Matt McCall Reviews: Is Investment Opportunities a Scam or Legit?

Matt McCall Reviews

Matt McCall is a well-known investor and stock market analyst. Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities, also known as Matt’s newsletter, offers investment advice to subscribers who are interested in Matt’s expert opinion on the market. Matt has been featured on CNBC, Fox News, ABC News and more for his investment insights.

Are you wondering if Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities is legitimate or a scam? We’ll answer that question in this Matt McCall reviews article on Investment Opportunities, a McCall newsletter offering investment and stock advice to subscribers!

We will discuss how it works and what you can expect from the program so that you know whether or not it will work for your needs.

Who is Matt McCall?

Matt McCall is an experienced investor, analyst and portfolio manager. He got his start on Wall Street as an analyst with Goldman Sachs before starting Matt McCall Financial Services in 2009. Matt McCall Financial Services offers investment advice to subscribers interested in Matt’s guidance on financial markets.

McCall is the founder of Matt’s Top Ten Stocks, which provides stock recommendations to subscribers based on his research and market analysis.

What Can You Expect From Investment Opportunities?

Matt’s Investment Opportunities newsletter includes Matt’s top picks for stocks and other investments, as well as Matt’s predictions on the market.

Subscribers should expect to receive:

  • Matt McCall Watch List of Matt’s recommendations for which stocks subscribers may want to buy right now based on his analysis of various companies and trends in the market. Matt typically releases his watch list on the first of every month, but he does release it more often during times when Matt believes there are opportunities to buy various stocks before they take off.
  • Matt’s Top Ten Stocks of companies Matt believes will provide long term growth for subscribers looking for solid investments in their portfolios.
  • Investment Advice for Matt McCall’s ideas about how subscribers can benefit from the current conditions in the stock market. Matt typically discusses his top picks and other opportunities that he believes will provide a good return on investment to those who follow Matt’s advice.
  • Prediction of Various Markets, where Matt talks about various markets, including currencies, commodities, interest rates and others, and Matt’s prediction for where these markets will go. Matt often gives additional information on the top stocks investors might want to keep an eye on as well.
  • Matt McCall Investment Opportunities, a weekly newsletter that includes Matt’s detailed analysis of various securities and his investment advice based on his research into those companies. This is a must-read for Matt McCall newsletter subscribers.
  • Matt’s Outlook, a weekly update of Matt’s top picks and predictions on various markets, as well as updates on Matt’s recent addition or subtraction to his watch list and other information related to the market. This section is where Matt makes some bold and interesting predictions about what will happen in the next few months. Matt also provides updates on the latest information related to Matt’s email and his blog posts at
  • Weekly Webinars, featuring Matt reviewing different markets, providing updates for subscribers and offering investment advice based on what he sees happening in those markets. In addition to his analysis of various markets, Matt also discusses the stocks he is watching and his latest watch list.
  • Matt McCall’s Top Stocks, a weekly analysis of Matt’s top picks on companies that are likely to provide a good return for investment in Matt’s opinion based on macroeconomic conditions. This section provides analysis of different industries as well as Matt’s top picks of which stocks Matt believes are the best bets for a good return on investment.
  • Matt’s Top Picks, where Matt puts out his watch list every month and discusses why investors might want to keep an eye on those companies going forward. Matt provides information about where he sees each company heading, including what industries they’re in as well as Matt’s specific recommendations on whether or not individuals should buy, hold or sell those stocks.
  • Matt McCall Updates, a weekly look at Matt’s analysis and predictions for various markets along with Matt’s latest thoughts about the top picks he is recommending to his subscribers based on Matt McCall reviews of that company and its industry. This section is Matt’s weekly update for his top picks, along with Matt providing additional information about the financials of each company he is recommending to subscribers.

How much does the Investment Opportunities newsletter cost?

McCall’s Investment Opportunities newsletter costs $99 every month. Matt also offers a yearly option for subscribers to save money, which can be found on Matt McCall Reviews under the “subscription pricing” tab when you are checking out.

Is Investment Opportunities worth it? Matt

Matt’s Investment Opportunities newsletter is well worth the $99 a month. Matt provides valuable information about different markets as well as his top picks, and he discusses those stocks in detail depending on what Matt believes will benefit investors looking for long term growth following Matt’s advice.

Matt also provides valuable information about his outlook on different markets, which can help investors determine how he expects those markets to perform in the future.

Is Matt McCall legitimate or a scam?

Matt is a legitimate investment adviser, and Matt’s Investment Opportunities is definitely not a scam. Matt provides his subscribers with valuable information about various markets as well as advice for investing in those markets based on what Matt believes will provide investors the best return possible going forward following Matt’s guidance.

Is there a better alternative to Matt McCall Investment Opportunities?


Matt provides a valuable service for his subscribers and Matt’s Investment Opportunities is definitely the best option available. No other alternative options provide as much information as Matt’s top picks or Matt’s valuable insight into different markets. If you’re looking for an investment newsletter to subscribe to, we highly recommend Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities as the best option available.

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