Work From No Home Review

Work From No Home Review

Peng Joon’s Work From No Home System

In this work from no home review I will explain exactly what this program is all about…but first…

Who is Chan Peng Joon? He is a young Malaysian entrepreneur who started out as a gaming wizard.  After graduating from the University of Warwick with a BS in Economics in 2005, he returned to Malaysia and worked as an engineer at Globalsoft for two years.

Tired of the working in a cubical for low wages, he wrote a guide to the game World of Warcraft and sold it online, earning many times his yearly salary.

In 2008 he set up his own company, Smobble, and is now one of the top internet marketers in Asia, and the creator of

In his Twitter account profile, Peng Joon describes himself as a “dreamer, infopreneur, trainer, author, gamer, geek, CrossFit, diver, gambler, tequila shots, nerd in disguise.”

Joon still creates various guides for gamers which are quite popular on the Clickbank market.  He has also developed a number of programs, some in conjunction with other internet marketing entrepreneurs, which are currently available online:

  • Keyword Everywhere – A keyword research software program developed in partnership with Matt Ng, generates keyword suggestions based on geographical settings;
  • GPlus Ownage – a course on using Google Plus;
  • Membership Sites Blueprint – A new product set for launch in October 2013;
  • Work From No Home – Current product released in August of 2012 in conjunction with John Chow, focused on creation of websites around hot new launches and using search engine optimization to generate free, organic traffic.

Priced at just $37, Work From No Home is his most recent offering, which details from A to Z how to get started in internet marketing.

As a video hook, he documents a 29-day vacation starting in Los Angeles and winding up in the Grand Canyon, during which he starts a new business from scratch, just as though he were one of his customers.

Following his own step by step program, he generates over $12,000 during his vacation, most of which he spends hiking through the Grand Canyon and seeing the sights.

The Work From No Home is more of a membership site than a course, although there is no recurring fee once you join.

Members can get instant access to all training materials through the various tabs on the site, including a PDF guidebook, a number of videos and various case studies that take the user through the process of setting up a website, generating traffic, and converting that traffic into actual sales.

There is no special software to purchase, just a step by step system plus a lot of helpful templates and freebies to get started.

As demonstrated in the video, there is a certain amount of work front-loaded into the system, and Joon only made around $17 in his first three days of vacation, but once everything is set up it becomes more of a passive income stream, requiring very little upkeep.

The content of the training breaks down into a fairly straightforward program.  There are text and videos relating to pretty much any topic to do with Internet marketing.  The list of topics covered corresponds to the tabs on the website:

  • Picking Your Market
  • Basics
  • Content Creation
  • SEO
  • Post Penguin Tips
  • Backlinking
  • Standout Techniques
  • 30 Day Action Plan
  • Outsourcing
  • Done for You Templates

Each section breaks down into a number of lessons, starting off with the basics and building in complexity.  Some of the information may be familiar to those who are already dabbling in Internet marketing, but even old hands will find new tricks and unusual twists to achieve better results.

Content Creation

One of the most eye-opening areas in the Work From No Home system is the Content Creation section, which helps to dispel common misconceptions and reveals some unique tips and tricks that will make your content more interesting to the user as well as search engine friendly.

Even those who outsource content creation will get more out of their content if they pass along these tips to their freelancers.

The section talks about how to find the best topics for content, use of keyword density, META tags, offsite and onsite links, and the importance of image ALT tags.



Another impressive area in the Work From No Home system is the Outsourcing section, which provides a solid, step-by-step method of results-oriented outsourcing.

This is more advanced material, as it is not cheap to outsource, but once a business is up and running and starting to make money, this section provides solid ways to automate it in order to save the owner a lot of time – and time is money, after all.

There are seven modules in the Outsourcing section:

  • My Theory on Outsourcing
  • Outsourcing in Action
  • My Outsourcing System
  • Finding People For Your Projects
  • Using Elance
  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant
  • Tips and Tricks For Speedy Outsourcing

30 Day Action Plan

Total newcomers to Internet marketing will find the 30 Day Action Plan in the Work From No Home system is one of the most helpful sections on the site, which provides an easy to follow blueprint for setting up a new Internet marking business, the very one Joon used on his California vacation.

This plan starts with selecting a topic and domain name on Day 1 and finishes with launching a calendar for Month 2 on Day 29, and taking a break on Day 30.

In between it visits all of the different sections on the website and takes the user through the process step by step.

Value of the Work From No Home Product

Work From No Home program appears to be one of the most comprehensive, information-packed programs available for anyone who wants to learn about Internet marketing, and at under $40, is certainly worth the price.

The site even provides over 70 prepared campaigns that the user can download, including graphics, website templates, PLR articles and more.

The Work From No Home program is not a get-rich quick scheme, however.  As easy as Joon makes it look during his vacation, there is a lot of study and hard work required before the user can begin to see the kind of money Joon earns so easily in his spare time.

Many will likely lose interest and move on to something else.  But as a product, the website offers a wealth of information for anyone willing to make the time and effort to put it to work.

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