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By reviewing the lives of successful individuals, it’s possible to find some value in their stories. We can take these lessons from others and reflect on it in our own lives. Where can we improve, and how can we take more steps to the kind of success we want to see personally?

In this article from IBuyIReview, this is exactly what we’ll do. Not only will we examine Marie Forleo’s success, but we will dive into how she got there and what her life looks like now.

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Who is Marie Forleo?

Marie Forleo is a New York Times Bestselling author and budding American entrepreneur. She identifies closely as a philanthropist, and after he books took off, she started an academy course for entrepreneurs, marketing the ability to get anything you want.

She also hosts a podcast, has a YouTube channel, and is rather active on various social media channels. Marie is a long-standing public figure in the lifestyle and entrepreneurship space, helping motivate her fans and help them take control of their lives.

It’s easy to see how she’s a self-proclaimed “multi-passionate entrepreneur.” While this threatens to undermine many people’s success – you know, you can do one thing well or two things poorly – Marie seems to have figured out the secret of making all her passions work synergistically with each other.

Overall, her marketing is filled to the brim with personality, and it’s easy to see how she captures her readers interests. She’s well known for her lifestyle tips and encouraging or motivational messaging.

There is no doubt thar Marie is enthralled with the potential of humans to either succeed or fail in society, and how people ultimately find a way to survive in any situation. This further led her down the path of motivational messaging and advice books that she leads today.

Marie's Early Life

Marie's Early Life

Born on December 7th, 1975, Marie grew up in an average neighborhood in New Jersey. Life could be described as just that: average. As far as she’s told the public eye, there’s very little to talk about, though she tends to be rather private about her childhood and family life.

Typical. Mundane.

She went through an average public school and somewhere along the way, she found a passion for business and finance. Fighting to stick to a single subject she was passionate about, she enrolled at the local college in South Orange, Seton Hall University. She later graduated as valedictorian from the University as a Business Finance degree. Still, she couldn’t get it out of her head that there were so many other ways she could make a difference in the world. As a child, she recalls, she was asked what she wanted to be and her answers would always change.

To make ends meet after college, she went back to the mundane, serving drinks behind a bar or waiting tables on the floor or some of New Jersey’s local restaurants. This went on for a few years while she wrote her first book, Make Every Man Want You. This advice and self-help book is geared towards women seeking a fulfilling love life.

The Start of a Successful Career

Once her book Make Every Man Want You was published in 2008, her career started to take off in positive direction. Suddenly, she wasn’t just another average girl, but she was climbing the ranks to success. (1) Her advice to others who want to achieve similar success speaks to her branding mindset easily, and it comes out in everything she publishes on social media or in print.

Outrageous success comes from thinking different, being different and having the confidence to always do what feels right in your heart.
Marie Forleo

A few years after her initial release of Make Every Man Want You, she was invited to interview on Oprah, which she said was a childhood dream of hers. After that, she kept reading, kept doing interviews, and started setting her sights on different pursuits: entrepreneurship.

Marie’s tenacity for success didn’t end there. After she created her company Marie Forleo International, coaching entrepreneurs on how to get what they want in life, she set her sights on another book, Everything is Figureoutable.

This book, published in 2018, was an instant New York Times bestseller, and skyrocketed her success even further.

Marie Forleo Net Worth

Marie’s overall net worth is estimated to be around $15-million as of this year. A large portion of this income comes from her author rights, but also as an established figure in women-led entrepreneurship and motivational messaging.

It seems that Marie Forleo net worth isn’t a flash-in-the-pan as she retains her wealth, but only the beginning to something greater. Though the path to success had many obstacles to traverse, she made the most of the journey and continues to carve her own path in life.

Marie’s success comes largely from her company, where she is always hiring new staff and training employees to help her run her business efficiently. Unfortunately, the salary she takes from this company hasn’t been disclosed, though the company itself is estimated to make a net revenue of $11 annually.

