Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0 Review – Is Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0 a Scam

Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0 Review- Is Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0 a Scam

Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0 Launch Date :

January 28th 2014…

Cost = $37.00

Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0 – Chris Freville & Paul Teague

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Chris Freville

Chris Freville has been online since 2005 and runs multiple six figure businesses. One of his most successful launches was “work with Chris”….and online coaching course that launched 6-7 months ago.

Paul Teague

Paul Teague is an IT guy who went from Teaching to building websites to launching internet marketing products.

He launched a program with Chris Freville in 2011 which made $178,000 in 7 days.

Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0 Review- 2014

Facebook statistics are an astronomical….

Take a look at this online GIANT!

• 1 billion active users and counting!

• 50% or 500,000,000 actually log in everyday

• The average person has over 130 friends

• 700 billion minutes are logged on per month

• The average person has 80 community pages, groups and events

BUT…who cares right….WRONG….I care and so should you…but how could this help you generate CASH!

How you ask…take a look at how I broke this down for you to understand the untapped gold mind you can and will find on Facebook! (HELL, Facebook is even spelled wrong if I don’t capitalize the F) LOL

1) Untapped massive free traffic for YOUR business

2) The ability to send LASER TARGETED Leads to your offer

3) Facebook allows you to harness an enormous opportunity

4) The ability to tap into a community that actually allows and loves affiliate marketers

5) Gives the newbie the freedom to not have to learn all the “sticking” points most commonly found in affiliate marketing.

and….although it has been around for years, this is still a tiny Baby compared to what it will be in 5-10 years….now is the time to harness its power….

What does this mean for you….and how can you tap into the online gold mind….Facebook.

Whatever you got to sell, whatever you got to say….you should be doing it on Facebook!

Let’s take a Sporting Goods Store since I used to own one. I could try and compete on Google for sporting goods related products, or I can move over to Facebook, Build a PAge and promote it Globally instead of just locally….without having to compete with Google.

You can’t afford to miss out on Social Media….now is the time.

Another cool fact is the average person on Facebook is over 35, so your target audience has money….and marketing on it is FREE!

  1. There are no web hosting.
  2. No Bandwidth issues
  3. Overpriced SEO consultants
  4. Overpriced Webmasters
  5. No Blogging
  6. No worrying…

It’s all just FACEBOOK!
So, since you already understand how this can change your business….are you ready to learn exactly how to make money with Facebook?

The best way is to create Fan Pages which takes just a few minutes.

oh, and you can have multiple Fan Pages in multiple Niches without any of your friends ever knowing if you choose.

Now…before you learn this…let’s get the lies out of the way…

Most people actually thing that:

• Fan pages can cost thousands if you hire someone – FALSE

• Tiny business can’t create Fan Pages….since it is only for Big Dogs – FALSE

• Business People need to know html, graphics and code to create a fan Page – FALSE

Let me show you exactly what I mean!

Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0 was built to take the frustration out of building Fan Pages.

Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0 does creates Fan Pages Fast….and easy!!

Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0 has templates already set for almost any niche you want to promote.

Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0 is a click and drag software to help you create these pages fast, easy and beautiful!

More information at:
If you want to learn how to Create Facebook Fan Pages, for a nominal price to help you kill your competition, then you must get this product! ASAP! I just bought it and it is SICK!

OR Shoot me a comment below and I will be happy to assist!