whatnot, but no matter what I always had the same discouraging feeling that always led me to finding something else: surely there’s a better way.

A better way to make money.

A better way to build a business.

A better way to feel like I’ve done something good at the end of the day.

In my searching, that’s when I found the LMV course, a part of Visibility Clouds resources, and my world changed forever.

Now, I’m making more money than I ever have before with fewer services to keep track of, all with the free time to spend extra days with my family, live the life I always wanted, and explore the world.

Interested in learning more about the program and seeing if it’s the right choice for you?

I believe in this program so much that I’ve secured a free training demo. Please click the button below to get your copy today, and see if these methods are a good fit for your entrepreneurial aspirations.