Virtual Party: An Online Sales Technique Used by Younique

Virtual Party

Virtual parties are becoming more popular among multi-level marketing companies, such as Younique. Virtual parties allow representatives to sell beauty products, such as makeup and skin care products, without having to be face-to-face with a customer.

This article is all about virtual parties: what they are, what platforms you can use for them, how to plan one and why they’re so popular.

What is a virtual party?

A virtual party is an event that takes place online, as opposed to in-person. It allows network marketing companies to sell their products without having to be in person with the customer. Virtual parties are becoming more popular among multi-level marketing companies because they allow representatives to connect with more customers while staying at home.

What platforms can host virtual parties?

You don’t need to hire a venue or book a meeting room, but those hosting virtual parties need to decide on a platform to host the party.

You can host a virtual party on Skype, Facebook or Google Hangouts. Or if you want to have a big event with many people all at the same time, try using Zoom or WebinarJam.

Skype is a platform that is popular among MLM companies because it allows for more personal connections with customers. The services offered by Skype include the ability to call landline and mobile phones, send instant messages or create a video chat.

Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world with over two billion users. Facebook allows for communications through messaging, live video chats as well as posts on walls or timelines. Google Hangouts is an internet-based communication platform that offers free group videoconferencing and instant messaging.

Facebook and Google Hangouts are also good platforms to use, but they may be less interactive than Skype.

If you want a big event with many people all at the same time, try using Zoom or WebinarJam on your computer screen or projector in order to have a virtual presentation.

The Zoom option is good for presentations because you can upload your PowerPoint or keynote file, video from YouTube, and share it on the screen to be viewed by many people at once.

WebinarJam also allows you to record what’s happening in real time so that you’ll never miss an opportunity for sales. WebinarJam also has the option for live chat with your customers.

Some people feel uncomfortable with the idea of hosting a virtual party because they do not like interacting on camera or over video chat for an extended period of time, however there are many ways to make this experience more comfortable: you can use your computer’s webcam instead of its built-in one so that it is not as close to your face or you can wear sunglasses so that people cannot see the makeup underneath your eyes.

What are the benefits of virtual parties?

Virtual parties have many benefits. They are great for people who may not be able to physically attend a party or who live in areas where they don’t know anyone that is selling the product and want more connections with other representatives.

Virtual parties also allow participants to watch others demonstrate the products, which can help them make an informed decision before purchasing anything and allow them to build up a connection with the company representative they may not have had a chance to meet in person.

Virtual parties offer people an opportunity to make extra money and work from home if that is something they are interested in doing. The downside of virtual parties for some participants can be having limited choice when it comes to products, but the upside is that they can make their party as customized to them and their interests as possible.

Virtual Parties Work

Why do Virtual Parties Work?

Virtual parties allow sellers to go out and market their products without having a physical party. Sellers can focus on reaching buyers who may be interested in what is being sold, but would not attend an actual event like this. Virtual parties also have the advantage of requiring less time than hosting an actual live event—which means they are more cost effective.

Steps to planning a virtual party

Step One: To plan a virtual party, you will need to decide what items you want to sell and how much time the event is going to last.

Step Two: Decide on which platforms are best for hosting your party – Facebook, Instagram or YouTube? It seems like most people use either of these three.

Step Three: Pick a date and time for your party. Typically, people host their parties between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Step Four: Get the word out by sending invitations to everyone you know in person or through social media, emailing friends and family members who might be interested in what you are selling (remember that these should be people who you are actually friends with), and posting updates on your party to keep it fresh in the minds of potential buyers.

Step Five: Set up a hashtag for your event so that people can use to find out about what is happening at your virtual party by searching Instagram, Twitter or Facebook posts using that same phrase.

Tips for a successful virtual party

  • Offer incentives for those who purchase larger packages or buy a certain number of items.
  • Make sure your party is less than one hour in length, since there will be people at different time zones and it can feel like forever to scroll through all the posts if you are hosting an event that lasts longer than an hour.
  • Giveaways to incentivize people to sign up for your party.
  • Offer coupons and discounts on products during the event – this is a good idea if you are running an online business or direct sales company like Younique, which has been making waves in recent years with its line of cosmetics.
  • Create a mood with music that compliments the theme of your party.
  • Offer a “party favor” for people who sign up to come, such as their first product or one they’ve been eyeing but not purchased yet.
  • Send out invitations and make sure you thank everyone when it is over.
  • -Host these events at least twice a year to keep your list fresh and growing.
  • Plan for an hour or two of content, while keeping in mind that most people will only stay on the site about 20 minutes.
  • Create a catchy title and description to get people excited about the party in advance. Give them an idea of what they will find if they attend, or provide a freebie from your company as incentive to join you online when you host an event! Create excitement by telling them what they can expect to find when they visit your page.
  • Add a countdown timer to your event so people know exactly how much time is left before the party ends and you close off registration.
  • Include a list of items that attendees will need when joining an online store such as: webcam, microphone, headset or any other items you require.
  • Talk about what types of items they might expect at your virtual event and how often these events are held online.
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