Key Facts about Shelby Church Net Worth

Shelby Church Net Worth

One of the first things you’ll notice about Shelby Church is that she’s young, beautiful and has a great sense of style. But it’s her intelligence and business savvy that have made her one of the most successful YouTubers out there! And with an estimated net worth in excess of $300,000, this YouTube star isn’t just sitting back watching the money roll in. Here are 10 key facts about Shelby Church and her net worth!

Shelby posts videos about making money online, photography, tech and lifestyle. This article is about Shelby Church and her net worth. She now has over 200,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and more than 400 videos that have been watched about 49 million times! She makes most of her money through advertising revenue from her popular YouTube channel, which she monetizes for Google AdSense. She also makes money through affiliate marketing deals with companies like Amazon.

Shelby has a degree in communication from the University of Georgia. She was studying for her MBA when she decided to start making YouTube videos about money and lifestyle. In 2012, Shelby moved into an RV with her boyfriend at that time and went on the road traveling around America while continuing to make videos about finance, tech, photography and lifestyle.

She is also the author of several books, including “What’s Your Money Personality?”, “A Guide to Creating Residual Income” and her most popular book, which she released in 2014 with co-author Matt Methven called “#GirlBoss.” This New York Times Bestseller teaches women how to achieve success through entrepreneurship.

In her spare time, Shelby enjoys traveling around America in an RV with boyfriend Jason Hervey as well as photography, hiking and cooking. She is also a member of the Sigma Gamma Rho sorority at the University of Georgia.

She has also appeared on television shows like “Cougar Town,” “The Way We Met” and the “Today Show.”

Shelby made her way to YouTube stardom in spite of having no previous experience creating videos!

Who is Monica Church?

Monica Church is Shelby’s sister. Monica is a popular fashion vlogger and author who has been creating YouTube videos since 2007. She makes most of her money from advertising revenue on her channel, which she monetizes for Google Adsense. In addition to making money through online video, Monica also earns an income with affiliate marketing deals like Amazon Associates and CJ.

Monica Church

Monica began her foray into YouTube by uploading videos of herself showing how to apply makeup. She quickly gained popularity because she offered simple beauty tips that women could easily follow, without being too “girly.” Her channel now has more than 400 videos and over 200,000 subscribers. In 2012 alone, Monica’s channel was watched over 49 million times!

While attending the University of Georgia, Monica majored in journalism and media studies. She then went on to work as a news anchor for CNN before getting into fashion blogging full time. In her spare time she enjoys traveling with friends, going to the movies and spending quality time with family members like sister Shelby Church.

Where were Shelby and Monica Church raised?

Monica and Shelby Church were both raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Shelby was born in 1991 while Monica followed four years later in 1995. They grew up together as best friends before going off to college at the University of Georgia – where they both studied journalism.

Shelby and Monica have a close relationship with their parents, who often appear on Monica’s YouTube channel. In fact, Shelby and her boyfriend lived in an RV with their dad during one point of time. It was definitely unconventional, but it shows how much family means to the Church girls.

They now live together in Los Angeles where they both continue to pursue their passions of making videos and sharing lifestyle tips with their audiences.

Is Shelby Church married?

Shelby married Jason Hervey on July 12, 2015. He has worked as an actor since childhood and has appeared on shows like “The Wonder Years” and “Arrested Development.” While his acting career isn’t as successful as Shelby’s, he is involved in the YouTube community and shares his experiences on his own channel.

Is Monica Church married?

Monica is currently single and not dating anyone.

What type of cameras do Shelby and Monica Church use for their videos?

Shelby and Monica use a DSLR camera to film their videos. They edit videos themselves and often uploads the raw footage as well so that viewers can see just how they capture such amazing photos.

amazing photos

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