Rapper Lil Gotit’s Net Worth, Lifestyle, and Fame

If you’re a fan of rap, then you might have heard of the rapper “Lil Gotit” whose made a big splash in the scene – enough to earn him some big numbers next to his net worth!

Here on IBuyIReview, I’ve decided to take a look into the rapper’s life and see exactly how he made his fortune, and how much his net worth is.

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Where is Lil Gotit From?

His real name is Semaja Zair Render, but the public increasingly knows this 20-something rapper as “Lil Gotit.”

The man was born in Atlanta, Georgia on August 6th, 1999. He’s the youngest out of six siblings. He had a rough childhood, dropping out of high school for fighting before moving to another part of town with his mother and siblings.

It was here, on Cleveland Avenue that his rap career started to come alive, but he wouldn’t take it seriously for a while yet. His older brother, a rapper named Lil Keed, is also a source of inspiration for Lil Gotit, and the two have collaborated together on several occasions. (1)

“[Lil Keed and Lil Gotit] made their first song, “Trap Bunkin,” together.”

After moving, Lil Gotit had another rapper as a neighbor named Young Thug who helped mentor him in music and began to show him that it could be a positive outlet for the events in his life.

Lil Gotit

How Did Lil Gotit Get His Name?

Samaja Render’s stage name was originally ‘Maja Got It’ after his “gotta have it all” attitude.

From childhood, he aspired to become a millionaire and start looking after his friends and family capably. He worked hard from an early age to strive for this dream.

Unfortunately, it became clear early on in his rap career that this name would be too long. Soon after he started his rap career in earnest, he shortened the stage name to ‘Lil Gotit’ and the name struck like gold.

Who is Lil Gotit Signed To?

After working on mixtapes and collaborations with his older brother, Lil Gotit landed a music deal with Alamo Records in 2018. Through this label, he released his first album ‘Hood Baby’ which was comprised of 18 singles.

Alamo Records has since been acquired by Sony Music in 2021, and Lil Gotit continues to release albums through their label.

After ‘Hood Baby’ in 2018, he went on to release five more albums and shows no sign of slowing down. After all, Lil Maja’s got it, right?

Net Worth

Lil Gotit - Net Worth

Lil Gotit has soared in popularity as a freestyle rapper and has done everything from perform live to sign with a record company. While the story isn’t over, it seems like he got his childhood success: Lil Gotit’s net worth is worth 1-million dollars, and he has the opportunity to keep growing this success over time.

He doesn't write anything, and neither does his older brother, Lil Gotit claims. Perhaps it because he sticks strictly to freestyle or he just has the right sound for a lot of his listeners, but Lil Gotit's popularity is set to continue growing so long as he keeps striving for more.

His Inspiration into Rapping

Like many rappers, the road to music isn’t necessarily a happy one. After dropping out of highschool for fighting, one of Lil Gotit’s close friends, a rapper named Lil Rudy, was killed – a few days before the release of a group mixtape called ‘Young Slime Season.’ This could have been a contributing factor to the family of eight’s sudden move to a new neighborhood, as well.

Music became a positive outlet to help Lil Gotit express his frustrations, and in a way, his tribute to his late friend. His neighbor, a rapper named Young Thug, started helping him learn the ropes of music and what it meant.

His Tattoos


Part of what makes Lil Gotit’s look so unique is the “Lil Gotit” tattooed above his right eyebrow. The flowing L sits right above the bridge of his nose.

While many parents might not be happy about the idea of a face tattoo, his mother understood the scene and wanted to support her son’s interests. He got his tattoo age the age of 16 on his birthday, and his mother threw him a tattoo party to celebrate the occasion.

He has since gotten several other tattoos on his face, neck, and arms.

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