Kali Muscle Net Worth

If you follow bodybuilders or spend your time in the fitness space, you might have heard about a man named Kali Muscle. He’s not only insanely buff, but he’s also worth a fortune.

In this article from IBuyIReview, you’ll learn Kali Muscle’s story, the hardships he’s faced in the past, and how he turned his life around for the better, including achieving a massive net worth.

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Who is Kali Muscle?

Chuck Kirkendall is the name of the man we’ll be discussing today, but most people know him as Kali Muscle, born in Oakland, CA in 1975. Though he faced a few hardships during his childhood, it wasn’t a bad childhood. What would come, however, would be a life-changing even to send him down the wrong path and test his character.

What Does Kali Muscle Do?

Kali Muscle is an American bodybuilder who later became a motivational figure and social media personality through his YouTube channel and acting career. His motivational career was carved out of hardships early in life, and his experiences resonated with enough of his fanbase to grow his YouTube channel alone to over 2.4M subscribers.

His Early Life

His Early Life

Having never met his biological father, Kali Muscle was raised by his mother and her second husband. He grew up with two siblings in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city, so these brothers knew to look out for each other.

It was soon apparent that Kali Muscle’s aspirations as a kid lay in athletics. He took part in every school sport he could find the time for and showed a lot of promise on the football field.

His life was beginning to look up when he was given a sports scholarship at Fresno State. He had hit his lucky break – but that was when life threw him a sucker punch. His younger brother was involved in an accident with a gun that took his life.

This shook Kali deeply; his brothers were his world, and he had just lost a part of that. As a result, He dealt with severe depression for a long time, and made a series of poor decisions that landed him in the wrong crowd, which resulted in prison time.

Serving Prison Time

In 2001, Kali Muscle’s time with “the wrong crowd” had come to a head when he was arrested during an armed robbery that had gone bad. Kali, deeply involved in the robbery, was sentenced to 11 years at the San Quentin prison.

During his time in prison, he spent much of his time in the gym building his body mass, or in the library building his intellect. In one of his videos, he even discusses how the prison wound up taking the weights away in the gym, but that wasn’t about to stop him – he found new ways to work out, including bench-pressing his fellow inmate gym buddies.

After serving only 7 years, he was released on good behavior, his sentence cut short.

Finding a Passion in Bodybuilding

Prison time gave the athletic Kali Muscle a lot of time to think, deliberate, and act. During his time in prison, his passion for bodybuilding grew. Unfortunately, Kali Muscle didn’t have the luxury of always choosing what kind of nutrition would be fueling his body that day. (1) After all, prisons aren’t known for their food.

A mentality of “use what you’ve got” grew as time went on behind bars, and he started making ends meet with the bare minimum that he needed to start getting ripped.

“So take it from Kali: "Rice, oatmeal, chicken, fish—that's all you need to get jacked.””

That mentality persists until today where his unique food philosophy might not be the most appealing to tastebuds that crave constant variety, but he certainly knows what the body needs, and he’s done more than prove it with his own lifestyle.

Becoming an Online Personality

A New Start: Becoming an Online Personality

Shortly after getting out of prison, Kali Muscle started a YouTube channel as an outlet for discussing his time in prison and expressing his passion for bodybuilding.

He initially began uploading motivational material dealing with sensitive topics depression, bullying, and suicide. He often referenced his time in jail and what it taught him, hoping to connect with young adults and help them carve their way out of a path of violence and mental illness like he had.

Kali's Acting Career

Having become famous for his bodybuilding and appearing online as a motivational figure, Kali Muscle has earned quite a reputation, and has even caught the attention of some major national brands. He has appeared in commercials for Taco Bell, GEICO, Snickers, Honda, and many other companies.

He has also debuted in several films, including titles like Wonder Woman, Applebaum, The Dog Who Saved the Holidays, and Raising Hope.

These casts have had Kali appear in a variety of roles from a traffic director, to a bodybuilder (how fitting) to a super soldier, a boss, a football trainer, and an inmate.

No Excuses: Change Your Life

Kali Muscle’s net worth is an astonishing $5-million dollars as of early 2021 according to several sources. The man is an inspiration to a lot of his fanbase because of how he handled the cards he was dealt, and how he conquered those hardships.

This might not be your average “rags to riches” story, but it certainly leaves you with a certain kind of respect. He wasn’t born into riches, and he certain had enough hardships in life to lead him down a dark road, but through sheer grit and determination, he managed to become a self-made man and build himself up – quite literally – to the success he has achieved today.

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