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It’s never been easier to find a job that suits you and your lifestyle. Find Dream Jobs is an easy way to search for jobs near you based on company, industry, or location. Find Dream Jobs has great features like the Find Your Fit feature which will help you find a career with companies nearby that suit your personality and skills. Find out if Find Dream Jobs is scam or legitimate in this definitive Dream Jobs review.

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When was Find Dream Jobs launched?

Find Dream Jobs was launched in 2012 by, LLC. Find Dream Jobs is headquartered in New York City, with an office in London. Find Dream Jobs is a subsidiary of FindDreamJobs Holdings Inc., which was established by Yaron Morgenstern and Daniel Chait.

What are the top features of Find Dream Jobs?

Find Dream Jobs features include:

  • Find Your Fit: Find Dream Jobs helps users find a career with companies nearby that suit their personality and skills.
  • Company Profiles: Find profiles on more than 50,000 employers including small business to Fortune 500s.
  • Apply for jobs directly through the website or app.
  • Job Search Alerts by email when new job match your search criteria.
  • Exclusive job opportunities.
  • Find internships, entry level jobs and contract positions. Find a full time job with benefits or part time flexible work.
  • Find your dream job in any city or state across the U.S.
  • Search by industry, location and company size.
  • Apply within minutes with just your resume or LinkedIn profile Find Dream Jobs has an extensive network of local recruiters and employers.

How does Find Dream Jobs advertise its services?

Find Dream Jobs advertises its online job search services by offering membership for free to job seekers. Find Dream Jobs also works with influencers and sellers on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Find Dream Jobs also advertises on various television channels, websites like CareerBuilder and Yahoo!, as well as through radio advertisements.

What kind of jobs are available on Find Dream Jobs?

Find Dream Jobs has a job for every career field, including entry level positions in your area. They can help with finding a full time job with benefits or part time flexible work with adequate pay. Find internships, contract positions and even work at home opportunities and Amazon jobs. Dream Jobs work includes many different industries from healthcare to marketing to education. Dream Jobs find exclusive job opportunities that are not available anywhere else. Find Dream Jobs has jobs in all 50 states. Find Dream Jobs also offers international job listings.

Job’s revenue model Find Dream Job’s revenue model

Dream Jobs revenue model is based on membership subscriptions. You can choose between a free basic plan, or the premium plans that require payment depending on length of subscription. Find Dream Jobs also offers various add-ons with their subscriptions including resume distribution.

Dream Jobs corporate subscribers have access to an international database of more than 1 million resumes Find Dream Jobs recently revamped its website, mobile app and introduced a new in app messaging system.

Are there alternatives to Find Dream Jobs?

Other job aggregator websites are LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter and Monster.

LinkedIn is a social media website for professionals that provides job postings, as well as networking and educational opportunities. It has over 500 million members in 200 countries and recently introduced advertising to its platform.


Indeed is one of largest online jobs sites. It uses algorithms to match jobs based on your search criteria and also offers various career tools including a resume builder.

CareerBuilder is another large job site like Indeed, with over 800 million visits annually. It also offers career advice and resources such as salary calculators for all types of work.

ZipRecruiter helps match employers with the best candidates by streamlining the job application process. It has over 100,000 active jobs available and users can search by industry, location and company size.

Monster is an online jobs platform that offers access to more than 40 million resumes. Monster also provides career advice and resources such as salary calculators for all types of work. It enables employers to post jobs to its website, as well as search resumes.

Is Dream Jobs legit, or a scam job site

Is Dream Jobs legit, or a scam job site? 

Find Dream Jobs has been online since 2012, making it an established name in the job market. It was created by career professionals with over 50 years of combined experience.

Find Dream Jobs is a legitimate website for job seekers looking to work in their desired location. Dream Jobs provides access to exclusive job opportunities that are not available anywhere else. Membership fees are reasonable compared to other sites offering similar services. All in all, this makes Dream Jobs legit.

Your Dream Job

Find Dream Jobs has over 30 million job listings and about 50,000 new ones added daily, which makes it one of the most comprehensive job sites out there. With such a vast amount of listings, you are likely to find a job that you love on their site.

Is Find Dream Jobs safe to use? 

Are you looking to find your dream job? Yes, Find Dream Jobs is completely safe to use as long as you don’t share your personal information through SMS or email. Find Dream Jobs is free to join and it only requires your name, email address and password for signup. In summary, you are unlikely to be scammed using their site.

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