What Does Local Marketing Vault Cost to Join?

You may have heard of work from home parents and digital nomads, but did you ever think that you would have the opportunity to become one? (1) Perhaps you don’t want to change your lifestyle, but you are interested in switching careers, or working on a new skillset to bring in some extra cash.

“Whether it’s cramped conditions or intrusive coworkers, offices can be the enemy of productivity. Working from home can not only curb these distractions, it’s been proven to reduce stress and enhance overall mood.”

Steven Shehori

The Local Marketing Vault, also called LMV, is a popular online program that has been helping students across the world earn money at home using various online marketing strategies. The program provides you with everything you need to know to get started and helps you succeed in the online world.

Are you nervous about enrolling in the program because it sounds too good to be true? Unlike a lot of other work from home programs that promise the moon, this course has proven itself time and time again.

Still, cost can be a limiting factor for some who want to sign up right away, so how much does Local Marketing vault cost, and what can you expect to get in return?

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What Is Local Marketing Vault?

The Local Marketing Vault is an online course created by James Bonadies and Jason McKim who both have an impressive online presence to show for their success in the group.

This is quite different from many other online courses where the proof of success seems shallow, yet these two have attracted thousands of people to join their courses, many of which have greatly benefited from the training even before completing it in full.

While the digital world is an ever-changing landscape, local lead generation remains a popular method of earning, though it has evolved with the times.

The Local Marketing Vault course is focused on these local lead generation methods, teaching you how to earn money sending clients (or leads) to local businesses. You learn how to find these businesses, identify the competition, and successfully begin sending leads and making money.

These two teach viable strategies that actually work great for your online business, no matter if you’re just starting out or if you already have an agency. It is by far one of the best internet marketing courses out there.

Local Marketing Vault Summary

Overall, the Local Marketing Vault program is a great choice for people who are interested in learning lead generation tactics to make a living online.

LMV Overview

These are strategies I’ve used with great success myself and has even shaped other areas of my online marketing agency.

Best of all? You’re providing real value to your clients.
Founded By: James Bonadies and Jason McKim.
Price: Various – see the section below for more details on this.
Biggest Benefits: Extensive collection of tools, information, and other resources such as live coaching and a great support group.
Biggest Drawbacks: Potentially none? See the section below on drawbacks for more information on this.
Overall Opinion: Highly recommended for those who are willing to make a business work

What Do You Need to Get Started?

What do you need to get started? Essentially, nothing. Of course, there’s the obvious computer, internet connection, and a good cup of coffee to keep you going throughout the day, but the program walks you through how to succeed with these strategies.

There are a few tools that are necessary for following the lead generation model, such as ClickFunnels and Woofoo Forms, but the program provides you with exactly what tools to use, and exactly what to expect from using them.

All the methods taught, and tools recommended in the Local Marketing Vault is designed to work with other methods of earning online, giving you a wider range of options as you learn more about online marketing.

Who Is the LMV Lead Generation Course For?

This program is for anyone who is willing to work at a making a new business successful by driving leads to local businesses. You don’t need any prior knowledge of online marketing to get started. The course is geared towards beginners, taking you from the very beginning, introducing different concepts, and then teaching you how to succeed with them.

This course can also benefit people who are already in lead generation or a similar field such as SEO or SEM, as the tools and strategies discussed in LMV are highly beneficial to these industries. You’ll learn a lot even if you’re not a total beginner – I definitely did!

Are There Any Drawbacks to LMV?

Personally, I found no drawbacks that I could see in the LMV program. There are a few factors that could be considered drawbacks, but any legitimate program is going to have these same points:

  • There Are Some Ongoing Expenses. But what business doesn’t have ongoing costs? This isn’t with the program itself, but with third-party tools James and Jason recommend in the training to help you land and maintain your first clients. Clickfunnels, Woofoo Forms, Zapier, and call tracking are all tools that you will need to utilize in these strategies which come in under $200/mo. Of course, as soon as you get a client, these tools are paid for.
  • It’s Not a Magic Solution. A lot of people want to just start making money without any real work, and that’s not how business works. Real, legitimate businesses are HARD. They take work and consistency, and LMV is another example of just that. If you’re looking for an get-rich-quick scheme, you won’t find it here – but you will find ways to get rich and maintain a stable income.

About Local Marketing Vault

The course teaches two viable strategies to help you achieve success online depending on your situation. It is by far one of the best internet marketing courses out there and it takes full advantage of Google ads and other social media paid traffic sources to help accomplish that.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and LMV has done an excellent job showcasing the training by getting your attention in the first place.

