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Global Affiliate Zone

Global affiliate zone review is below, and I stand by it, however do you really want to join another MLM?

I chased like you, just a few years ago, and chased every shiny object that was available…then I ran into something special.

Let me explain:

Click here to see Local Lead Generation in motion….for FREE!

I ended up leaving everything I knew to start building an actual real business.

You know, the ones that don’t include

  1. Recruiting
  2. Hotel Parties
  3. stuffing envelopes
  4. Building downlines
  5. cash back rewards
  6. etc…

You know that list can go on.

…but if you really want to know about GAZ, then read on my friend.


Global Affiliate Zone or GAZ Marketing System

“GAZ Marketing System or Global Affiliate Zone, the only system that automates 90% of the online marketing strategy, allowing the newest most inexperienced marketer to start making full commission within days while performing only 10% of the work.”

global affiliate zone

Well I can tell you this review will be weird. LOL

Global Affiliate Zone has like 4 videos about their company, one being above.

However, none show you exactly what the heck this thing is.

If you are looking for a review of Global Affiliate Zone, my first question would be, “How did you hear about GAZ in the first place?”

Reason why I say this, I can’t find the sign up page, or any information on it at all.

However, what I could tell you is if this is another Affiliate marketing system, I would be very weary.

First look at the quotes above.

Anytime you hear about automation, 90% done for you, only doing 10% of the work, RUN!!

Run fast, and don’t look back.

Look, if you have been on my blog before, you know very well I have been involved with a lot of systems that work, and a lot that don’t work.

By Far Local Lead Generation is the fastest, scalable real business you can build online.

I don’t find Affiliate Marketing as a viable Full Time Business at all.

The dreams of living on the beaches of the world are ridiculous, and many other programs have proven this.

How many people have failed at Empower Network?

How about My Top Tier Business? OR Any MLM Businesses.

Hundreds of thousands have failed with those businesses.

That is why this coaching group has 2,800 students and adding 60 a day with hundreds of verifiable success stories.



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  • Chris Wolff


  • Cody Lee

    This stuff is super interesting. I watched a webinar last night for this and it seems pretty awesome. So this isn’t a MLM? I don’t have a problem with them because I currently work in one. Also had the question about the upfront $100 for mentor fee, that does not include all the internet tools that one needs to make this successful?

    • Thanks Cody. No that is just for a mentor fee..

      • Cody Lee

        So you are not apart of Global Affiliate Zone?

      • Saad Haider

        I have signed up with them and I did not get any notification or welcome email from them yet. But yes they asked me to add a person on Facebook and he accepted my friend request but did not reply to my questions. I’m confused if I have been scammed for $99 or what? If you pay with PayPal then you can’t claim refund as of my knowledge. But the most important and confusing part us, they don’t have any website? Now that is something fishy

        • Saad like I said, this is one confusing company. Almost like underground stuff. Come back to us when you figure it out!

          • Cody

            So I talked with my mentor thru my personal business with Kangen water. Apparently Enagic Kangen water is going after GAZ because they are actually scamming people, I think the people with GAZ have some connections with kangen water. Sorry Saad you had to pay that money and not get what they promised

        • Saad – have you heard anything back yet?
          If not, you should message the person you friended. GAZ just launched a new system and I’m sure they will still work with you. If you have trouble, let me know!

  • Anthony MacArthur-Noonan

    I joined them, payed the 99 dollars, and you get access to their programs, and start your training. I can say this is legot, I have screenshots to prove it

  • Money grab

    In short you pay $99 dollars, to get access to a video explaining how you need to spend either 5 or 8 grand to start the business of selling 5 thousand dollar water filters and you get $340 commission per sale of $ 5000. These people are all super rich because of the people signing up paying $8,100.

    • What did you think of the water device? It sounds like the device I distribute. Kangen water?

  • I joined a year ago and it’s the most legit offer in the industry.

  • unknown... cause your lost and I don't want to be associated

    Lol this is shady marketing at its finest…
    Talking bad about another program to promote your own… well I’m in global affiliate zone… have been for 6 months now and I’ve not only made multiple 6 figures but I’ve also helped 5 people quit their job in that time… oh and that’s cause I did do 90% of the work for them!

    • unknow, (Unknown@yourlost.com)
      No real name, no real email. You are full of it, a liar and if you weren’t then why wouldn’t you come on here and prove it.

      This is exactly what I am talking about folks!!

  • Sara

    As far as money and materialistic things in life, less is more!
    Instead of trying to get an easy way through life, why not try working for a living, lift a finger for your neighbor or do something to help the community. Do something for the environment, it wont go unseen and you could touch someone or be an inspiration in someones life!
    I wish you all the best =)

  • Endija

    This is what got from one of theirs… it exploded tge expenses. Hope this helps. It’s not for me as I don’t have that kind of money…

    After $99, buy in ranges between $700-$8000.

    And one usually starts to see money coming in after about $500 worth of marketing.

    Since the products are health related, you get financed 100% with zero down payment under mediclaim. Installments are as low as $59 per month if you finance for $8000. So $59 a month plus whatever you spend on marketing.

  • Oliver Patiki

    Global affiliate zone is the most legitimate business online right now! Fact!!
    I joined just over 6 months ago now and yes, like any online marketing opportunity you have to invest money, but it ranges from $700-$8000 for the products, but the commissions are some of the best if not THE BEST in the industry.

    As for the 90% automated system its completely legit.
    Emails are sent to your leads for you.
    Capture pages are made for you.
    Coaching calls are made for you.
    Closing sales is done for you!

    Completely unheard of in the industry.
    Feel free to prove me wrong.

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