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Ipas2 Review – A Complete 2016 Review

Name is James Bonadies, and I used to be a top producer in Empower Network, Ipas1, Ipas2 or whatever other names you want to call.

Times have changed and so has my business and my bank account.

Although I have a lot of respect for this business, I feel and felt extremely uncomfortable selling something that I learned is impossible for the average person to succeed at.

It is true, most of the time, the average person doesn’t do what is necessary to succeed online whether in ipas, empower network, MTTB or any other “how to make money online” programs.

The average person I say, as if I am above average. Which I am not. Not even close. However, my results are far from average.

I got sick of shoving lies down the throats of innocent people, at the time I didn’t know they were lies, and got sick of selling the system so other people can sell the system. I call it the “revolving door to hell!” That is what it is…the revolving door to financial ruin.

IF you have not, re-watch the video above or continue reading the review…

Please also be aware that this system is no longer carrying the original creator as he left so not sure how much more you want to research it.

However, if you want to keep reading, the original ipas2 review is below.

What is Ipas2?

Ipas2 is a selling machine, meaning it has everything you need to run an internet marketing business. Things that have cost me a lot of money, is built into the ipas2 system.

1. Dashboard with all the tracking you need from traffic.

2. Full blown traffic sources, and done for you traffic.

3. A tested offer, that is converting like crazy!

4. A trip wire offer (a very low offer to get people in the door)

5. An upsell offer (again it’s proven to sell)

6. A profit maximizer (once in the system, people have a choice to increase their chances of success)

7. Trainings, coaches and phone sales teams

8. Ipas2 = Business in a Box

There are different memberships for those people who have not gotten into ipas2 yet. The memberships are based on what products you own in Empower Network.

Let’s break it down below for a better understanding:

IPAS2 Silver Membership

  • Full Access to the Ipas2 System
  • Empower Network Viral Blog
  • Empower NEtwork Viral Blogging Academy
  • Ability to Earn $225 + $25/month from Profit Maximizers
  • Ipas2 Mastery Coaching Course – Training
  • Live Daily Training Webinars With 6 & 7 Figure Earners
  • Live Phone Support & Online Chat Support
  • 30% Commissions on IPas Trip Wire, Core Offer & Upsell

Total Value $1,512

The IPas Silver Membership is $322

-$25 per month: Viral Blog

$297 (one time Fee): Viral Blog Academy

Once you have purchased those 2 things, your iPas2 Success System will be unlocked and you’ll be able to earn $225 from your profit maximizers.

iPas2 Gold Membership

As a Gold iPas2 Member, You’ll get all the benefits of the SILVER membership, and MUCH much more:

  • Access To Traffic Training and Resources: Ability to get the exact same traffic sources the ipas2 team has been using during their testing. ($2999 Value)
  • Ability to Earn An Additional $1600 Per Customer: At the Gold level of membership you will earn 4 times more than the Silver Membership. ($1,600 Value)
  • iPas Mastery Coaching Course – Advanced Training: Video course on exactly how to drive hunger buyers to your website. ($99 value)
  • 50% COMMISSIONS on iPas Tripwire, Core Offer & Upsell: The gold level of iPas2 membership increases your front end commissions from 30% to 50%. ($347)

Total value: $4,946

The iPas Gold Membership Is Only $1600:

– $100 per month: Inner Circle Membership

– $500 (one time fee) High Ticket Academy

– $1000 (one time fee) $15K Formula

Once you have purchased those 3 things, your iPas Gold membership will be unlocked and you’ll be able to earn up to $1822 from your profit maximizers.

Ipas2 Black Membership

As a Black iPas2 Member, You’ll get all the benefits of the SILVER & GOLD membership, PLUS, MUCH much more:

  • One-on-One Business Coach Assigned To All of Your New Team Members: If you sign up someone, they get a business coach, you get a business coach. There is no words to explain the way you should feel about having someone to turn to when you are confused. In addition, you have me! 🙂 ($6,000 Value)
  • Black Membership Card VIP ACCESS: As a Black Card member, you will literally get a black card in the mail so you can attend live events, dinners, entertainment, private masterminds and discounts on other iPas2 product releases ($1499 Value)
  • $3000 Extrar Per Customer From Profit Maximizers: As a Black member you will have the ability to earn $3,000 extra from anyone who also becomes a black card member. Believe me, it hurts when you lose out on commissions. Early on, I lost out on $6,000 before I upgraded. ($3,000 Value)
  • iPas Mastery Coaching Course – Expert Training: Trainings from 7 figure earners on traffic and marketing strategies. This stuff works, and I have paid $5,000 once to learn from the best…($2,947 Value)
  • 70% COMMISSIONS on iPas Tripwire, Core Offer & Upsell: The Black membership allows you a front end commission of 70% on all front end offers. That is up from 50% as a Gold member. ($547 Value)

Total value: $13,993

– Masters Course ($3500 pays $3000 to affiliate)

– $97 Black membership (includes success coach)
– $39.95 Black membership (if you want to do your own coaching)

Once you have purchased those 2 things, your iPas2 Black membership will be unlocked and you’ll be able to earn up to $3000 from your profit maximizers.

ipas2 review

Since this is the thing of the past, why not get into a coaching program that teaches you how to generate leads for local businesses in your area, and get paid a lot of money to do so.

There is literally no competition (just think of how many cities and businesses there are in the entire country, heck world) and you can understand there is no competition to worry about.


