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Global Affiliate Zone

Global affiliate zone review is below, and I stand by it, however do you really want to join another MLM?

I chased like you, just a few years ago, and chased every shiny object that was available…then I ran into something special.

Let me explain:

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I ended up leaving everything I knew to start building an actual real business.

You know, the ones that don’t include

  1. Recruiting
  2. Hotel Parties
  3. stuffing envelopes
  4. Building downlines
  5. cash back rewards
  6. etc…

You know that list can go on.

…but if you really want to know about GAZ, then read on my friend.

Global Affiliate Zone or GAZ Marketing System

“GAZ Marketing System or Global Affiliate Zone, the only system that automates 90% of the online marketing strategy, allowing the newest most inexperienced marketer to start making full commission within days while performing only 10% of the work.”

GAZ trends

Well I can tell you this review will be weird, but look at the trends above. GAZ is trending way up….but remember what goes up must come down.


Let’s begin.

Global Affiliate Zone has like 4 videos about their company, so to say that they are being very hush hush is an understatement.

Let me explain why.

See GAZ is not a company, it’s a spin off of different “characters” in the online world jumping from one organization to another and pushing “the best opportunity out there” down your throats using webinars and automated webinars.

Project AWOL with Eric Carlson made its way through Empower Network and now Global Affiliate Zone.

Eric Carlson – Project AWOL and GAZ – Sales Pitches

  1. Best online opportunity out there, 90% of the system is done for you.
  2. 5,000 people in our Facebook group, this is a community where everyone helps everyone.
  3. $99/Month gets you a 1 on 1 coach to hold your hand the entire way.
  4. Just plug in and make money.

Run fast, and don’t look back.

To my readers, I urge to stop and look in the mirror and ask yourself one question.

“Do you believe people when they say you won a vacation? Do you not hold some sort of skepticism against things that look to shiny or not normal?”

Look, if you have been on my blog before, you know very well I have been involved with a lot of systems that work, and a lot that don’t work.

I have been online for 8 years now, and I have seen it all. Everything from Zrii in 2005 to Empower Network in 2009 to My Top Tier Business in 2011 to my final destination in 2014. 

Believe me there was a lot I saw in between.

Let me go on record to say this, I do not believe GAZ is a scam. To me a scam is someone who tricks you into spending your money knowing you have a 0% chance of making that money back. In this case you have a 1-3% of making your money back. 😉 (Kind of being facetious)

By Far Local Lead Generation is the fastest, scalable real business you can build online.

I don’t find GAZ or any MLM/Affiliate Marketing as a viable Full Time Business at all.

The nitty gritty of how GAZ works goes like this.

Sign up for $99, get a “coach”. It actually will be a sales person to try and upgrade you to other DFY projects. This could be a custom sales funnel, DFY traffic etc…whatever it may be the cost will be in the thousands.

Not just me saying this, Lisa went through this as well.


The dreams of living on the beaches of the world are ridiculous, and many other programs have proven this.

I understand my friends that sometimes in this online world, we buy on emotions, and to listen to the $99 and sit back and collect seems wonderful it NEVER HAPPENS!

This takes hard ass work, and to most, they will fail.

How many people have failed at Empower Network?

How about My Top Tier Business? OR Any MLM Businesses.

Hundreds of thousands have failed with those businesses.

In a nutshell, GAZ is a MLM affiliate marketing program that pays you when you sign up OTHER PEOPLE. You get a commission on the $99, then on the $495 then on the $2,475 if people who you bring in pay those price tags. Don’t forget, you need to unlock those price levels by paying for them first.

If they bought you bottles of miracles then your garage would be filled with them.

Take this from someone who has spent over $100,000 on traffic. There is a major learning curve to turn traffic into buyers, and their “funnels” will be dried up, saturated and shriveled by the time you ever get in the game.

I feel ya, your sick of getting let down.

