Telltale Signs That You Need to Leave a MLM Scam

Most of us are aware of how multi-level marketing (MLM) works. Others call it networking, referral marketing, or pyramid selling. It entails a system of selling goods or services through a network of distributors. The rule of thumb in MLM is to ensure that existing distributors recruit new distributors. Through this, the network of distributors keeps on expanding on and on. Thus, the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system.

With all the glitz and glamour associated with the MLM and the promise of a great life ahead of you, it’s easy to fall prey to such a marketing scheme and business venture. Let’s say that you have been enticed to join the bandwagon to bring in new people and secure a good prosperous future. For the first few months, you were eager to learn and doing your best to work your way up to the top. After a few months, however, it was clear that you were misled and you began to see the truth rearing its ugly head.

If you are someone who has recently ventured into MLM, it’s best to be wary of what you’ve gotten into and see if it works for you. That said, here are four telltale signs that indicate that MLM is not just for you and that you must leave:


Time and Effort with Minimal Results

When you first joined MLM, you were initially informed that you could work your business around your family. You were made to believe that your great efforts would pay off in due time. After a few months, however, the MLM demanded a considerable amount of your time, trying to make you sell more products and services and recruit more people. Not only did it become extremely time-consuming, but it took a lot of effort to distribute promotional materials, attend training sessions, and meet up with prospective clients. Both time and effort combined have taken a toll in your life. That’s quite understandable for the reason that it takes a lot of effort and time to succeed. But what if after all these, you’ve still arrived at a minimal result? Your efforts may be in vain. This could be a telltale sign that MLM is not right for you.


Mindset as a Form of Victim-blaming

Here’s another problem. MLM members are often asked to attend seminars, employ webinars and read books to help them achieve success. Most of these lean towards having the right mindset and focusing on success. These are supposed to be helpful by gaining the right outlook in life. The problem is that after having gone through the first telltale sign (putting in too much time and effort for minimal results), this mindset becomes a form of blaming. The defense that comes when you are not earning much is that you don’t have the right mindset; you are not good enough; you are not patient at all. Later, it will dawn on you that the problem is not you, but how the ML scheme has been structured.  Therefore, if your uplines are persistent in blaming you for the poor results after having exerted too much time and effort, it’s about time that you leave.


The Downsides of LOA

You might have heard of the Law of Attraction (LOA). LOA delves into the power of the mind. It tells that what you think is what you will attract and manifest in your life. The LOA is a new-age concept that is now being employed by most MLM companies. MLM companies tell you that you need to have the right mindset and a positive outlook in life. You need to visualize financial independence by earning a lot of money. This concept can actually be helpful in real life. However, it cannot be considered to be absolute truth. The problem is that most MLM companies tend to use LOA in an idealistic way, deviating from reality. This way, if something goes wrong, they can blame it on your way of thinking. If your MLM company puts a big focus onto LOA without a realistic approach towards success, you better think twice.


Skepticism Among Family and Friends

Finally, it’s important to pay attention to the skepticism of your family and friends. They are concerned about your wellbeing, what you invest in, and how you may potentially end up being on the losing team. Chances are they have friends and colleagues who are in the same industry but have unfortunately failed. Perhaps from an outside perspective, they are more rational as compared to you who has been brainwashed. If they try to object and you cannot defend your business, that might be a telltale sign that you might be in the wrong place. The problem is that your uplines and colleagues in the MLM encourage you to brush off these people in your life who are going against your networking. This is a terrible choice and if this is the case, it’s best that you think about leaving for good.

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