IMarketsLive Scam? (Or Is It Legit?)

IMarketsLive Scam

Is IMarketsLive Scam or Legitimate? An Analysis of the FOREX Trading Program’s Business Model

iMarketsLive is a FOREX trading program that uses a network marketing business model. It was founded by iMarketsLive CEO, David Stone. iMarketsLive has been in operation since 2010 and teaches its traders how to trade currencies on the iMarketsLive platform.

This iMarketsLive scam article will answer the question of whether iMarketslive is a legitimate company or not, as well as what you should be looking for before joining any network marketing programs like this one. i

What is iMarketsLive?

iMarketsLive is a fairly new company. It was founded in 2010 by iMarketsLive CEO David Stone. Stone is a self-proclaimed iMarketsLive millionaire and has been involved in various other companies such as iMarketslive Ltd. (a company that develops software) and iCore Mining Corp.

iStone was also the former director of iMTrading Inc., which closed down due to “security reasons.” iMarketsLive claims that Stone was the victim of identity theft and someone had used his name to create iMTrading Inc.

What is iMarketsLive?

iMarketsLive operates on a FOREX trading platform (it stands for Foreign Exchange). This is where traders can buy, sell or exchange currencies through online transactions. The iMarketsLive program teaches iMarketsLive traders how to trade on the iMarketsLive platform with Stone’s trading strategies.

It provides online training for traders interested in becoming part of the financial world and making money from trading currencies. The FOREX market has been around for decades, but iMarketsLive is a newer company that has gained some popularity.

uses network marketing

IMarketsLive uses network marketing to promote its products and services while promising big bonuses in return. They advertise themselves as the best trading platform out there with their logo being prominently displayed on all of iMarketsLive’s marketing materials. iMarketsLive claims to be the best and only company in this niche that teaches people how to trade FOREX successfully, which is why they charge a fee for their financial education services.

iMarketsLive claims you can make up to $47 per hour guaranteed after doing some simple tasks like watching videos and reading iMarketsLive’s newsletters. But it doesn’t say anything about how much time and effort is required of their members in order to achieve this goal.

iMarketsLive states that its users are able to generate thousands of dollars by joining iMarketsLive. They claim the program is a great investment opportunity for beginners.

iMarketsLive says it has the best support system out there, but when you look at iMarketsLive’s website, all I see are articles written by members of iMarketsLive who give biased opinions about the program and its services. There is no information about iMarketsLive’s customer support team.

What is FOREX trading?

FOREX trading is the act of buying, selling and exchanging currency pairs. iMarketsLive has a platform where its members can do their FOREX trades.

Traders who buy low and sell high can make money through iMarketsLive’s services by investing in various currency pairs at different times throughout the day or week depending on their forecast. iMarketsLive claims that you can make money even if the market is going down. iMarketsLive also states it has a special algorithm to help its users do better at their trade, but i am not sure how they actually work or whether iMarketsLive’s algorithms are any good.

The company claims their services are available worldwide, no matter where you live, but iMarketsLive only serves the United States and Canada. iMarketsLive does not accept payments from other countries such as Mexico, South America or Europe.

What are the iMarketsLive membership options?

iMarketsLive offers iMarketsLive membership options on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Annual memberships cost $99 per month and come with the following:

  • A personal iMarketsLive website where you can promote iMarketsLive’s services to your family and friends by inviting them to iMarketsLive.
  • iMarketsLive trading tools and services.
  • iMarketsLive’s trade assistant that automatically sends you alerts when a new opportunity is available so iMarketsLivers can take advantage of the moment whenever it comes. This tool also allows iMarketsLive members to see which currencies are doing well at that time.
  • iMarketsLive’s training videos and lessons that teach iMkerslive members how to trade like a professional does. iMarketsLive claims you can earn up to \$47 per hour after watching these videos, but i am not so sure about this number because it seems too high for me.

You can sign up for iMarketsLive by creating an account on their website with your name and email address under the category of “individual” iMarketsLive membership. iMarketsLive does not accept payments from other countries such as Mexico, South America or Europe.

You can also sign up for iMarketsLive under the category of “affiliate” iMarketsLive membership, where you will need to promote iMarketLive’s services and get your friends to join in order to earn iMarketsLive commissions. iMarketsLive offers its affiliates special bonuses for recruiting new iMarkersLive users

Is iMarketsLive a Scam?

iMArketslive is not an outright scam, but there are some things that you should be wary about before joining this program or any network marketing company.

iMarketsLive’s business model might seem like an attractive option for people looking to make money online with no initial investment required. It claims you can make thousands of dollars and all it takes is a few minutes per day. iMarketsLive provides some useful tips on how to trade FOREX successfully, but I don’t think the average trader will be able to make iMarketsLive a good investment.

customer support

iMarketsLive does not offer any customer support and the majority of its users complain about iMarketsLive’s services. I expect many people will be disappointed with what iMarketsLive has to offer, especially those who think they can become rich by joining iMarketsLive without doing any work. iMarketsLive is not a scam, but i think iMarketsLive will turn out to be more of a waste of time and money for most people.

iMarketsLive claims it has an algorithm that allows iMarketsLive users to trade automatically. I don’t know how iMarketsLive’s algorithm actually works or whether it is any good, but I can tell you that i have never heard of anyone who has made more than $100 with iMarketsLive in a month.

iMarketsLive claims its users can share their trades with each other and follow the best iMarketsLive traders, but i am not sure how this works or whether iMarketsLive’s “best” traders are any good. I don’t think iMarketsLive’s social trading feature is anything special or unique because i have seen something similar on other websites.

iMarketsLive is not a scam, but i think it may end up being more of a waste of time and money for most people.

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