Want to see my #1 System that Made me well over $150,000 Part time in 2016  

Here are some of my most recent results with this exact system:

Paypal Account 1 – $4,634.00


Chase Account – $6,980.80


Paypal Account 2 – $3,348.00


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  • Chris Wolff


  • Cody Lee

    This stuff is super interesting. I watched a webinar last night for this and it seems pretty awesome. So this isn’t a MLM? I don’t have a problem with them because I currently work in one. Also had the question about the upfront $100 for mentor fee, that does not include all the internet tools that one needs to make this successful?

    • Thanks Cody. No that is just for a mentor fee..

      • Cody Lee

        So you are not apart of Global Affiliate Zone?

      • Saad Haider

        I have signed up with them and I did not get any notification or welcome email from them yet. But yes they asked me to add a person on Facebook and he accepted my friend request but did not reply to my questions. I’m confused if I have been scammed for $99 or what? If you pay with PayPal then you can’t claim refund as of my knowledge. But the most important and confusing part us, they don’t have any website? Now that is something fishy

        • Saad like I said, this is one confusing company. Almost like underground stuff. Come back to us when you figure it out!

          • Cody

            So I talked with my mentor thru my personal business with Kangen water. Apparently Enagic Kangen water is going after GAZ because they are actually scamming people, I think the people with GAZ have some connections with kangen water. Sorry Saad you had to pay that money and not get what they promised

        • Saad – have you heard anything back yet?
          If not, you should message the person you friended. GAZ just launched a new system and I’m sure they will still work with you. If you have trouble, let me know!

        • The $99 a month is for the following:

          1. A personal coaching call
          2. Landing pages created for you
          3. Emails to leads created and sent for you
          4. Live presentations done for you
          5. Coaching calls done for you
          6. Weekly access to masterminds

  • Anthony MacArthur-Noonan

    I joined them, payed the 99 dollars, and you get access to their programs, and start your training. I can say this is legot, I have screenshots to prove it

  • Money grab

    In short you pay $99 dollars, to get access to a video explaining how you need to spend either 5 or 8 grand to start the business of selling 5 thousand dollar water filters and you get $340 commission per sale of $ 5000. These people are all super rich because of the people signing up paying $8,100.

    • What did you think of the water device? It sounds like the device I distribute. Kangen water?

      • Steve Loader

        Hey Cody, these people don’t have a clue what they a talking about as well as there figure being completely false. People put down what they don’t understand.

        Yes it’s kangen water from the company Enagic. GAZ uses the exact same compensation plan that you’re already using but GAZ provides training video, coaching, marketing material/content, they do the sales and do weekly Webinars for you. For only $99. As of May 2017 there are 9000 people in the community and it’s growing day by day. It’s very legit.

        • Steve…stop trying to convince people to drink your cool aid…you have the right to post your opinions, but don’t say “these people don’t know what they are talking about”….again another MLMer who is so drunk on cool aid, he gets angry if someone doesn’t agree with what he wants them to agree to! Why is that Steve? To many of your “recruits” doing their due diligence and realizing this “opportunity” is not right for them?

  • I joined a year ago and it’s the most legit offer in the industry.

  • unknown... cause your lost and I don't want to be associated

    Lol this is shady marketing at its finest…
    Talking bad about another program to promote your own… well I’m in global affiliate zone… have been for 6 months now and I’ve not only made multiple 6 figures but I’ve also helped 5 people quit their job in that time… oh and that’s cause I did do 90% of the work for them!

    • unknow, (Unknown@yourlost.com)
      No real name, no real email. You are full of it, a liar and if you weren’t then why wouldn’t you come on here and prove it.

      This is exactly what I am talking about folks!!

    • Anderson

      Can u help me

    • Devon goulding

      Well think you would want to teach me how to do 90% of the work for people. I need a mentor. Email me please sir.

  • Sara

    As far as money and materialistic things in life, less is more!
    Instead of trying to get an easy way through life, why not try working for a living, lift a finger for your neighbor or do something to help the community. Do something for the environment, it wont go unseen and you could touch someone or be an inspiration in someones life!
    I wish you all the best =)

  • Endija

    This is what got from one of theirs… it exploded tge expenses. Hope this helps. It’s not for me as I don’t have that kind of money…

    After $99, buy in ranges between $700-$8000.

