Digital Altitude Review – Is This Legit or A Big Scam?

Welcome to my Digital Altitude Review!

There has been a lot of stories about Digital Altitude, whether it is a genuine business or a scam out to get money from hardworking citizens.

Some of the stories are authentic; others may not be.

Since we are not sure who to believe, I decided to investigate the company myself by researching and talking with a few others in this opportunity.

Hopefully, this DA review will be enough to make a decision, either way.

Digital Altitude is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, which means that its sales personnel are paid for their sales, plus for the sales of other people they recruit.

In other words, the more people you hire (and the more sales they have), the more you earn.

Blessing or Curse?

We shall see….

Digital Altitude

About the company

Digital Altitude was founded by Michael Force, a former US Marine.

He is now a coach and mentor to a large number of entrepreneurs wishing to make it online. F

orce has made most of his fortune online, by working with many leading marketing companies for over a decade.

Members of the company are called affiliates, and work to build their downline of affiliates which are three tiers deep, and get paid for it.

Digital Altitude Reviews – Their products

Aspire Membership

This is the company’s Digital Business Sales System

If you purchase this, you get:

  • Three videos on how to start, set up and advance your business
  • Tailor-made branding solutions to boost your sales
  • Exclusive access to some of the best coaches in the world for help with your business goals
  • Live support, including chats and forums, to help you with any problem you may have
  • Networking events to help you expand and get the best out of your network.
  • Accounting resources to help you save more time.
  • Access to all the latest tools in the digital marketing industry

You can choose from three different Aspire memberships.

i)   Aspire Walker

It costs $37 per month, and offers:

  • Training videos to help you when you’re starting out
  • 40% commission
  • Payouts for 1 tier
  • Members Area access

ii)   Aspire Hiker

It costs $67 per month, and offers:

  • Commission up to 50%
  • Training videos to help you when you’re starting out
  • Training every week
  • Members Area access
  • Conference calls every month
  • Latest tools and resources in the market
  • Payouts for two tiers
  • Life Coaches

iii)   Aspire Climber

It costs $127 per month, and offers:

  • Commission up to 60%
  • Payouts for three tiers
  • Members Area access
  • Training every week
  • Conference calls every month
  • Training every week
  • And so many others

Affiliates pay $17 for membership.

Most people start with the Aspire Level, then move up to the base level.

Base Membership

It costs a one-time fee of $597.

If you subscribe to the base membership, you learn how to build a proper background for your business, but in my digital altitude review, I won’t go into the how’s.

You learn how to prepare and plan for your business, the best way to launch the business, and how to best grow your business and sustain a loyal customer base.

Rise Membership

It costs a one-time fee of $1997.

Those who have purchased the rise membership have five learning sections, where they learn how to:

  • Commit to the success of their business
  • Get customers for their business and keep them
  • Create a visible brand that anyone can relate to and want to be part of
  • Come up with the best marketing messages and headlines
  • Get partners to boost your sales.

Ascend Membership

It costs a one-time fee of $9997.

A subscriber of the ascend membership gets a three-day training where they get information on how to:

  • Get the most traffic on the internet and use it to grow the business
  • Make your brand personal, tell your story and connect with your clients
  • Come up with content that everyone wants to have/be part of, build a great team and outsource some of the services for lower costs.

Peak Membership

It costs a one-time fee of $16,997.

As a Peak member, one gets to learn how to:

  • Add value to their products and services so as to get more customers wanting them
  • Balance your accounts well and save on taxes
  • Motivate your team so that they want success as much as you do
  • Connect with the key people in your industry and expand your network
  • Best use your time for maximum profits
  • Employ the best people for your business at the least cost possible
  • Use the best sales strategies to improve your business and get the most profits
  • Raise more capital for your business
  • Avoid mistakes that would otherwise ruin you
  • Make your business more efficient
  • Set up your business in a legal way

Apex Membership

It costs a one-time fee of $27,997.

Apex members get a seven-day training where they learn how to:

  • Manage their finances and create additional income
  • Properly invest money
  • How the rich invest and the wealth strategies they use
  • Stay wealthy for life
  • Create a good credit score, and get rid of taxes after you retire
  • Protect your assets, and minimize risk when you invest
  • Invest in real estate and other hidden markets

Other Products

Digital Altitude has other products such as:

Guru You – These are tools you use for personal branding and social media

Inbound – You get a blog and content. It costs $15-$1500 per month.

Traffic and Funnel Products – Traffic packages that enable you to build a list of ready customers

aspire review

Digital Altitude Compensation Plan:


Walker – Costs $37 per month, with 40% commission ($15 per month)

Hiker – Costs $67 per month with 50% commission on two tiers (40% gives $27 on Tier 1, and 10% gives $7 on Tier 2 per month)

Climber – Costs $127 per month with 60% commission on three tiers (45% gives $76 on Tier 1, 10% gives $13 on Tier 2 and 5% gives $6 on Tier 3 per month)

In Tier 1, you get 45% commission on members you have personally enrolled, 10% in Tier 2 when your Tier 1’s enroll members and 5% in Tier 3 when your Tier 2’s enroll members. Walkers are paid 1 Tier, Hikers 2 Tiers, and Climbers all three tiers.

Base – You get 60% commission on three tiers, which equals to $240 per sale on tier 1.

Rise – You get 60% commission on three tiers, which equals to $1200 per sale on tier 1.

Ascend – You get 60% commission on three tiers, which equals to $6000 per sale on tier 1.

Peak – You get 60% commission on three tiers, which equals to $10,200 per sale on tier 1.

Apex – You get 60% commission on three tiers, which equals to $16,800 per sale on tier 1.

If you need a coach to close the sale, 20% is taken off your Tier 1.


Digital Altitude Review Scoop:

I mean, isn’t there is a much better Way than spending $50,000 to do nothing more than ask others to spend $50,000?

Nothing more than I can say. 2% success rate.

Why Not DO THIS INSTEAD like me.