What better way to advertise a programs success than to show them an example of that success right from the start?

In an ever-changing landscape, online marketing has been redefined so many times that it can be confusing for new students.

Fortunately, LMV makes the path forward clear and as consistent as possible while still teaching you a ridiculous amount of information.

The Local Marketing Vault is meant to take you from absolute beginner knowledge, meaning none whatsoever, and turn you into a confident online marketer who is capable of producing leads for just about any industry.

Inside the training, there are even example funnels you can use for particular niches, so you can see how little their strategy differs between industries, including case studies.

Is It Worth the Cost? Is There Proof It Works?

There are lots of reviews and testimonials on the LMV site from the program’s students showcasing the success they’ve had with the course.

Moreover, the methods in the Local Marketing Vault are tried and tested by some of the biggest digital marketing gurus of our time.

They are proven to work with the most recent algorithm updates. James and Jason take a great deal of care in updating their training frequently and ensuring it is all accurate.

Being someone who personally learned a lot from LMV, I can assure you that the tools you learn about and information you gain from signing up are well-worth what you pay, even if you already have an agency.

In fact, this completely changed how I looked at lead generation services. It shifted my view away from pure SEO – which seems so foolproof until you really dive into it – to understanding how an ad campaign can play a role in lead generation.

The training really dives into how your clients can benefit from these highly-targeted ads, giving you some great free material to use in sales calls, too.

What to Expect from the Training

The methods within the course are designed to help you learn all the ins-and-outs of paid lead generation and how to actually land clients.

You’ll have to invest in a few tools that are necessary to pull off these methods, but the prize for your hardwork is highly rewarding.

This review from Ashlin on the BBB.org website is a particularly great vote of confidence in the course:

“My success today is all because I decided to invest in myself and join LMV to learn digital marketing strategies. The course is amazing, but even more amazing are the people that you meet in the group that all come from different backgrounds and experiences. The relationships and friendships that I have made in LMV have also contributed to my success today.”
Ashlin S.

This is just one of the many reviews LMV has received from a happy student who has achieved massive success, either supercharging their current agency or helping them get out of a dead-end career by starting a new agency.

The sheer amount of content in the course can be overwhelming at first, as you have access to the whole range of content right from the start.

So long as you stick to the process, it isn’t as confusing as it looks. The program starts with an overview checklist which includes a new member tour helping you get where you need to go.

Overall, the program does a great job keeping you on track and you can expect to learn the local lead generation model through-and-through.

Personalized Coaching

Beyond the massive amounts of training and funnels included in the LMV course, there is another reason why LMV is worth the price: free personalized coaching.

James and Jason regularly host livestreams to help students through the training, including live Q&A sessions every Wednesday so you can learn more than what’s included in the course.

1-on-1 support is provided to help you through and technical problems you run into throughout the training as well, and they even provide resources to help you get starting capital if you need it for your business.

Additional coaches are also featured throughout the week, so while James and Jason are working on the backend, updating training, and working on new features, you still get many great minds live in coaching sessions.

The LMV team goes above and beyond to ensure you achieve the success you are looking for, and they are always open to answering questions you might have about the training, helping you not just apply it to your circumstances, but to better understand the material.

Is LMV A Scam?

Today, one of the most common searches for any program is “is y a scam?” because no matter how legitimate a program might seem, there are still some illegitimate programs that make its way through.

It’s a part of the research process, ingrained in each of us after too many foreign princes urgently asking for wired funds.

The last thing anyone wants to do is be scammed. Throughout my time writing on this site, I’ve seen plenty of scams and trust me – some of them aren’t pretty.

It makes you want to give up and pursue something completely different.

Fortunately, there are a few programs that really are just as good as they seem. Local Marketing Vault is one of those programs, thanks to James and Jason’s unique dedication to their students.

Local Marketing Vault is not a scam. The methods taught are legitimate, the done-for-you funnels work, and the training is updated regularly.

LMV FB Group 2

In fact, it’s one of the few programs that would be in the running to give the online course industry a good reputation.

Look, I know that everyone and their mother has an “exclusive Facebook group” that you have to pay to gain access to, but it can be used as a measure of success, too.

In 2022, the Local Marketing Vault private group – the one that each paid student gets access to – had over 5,500 members in it and has since kept growing. Now, just months later, it’s up to over 6K members.