    And one usually starts to see money coming in after about $500 worth of marketing.

    Since the products are health related, you get financed 100% with zero down payment under mediclaim. Installments are as low as $59 per month if you finance for $8000. So $59 a month plus whatever you spend on marketing.

  • Oliver Patiki

    Global affiliate zone is the most legitimate business online right now! Fact!!
    I joined just over 6 months ago now and yes, like any online marketing opportunity you have to invest money, but it ranges from $700-$8000 for the products, but the commissions are some of the best if not THE BEST in the industry.

    As for the 90% automated system its completely legit.
    Emails are sent to your leads for you.
    Capture pages are made for you.
    Coaching calls are made for you.
    Closing sales is done for you!

    Completely unheard of in the industry.
    Feel free to prove me wrong.

    • What is it that you are actually selling?

      • Member gaz

        You are selling the mentoring , the training , you do not have to sell other products but they do offer the opportunity. I was already part of Kangen before this and it has really paid off. I am not rich by an means but well being the hospital because of a bad car accident I manage there 90% automated system and make 1500.00 I am now out of the hospital and made 2800.00 . I stay in close contact with my team , that means anyone who I bring in. This opportunity changed my life , I was in a bad spot , my boss that I was working for left me in the hospital and refused to pay me. Without GAZ I would of had to start all over .

  • Brian Chciuk

    Hello everyone. I’m veery interested in the GAZ and would like to know more though any advice taken.

  • Fred jones

    So please explain to me why a couple guys who “made multiples of six figures” need to charge a fee to share the information that generatated the six figure income.

    • Why wouldn’t they? This isn’t about GAZ but in general, if someone has the knowledge to generate money, why wouldn’t they charge to teach it? Teachers of English get paid to teach English.

  • Almost suckered

    Thanks for this info, saved me a lot of time and money! Definitely never an easy way out! You did say for the record, it’s not that they weren’t legit just that it would take a lot bigger investment of time and money to find out!
    So thanks again for this post

  • Markus

    Well i am also apart of gaz and they are for real im sure you guys have herd it all but they dont hide anything they dont claim you will get rich quick they do help you and train you and also tell you it takes hatd work determination and goals if any are real its these guys not to mention they give there personal phone number out to us each person who there coaching just saying i have not even tryes to make cash yet but im sure if i listem to them and give it my all it will work

    • Markus

      Appreciate your comment, and how new you are to this. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but just listening to an affiliate marketer is like listening to an electrician explain how to wire your home. It takes years of practice, failure and money to learn this craft. If you are willing to put in the time and money, then there are other opportunities that are far better than GAZ.

  • I send a message to Ray Kokaduka asking if there is something else after paying $99 and he did not respond. There is a message about webinar that I always receive from my email but when he did not answer my email. I ignore those webinar message.

  • Justin

    I’m in GAZ and it’s one of the best systems I’ve ever found. training is done for you, yeah you pay to play just like any other online opportunity. they don’t claim you will get rich fast. enagic is not out to get them lol. they are the only affiliate marketers allowed to sell enagic products. it takes a little work like anything else in life. I have never seen them hide anything. and yeah it’s click for click step by step coaching. what is it that you don’t like about it?

    • All you are doing is recruiting others to do the same thing and recruit others…that is not a business.

  • Carolanne

    Hey James! I’m also part of GAZ. Before I signed up I asked if I had to buy a product and I was told right away that yes there was a product to buy and that I had to have a budget for advertising as well. They have never tried to hide anything from me ! There is always a cost when you want to startva business. They have never said once that I would be rich tomorrow. It’s like anything else. The more time and effort you put in the more money you make. I bought the most expensive products because it is giving me great comissions I’ve made just under 1200 on my first sale. But i also bought it because I wanted this for me and my family because the health benefits from the kangen water are amazing! I am proud to be a distributor for Enagic they are a great company with an amazing compensation plan! As for GAZ, o would not be where im at now without their help! They are an amazing community and Mathieu and Julian do everything they can to help everyone become a better person, become wealthy and be over all a happier person. So for anyone out there undecided about GAZ yet. For my personal experience, i would never go back!
    Have a great day

    • Hi Carolanne

      Thanks for your comment. Glad it is working out. 1200 on first sale is cool, but wouldn’t you like to make a sale and earn 1200/Month rather than be only as good as your last sale. When will the next come?

