Non Toxic Makeup: What You Need to Know

Non Toxic Makeup

In the last few years, people have been more conscious about what they put on their skin. This has led to a huge surge in companies advertising non toxic makeup products. But what does that mean? What is non toxic makeup? And are there differences between “natural” and “organic” makeup?

We’ve compiled all of this information for you here in one article so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing any beauty products.

What is non toxic makeup?

Non toxic makeup is a term used to describe products that don’t have any harmful ingredients in them. This means no synthetic chemicals or animal testing and, most importantly, no lead (which can cause developmental problems). These types of cosmetics are often made from all natural ingredients such as fruit extracts, essential oils or minerals.

What makes some makeup products toxic?

Many of the ingredients in common makeup products are toxic. This includes chemicals such as fragrance, synthetic dyes and petroleum that can cause major health problems like skin irritation or allergies when they come into contact with your body.

  • Fragrance: Fragrances typically contain a mixture of volatile organic compounds that may have harmful effects to humans. Some fragrances are even made with phthalates which can cause reproductive problems in both males and females.
  • Petroleum: Petroleum is often used by makeup brands to stop the ingredients inside a product from oxidizing when they come into contact with air. However, it’s been found that petroleum has many harmful side effects such as skin irritation and potential carcinogens.
  • Talc: Talc is a mineral, often mined from the earth during industrial mining operations. You may also see it listed on your makeup label as powdered clay – that’s talc. Talc has been linked to ovarian cancer in women and respiratory problems in people who work with it.
  • BHA and BHT: These preservatives help to prevent bacteria from growing in a product. But they have been found to cause cancer, reproductive issues and asthma-like symptoms.
  • Parabens: Parabens are used as a preservative because of their ability to act as an antimicrobial agent – but we’re not so sure of the safety. Parabens have been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues, among other things.
  • Phthalates: Used in so many products that we use every day – from nail polish to shampoo – these end up being absorbed into our skin or ingested when eaten off the hand after applying makeup. Phthalates are shown to affect the nervous system, as well as have been shown to cause reproductive issues.

What is organic and natural makeup?

Organic makeup contains only plant-based, non-synthetic ingredients listed on their label while “natural” products can contain some ingredients from plant-based sources.

Both organic and natural makeup is made without any animal testing or byproducts (a common ingredient in conventional cosmetics) such as lanolin, beeswax, carmine and more. There are many benefits to using this type of makeup – for example it lasts longer because there’s no chemical water that evaporates, the makeup is more gentle because it’s not rubbing against your skin and can be applied with less product.

Oftentimes these products are also gluten-free which means they’re safe for people who have Celiac disease or other allergies to wheat. They may even contain fewer harmful chemicals that could affect how well your body absorbs nutrients from food.

The downside to non toxic makeup is that it may cost more due to the lack of artificial ingredients which are cheaper and easier for companies to produce commercially. Non-toxic makeup also tends to be harder to find, though there are a few stores in Canada (such as Lush Cosmetics) where they’re available.

non toxic makeup

Some people may even need to wear a special type of makeup for work, such as theater or clown artist. In this case it may not be cost-effective or possible to use non toxic products and you’ll have to find an alternative.

As the market becomes more aware about what they’re putting on their faces, companies are beginning to change their ingredients in order to be more natural.

Difference between ‘clean’ makeup and ‘toxic’ makeup

“Clean beauty,” as it’s also called, is a growing trend in the personal care and cosmetics industry. Companies are responding to customer demand for products that don’t contain toxic chemicals or heavy metals which can accumulate on skin over time and cause health issues like allergies or sensitivities.

Organic makeup could be considered clean because they’re not made with chemicals, preservatives or artificial coloring. However, not all “natural” makeup is organic.

Non toxic products are made up of different ingredients and formulas than those with harmful substances in them. Non-toxic products can still have the same effects as conventional beauty items such as enhancing your appearance, cleansing, and moisturizing.

While the exact definition of a “clean” beauty product is difficult to nail down, it’s important to remember that while some products may be considered newer or better than others they’re still not 100% perfect for your skin. Researching ingredients before you buy can help!

Non toxic makeup doesn’t have any heavy metals, synthetic fragrances, or harsh chemicals like parabens.

What are the benefits of ‘natural’ and non toxic makeup?

There are many benefits to using a natural and non toxic makeup routine. Non-toxic products can be much better for your skin because they don’t have any harmful ingredients or chemicals in them. For example, conventional mascara often contains heavy metals like lead which can seep into the eye area and cause serious health problems when combined with moisture on the skin.

Non toxic makeup also has less of a chance to cause an allergic reaction because there are no harsh ingredients that can irritate the skin or eye area.

Another benefit includes not clogging your pores and having a more natural look when applied to facial skin. Non-toxic makeup is also better for those with sensitive skin because it won’t have any harsh chemical residue on their face that may cause irritation.

toxic-free makeup

What is the best toxic-free makeup?

Some of the best non toxic makeup brands include: 100% Pure, Black Up Cosmetics, Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba and Origins. Two other great options are Josie Maran’s Argan Oil based products or Larenim Mineral Makeup all without any artificial preservatives, synthetic dyes or chemical fragrances that can irritate your skin.

These brands are the best because they have products that are natural, organic and non-toxic.

Several network marketing companies sell non toxic makeup

Many multi-level marketing companies sell products they claim are non toxic makeup. One of the biggest, with over 283,000 independent representatives and distributors nationwide, is Younique. Check out I Buy I Review’s comprehensive review of Younique here.