Those are 6,000 members who paid to get into the program and are still a part of the group because they are getting value out of it.

Local Marketing Vault Cost to Enroll

There are many courses out there that will teach you how to use Google Ads or Facebook Ads in exchange for an upfront cost, but these courses don’t carry the same experience and personalized coaching that a legitimate program would.

The story goes like this: you pay, you learn, and if you have any trouble, well, you’re left on your own.

With Local Marketing Vault, James and Jason prove that this isn’t always the case.

Thanks to their dedication to their students, they are always updating the training to make it more comprehensive than before. Many students agree that the course is valuable beyond what it is being sold for, though it can be difficult to pin down an exact number.

How much is the course worth, and how much does it retail for?

The Local Marketing Vault pricing has fluctuated over the years as James and Jason have attempted to fine-tune it, offering the program for as affordable of a price while still ensuring they can pay for the massive vault of resources provided in the program.

That isn’t even touching the several hours a week the two of them spend in the student area coaching students and answering questions for free, which can be a full-time job on its own.

These two are really dedicated to helping their students achieve success with their business, and it shows.

So, how much is it to enroll?

Unfortunately, there is no one price as it fluctuates up and down based on your circumstances. The fee varies based on the region, and there are always discounts and vouchers that you can apply when signing up.

Now I know the program’s fee might seem high at first but hear me out. Local Marketing vault is not a get-rich quick scheme, nor is it a pyramid scheme or an affiliate marketing course.

It is a completely different program focused on getting local leads for small businesses. The techniques James and Jason introduce and teach you in the program will help you earn hefty profits. The program pays for itself very quickly.


I Can't Afford Local Marketing Vault Pricing. Do They Have a Payment Plan?

Fortunately, Local Marketing Vault does have a payment plan that you can enroll in to lessen the up-front cost based on your individual circumstances.

When you sign up, you don’t go through an automated funnel, you’ll get on the phone with an LMV team member so they can learn more about you and what you are hoping to get out of the program.

During this call, you can establish an extended payment plan based on what you are able to comfortably handle each month.

While it’s true that the Local Marketing Vault cost is expensive if paid all at once, most students choose to pay it off as a payment plan, allowing them access to the course and private Facebook group coaching before they pay off the course.

Are There Ongoing Costs in the Module?

No, there are no ongoing costs for Local Marketing Vault program itself. There are a few paid tools that you will need access to once you start landing lead generation clients, however. While it is necessary to sign up for these tools to follow the ads methods taught in the course, the price doesn’t amount to much. You can expect to pay less than $200 a month for all of them.

What other type of business has an overhead of less than $200 each month?

For James Bonadies and Jason McKim, it truly seems like the point of the training program is not to make a bunch of money like other course creators do, but to provide a real solution that helps people get started in the skillset.

Not only will you learn the skills, but the program also provides several premade funnels, checklists, and helpful information that can get you started making money with better sales metrics and working on your own business.


Key Takeaways from the Training

LMV is a great tool to add to your belt if you are looking to start your own business. The program includes a range of skills that you can specialize in, and helps you understand how to utilize each one.

It also includes several done-for-you programs, checklists, and other resources that make it easy to start implementing each step of the training.

If you already have an online business set up, the Local Marketing Vault is a useful way to turbocharge the results you are getting through ads and provide access to several industry tools that are usually only held by specialized agencies.

Overall, LMV is a great way to get started working from home, but it takes work, too.

As an entrepreneur, you will find that there is no quick success scheme or get rich mantra. If the program works, it requires you to work at it too. The strategies this lead generation program will teach you are not strategies that will take a single review and be perfected in a matter of minutes; it will take time to go through all the course material.

Once you do, however, you’ll see exactly why the it is worth every penny, and why so many students believe they paid too little for the value James and Jason provide within the material.

You will have to spend time honing your personal skills and knowledge. Review your local business strategies, because your tech business owners dream is about to come true. This program has the potential to change your career – and your life – if you’re ready to make the jump.

If you intend to use the Local Marketing Vault as a way to casually increase your skills with ads rather than make a significant change to the success of your career, then it might not be the right choice for you.

The program costs more than some other online marketing courses, but it is jam-packed with value that makes every penny worth it. Better yet, the entire program can be paid off with an extended payment plan, lowering the up-front investment significantly.

If you’re willing to do the work, learn the material, and start using it in your ads, it will pay itself off as clients start pouring in.


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