  • Slightly puzzled...

    So how is this GAZ different from Digital Altitude? Except for the fact that apparently, they have physical products too? TIA.
    And anybody got any proof of the claims?

  • Johan

    This page is a good eye-opener. I really got curious of what this GAZ is all about but after reading others feedback. It’s basically pyramiding, not necessarily a scam, but that’s the strategy for everyone to keep the money coming in. Primarily recruiting people to pay a certain amount to be a member and the marketing of products part is not really the highlight but just the secondary option if one is not good enough to bring more people in.

  • Anton

    GAZ is legitimate. I’ve made over 5 million in sales a month. Now I’m able to take my grandmother on vacations all around the world. Contact me to find out how you can make a million in sales a month today.

  • Brett Ryan

    First and foremost id like to say that GAZ is a legit company. I’ve personally been to their seminars in Orlando and will gladly be going again in 2 weeks.
    GAZ is not an overnight get rich scheme, it takes work just like everything else you do.
    I’ve signed up for MCA (same stay at home commission spin off) and was shut out in the dark.
    GAZ not only has viable help but I also message my mentor on a day to day basis and he comes through every time.
    If you don’t know about how its built do not input your comment: if you think everything is the same you’re wrong.
    I can guarantee and assure you that GAZ is honest and true.
    They also do have a website and its phenomenal.
    Never underestimate.

  • Ryan

    If your with Gaz and make millions, fly me to an island FOR free since you make so much money and then we will talk about me joining or not! LOL

  • Jerry

    you know whats funny,, i watched one the the presentations the other day and when its done they hit you with “hurry click that button” , “go ahead click that button ” just really pressing for you to give in ,,, shouldnt have to do that to people

  • Kevin

    James, for your program bud what is the cost? I watched your video and it just says be ready to make your investment after the call. Dont call if you dont have the income. Ball park at least what the cost is before scheduling the “call”. Are we talking $400 are we talking $40,000?

  • Well as far as this review goes, it looks to me as if you are just trying to bad mouth GAZ and then promote your own business which if i’m guessing right also costs money?

    Ive been part of GAZ for a year now and not once did i have to pay $495 or $2475, so i dont know where you got that from??

    You do however have to buy a product to start earning commissions from and these range from $600 to $8000. The products are FANTASTIC though, i stand by them fully.

    The Compensation plan offered is also one of the best in the industry. Being able to make up to $3330 from a single sale.

    As for the $99 a month you get:

    1. A personal coaching call
    2. Landing Pages made for you
    3. Emails to leads sent and created for you
    4. All tools and training required
    5. Weekly access to masterminds etc.
    6. Coaching calls done for you

    Over 7000 people are now a part of GAZ and we all strive to help each other where possible.

  • Adrian

    I signed up with the $99, but never got around to setting up my one-on-one coaching call and never got around to the “training”. I got my $99 refunded by asking for it back before the 14-day window was up. At the very least they seem to stand behind their refund policy.

    I have to admit that the idea of the company (and affiliates) making more money by getting more people to sign-up to GAZ and then getting them to try and purchase expensive equipment to distribute didn’t sit well with me.
    If others are doing well with that, all the power to them.

    I’m looking for other things.


    To whom this may concern, my son has signed up for this last year , he sold his car to fund it and also borrowed money costing him a total of £3500, He really beleived in the product and his mentor. He has recieved in 1 year spending all that money only 2 cheques 1 for 89.10 dollars and the other 29.70 dollors, but being in the UK he cant cash them without it costing my son more money, can they pay the money directly into the bank acount instead of paying cheques. He has recieved small amounts in that year ie like 15 dollars but nothing like what you are all saying. He spent months setting himself up and doing all the webinars etc i wish he had never heard of you as he only beleives this will earn him money, not getting out there and earning like everyone else.