TV Appearances

TV Appearances

One of her passions is hip hop dancing, which she has pursued even longer than her career with writing. In 2005 she became one of the first Nike Elite Dance Athletes, which later allowed her to star in various fitness dance videos. One such fitness video is Crunch: Fitness Blast, Wedding Workout from Women’s Health, and Prevention Fitness Systems.

While she has made plenty of other appearances, it seems like she’s left her dancing career behind her with her success in writing, however; it is unclear if she’s continued her passion for dance privately after all these years.

Further television appearances include the documentary Transcendence: Live Life Beyond the Ordinary, Dream Girl, and We Rise Up.

TV host show appearances include the Today Show, Oprah, and an interview by Tony Robbins. Each of these appearances have been notable achievements in her career which she has expressed deep gratitude for.

Marie's Mentions and Achievements

After starring in many television series’ and founding her company Marie Forleo International, she has continued to receive praise. Named a “future thought leader” by Oprah Winfrey, her company was also named one of the top 50 fastest growing, women-led companies by Inc 500.

She has been featured or mentioned on The Today Show, in People Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and in Forbes UK and Forbes, among many other publications.

The B-School and Social Media Backlash

Her B-School program, short for Business School, is dedicated to helping budding entrepreneurs find success. While it is primarily targeted at new entrepreneurs, Marie states on the B-School landing page that her program can help entrepreneurs bridge the gap from mostly successful to successful.

The course focuses on “smart, honest online marketing” techniques that can help both online and offline businesses achieve success. Marie only opens enrollment into the course periodically.

In 2020, hundreds of students left the course and Facebook group community for B-School after she tried to silence discussion over the BLM movement, which caused further backlash from the community stating she has historically remained silent on social issues.

This censorship seemed to go against her usual motivational messaging. Marie later took full responsibility for the mistake and publicized an apology letter. She declared “support of the black community and Black Lives Matter movement” and offered an action plan that she and her team implemented.

Does Marie Still Write

Does Marie Still Write?

It’s unclear if Marie intends to write another book, or on what subject she might write that book on. Given her previous success, it will make sense if we see another publication from her in 4-5 years, but there’s no need to hold your breath until she makes an official announcement.

As a NYTimes bestseller, your author royalties take a while to die down, so it might be a while before money becomes a motivating factor. For now, a lot of her focus goes to running the MarieTV series and B-School, two projects that make her company a lot of revenue.

Marie's Family Life

Marie is happily married to Josh Pais, a renowned actor and acting coach who has appeared in films like Music of the Heart and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Josh, previously married to an actress, had a son named Zane Pais who has also since taken up acting. After marrying Marie Forleo in 2006, the couple have lived happily together. They do not have children together, but Marie seems to have taken up the role of mother quite well with Zane.

Is Marie Forleo Still Married?

Yes, Marie is still married, and while the pair don’t openly talk about their relationship often, there’s every reason to believe their marriage is a happy one.

That isn’t to say that their marriage isn’t free from hiccups and arguments, however. In 2018, Marie appeared on a MarieTV interview with Dr. Harville Hendrix and Helen Lakelly Hunt from The Marriage Restoration Project.

Marie and her husband Josh had gone to their workshop on Imago therapy twice to try to make their relationship a success. Communication, it seems, was their key factor that was driving a wedge between the couple.

Marie went on to publish this interview on YouTube through her MarieTV channel. In this interview, she fawns over the advice given by the Marriage Restoration Project which focuses on teaching couples how to listen better to their partners without interjection or excuse.

The Significance of Willpower

When you read Marie Forleo’s story, there’s no doubt that she’s worked hard to get the kind of success you see today. Her will to climb the ranks from an average small-town girl in New Jersey to a millionaire bestselling author is something that we can all aspire to.

Willpower is what is going to get you through the day and force you to work on your goals even when you’re tired at the end of the day. This same kind of willpower is what changed my life from struggling to make ends meet to making 6-figures with a legitimate business model.

At the end of the day, the benchmark for success isn’t in what goals you achieved, but the progress you made along the way. Each step in the right direction is progress to be celebrated, and Marie’s motivational messaging only helps solidify her belief in this concept as well.

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