Good, I was too…and clicked a link, and the rest is history.

Give it a chance and slide your email and name down below to get a look at what I am talking about.

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  • Steve

    I wish they would show someone with a big check after their first month or two in the system/on the team. All it seems to ever show are top earners who have been there a long time holding up the big Happy Gilmore sized checks. I am more of a visual person and someone who is thinking about finally getting involved here but I’d much rather speak to a new member maybe less than 6 months in who is REALLY earning substantial capital.

    • Steve,

      I started in October 2013 and it took me oh until about FEB or March 2014 to start making money. Why? I went the blog route and had to learn a ton about it prior to actually even ranking. Once I got good, really good, I learned to rank anything under the sun. In the past 2 months I think I have done around $12,000 in total sales (total because remember passups in the beginning are huge) with EN, and about $5,000 for MTTB.

      This business is easy (steps are easy, our mindset is hard) as long as you connect with the right person who won’t send you in 100 different directions. The main thing is Lazy Focus on 1 avenue of traffic, get good at it, and dominate it, then move on to the next (as an example).

      Good Luck in your searches.


  • aaron

    i feel a need to have in the begining some personal contact and coaching.

  • The Ipas System is super cool just like Chris and Chris, again great review James.

  • Muhammad

    Hi James,

    Can you comment on how the IPAS2 memberships have or will change due to the new, new member EN pricing structure?

  • david

    I have some question? First, can some one from Africa, particularly Nigeria
    with very low income level, that is – i can provide $25 per month for 2 months.
    I hope to be very serious with it, but can i make money enough to upgrade to
    ipas2 and even move to ipsa gold and black level.
    How can i start with $25 per month and work my way to ipsa black?

    what is the road block with paypal or payment system like? especially with
    people from Nigeria where paypal is not allowed or welcome?

    I am interested , but can my mean resources($25/mo) help me to start and succeed?

    • David,

      Save your money, $25 won’t get you anywhere. This is a business and requires thousands of dollars to get it started for it to work. Don’t listen to what anyone else tells you.


  • david

    Still David from Nigeria. can i call you.
    234 802 3275 336

  • Mike

    This business sounds interesting.so if i purchase the silver membership can i make income the following month or i will have to buy something else before i make money

    • Silver is good, you will do well with that membership. You don’t need to upgrade if you don’t want to.

  • So I am on the Extreme Team – just signed up for the free Ipas2 program…

    I am all in with EN – so this means that for me, I am automatically a black card member.

    The $97 is free for the first month, then after that – is it $147 or $97 per month?
    Or am I missing something?

    • Tavius – as a black card member you can utilize the iPAS2 coaching team for your clients, the charge is $97 monthly for your private “sales coaches”.

  • Robert

    I loss over $500 with you on your last ipas why would I want to join you again.

    • I don’t even know who you are….how about actually working and stop thinking this is a get rich scheme…some people make me sick…

    • Robert

      Let me try this again. Email me a screen shot of me sponsoring you in ipas the first time and I’ll PayPal the 500 bucks back. Unfort you can’t because it was a free program…and I wasn’t your sponsor.

  • Ronald

    Mr. Bonadies, you turned me off with your comment to “Robert”. Rather than asking him why he lost money, you jumped to the conclusion that he thinks the Internet has a lot of “get rich” schemes, then essentially told Robert that he made you sick. I had been thinking of subscribing to your system, but if this is the type of interaction I could look forward to, I think my time and money would be better spend elsewhere.

    • He said he lost $500 with me. I don’t even know who he is to make a blatant lie. I could have not approved his comment but I’m trying to be transparent and sometimes it’s not pretty. This can be a nasty business with liars and cheaters…sometimes they need to be told that or they’ll continue to abuse me via my comment section. Sorry you had to see it but it’s what goes on sometimes.

  • Heriberto

    Hello, I came across your web page, and am interested in getting more information? Is there a number I can call to speak to someone?

  • Anthony

    Came across your page while researching IPAS2 James. Like your transparency. Quick question, as most IPAS reviews show you top earners, and calculations screens, My basic query, is this a system to sell another system(or products), or do we just sell the product-i.e. IPAS2?
    Also does this require you have your own business/product to promote and also a ready email list to shoot a ‘buy this rockstart marketing product’ stuff to?
    Reason I ask, is a reviews mentioned this IPAS2 introduces tripwire concepts etc. but for what? Your own product, or stuff already in the system. Looking out for quick reply, as the IPAS2 discounts on a timer. Thanks.

  • abiola

    I just want to confirm a few things before I subscribe, May sound dumb but kindly help me, Do I need to have a website before using or buying IPAS2? What exactly do I need to have before getting it? Thanks

  • Jon Cruz

    For some reason I am so confused by this article. I’ve read it 3 times and watched the video. James, are you saying that you were doing iPAS2.. but now regret it and it’s practices? So you quit promoting it? Or is iPAS2 a part of what you are doing with your team of 165 people.. to do local based SEO work etc. I came here trying to figure out if iPAS is just a revolving product selling the training to sell the same product. Which I dont respect. But there are links to join iPAS2 here? I’m so confused!
    (I liked your video though… and somewhat interested in that portion)

    • Karen Fleming

      Yeap, me too. Is he doing Ipas2 and Empower Network or not?

  • Karen Fleming

    Ipas2 is part of Empower Network now, so do you finally get free traffic?

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