  • Crystal Hanna

    Hi I recently signed up and I would like to can cancel my membership at this time how do I do this because I do not want any payments coming out of my account?

  • jj

    GAZ is a complete scam. i signed up and spent 10 months trying to use their system. all they did was drain my bank account. I was promised dreams and an easier life if I only followed their system. I did everything exactly as I was supposed to, spent 3 days not sleeping to work on my promotional ad video, and then Eric Carlson had the gall to tell me I wasn’t working hard enough. He told me I had to want it bad enough. 10 months later, I have made less than a few hundred dollars and have spent over $7,000 buying their “training”. If people are just hearing about this company in 2017, I highly advise to stay away. You are at the bottom of the pyramid and you will be left out in the dark while padding the pockets of the few at the top.

  • Steve Loader

    Now I don’t know who this James guy is but this is clearly an attempt of someone who doesn’t understand the system at all to slander a very legitimate organisation and business opportunity in order to boost his own services. He’s says that if it’s not product based then it will fail yet he knows nothing of our very product based business and makes up imaginary figures and fees that are just outright false. I strongly vouch for everything said above in in support of GAZ.

    First of all GAZ represents a highly reputable Japanese based company called Enagic who are 43 years old to date. They manufacture Kangen water machines which they distribute globally. 1/8 houses in Japan has one of these machines as well as the hospitals due to it being certified as a medical grade machine that has incredible health benefits. Enagic has a patented compensation plan (commission structure) that has the best and highest paying commissions available online. You buy a one time product then you receive commissions for the rest of your life when you promote their products thereafter.

    Now who is GAZ (global affiliate zone) exactly??
    It is not a scam! It is not a get rich quick scheme!
    GAZ is an organisation that has decided to make the most out of this compensation plan. They are the largest distributor of Enagic products in the world. GAZ was designed for people to come in with little to no experience or knowledge of marketing to be able to come in, be successful and ultimately create a win win for everyone. They provide you with one on one coaching, training videos, marketing material/content, weekly webinars and sales experts who do the sales for you with touching a penny of your commissions. You also become a member the of community that today (may 2017) is 9000 members strong of the most incredible people I have ever met which is growing ever single day. In only 16 months GAZ has created over 20 100k monthly earners with even more 20k, 50k, 80k monthly earners with more growing every month. They have a membership fee of only $99 a month which is extremely generous considering how much time, effort and money you would have to put in to do it all on your own. I would pay double that and it would still be a bargain. Anyone can be successful at this but it does take hard work, motivation and persistence just like any other business however it can be much more rewarding.

    I have been a GAZ member for 3 months now. It’s truly is the best system out there. I am by no means making millions but I am making more than I have ever before in any job I have ever had and given me the opportunity to do it full time. I went to a GAZ event in Las Vegas last weekend where I personally got to meet people in the GAZ community and see everything with my own eyes. I have been in California for the last month because GAZ made that possible for me. Don’t believe me? Add me on Facebook. GAZ is very legit.

    So James I appreciate your attempt to put down your competition in order to squeeze a couple of sales for your own services which I hope you got. Maybe next time pick an organisation that hasn’t got so many successful people within it willing to vouch for it. Also please get the numbers right and learn the actual system before you put it down. Your review is laughable

    • Hi Steve,

      All opinions are welcome here. Let me say two things…because in the end, all you MLMer’s are the same. It won’t matter what I say, you will have a rebuttal. In 16 Months, your successful people are probably ones that had a list or came over from another MLM. Those are the FACTS, if not you can reply here with proof. 2 – What is the average success rate in GAZ? 1%? 2%? Maybe even 3%? Exactly…so keep preying on the bottom feeders while the top gets fat…your heart knows I am right…your just drinking the cool aid my friend.

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