Can You Be in More Than One MLM? What You Need to Know


The thought of doubling up on your MLM (multi-level marketing) company might sound like a good idea, but it’s important to know the pitfalls before you go ahead with this decision.

This article will discuss whether someone can join more than one MLM and what are the pitfalls if they do join more than one MLM. We’ll also explain what an MLM is and what can happen if someone joins more than one.

What is MLM

Multi-level marketing, or MLM for short, is a popular business model that companies use to reach new customers. It’s designed so people can make money by selling products and recruiting others who are also interested in the company.

To sell these products with an MLM program you need to purchase them at wholesale prices from the parent company before you can sell them to customers.

MLM is often referred to as network marketing, in which a business’s income relies on its distributors’ sales and other recruits’ recruitments rather than just one person or company’s products.

Major MLMs are Herbalife, Amway, Avon Products Co., Tupperware Brands Corp., and Mary Kay.

One of the main goals of MLM is to help each person in the company grow financially, so there’s a lot of pressure for people who have joined more than one MLM program to recruit as many other individuals into their companies as possible – often leading them to break promises they’ve made with other friends or family members.

What are the types of MLM opportunities?

MLM opportunities typically fall into one of two categories:

  • Sponsored: You will be sponsored by the MLM company and they’ll provide all your training materials, tools, literature, workspace etc. The goal is for you to sell products and recruit other distributors in order to make money off their purchases (and hopefully yours). This type of MLM opportunity is also known as a “downline” model.
  • The other type of opportunity – which we’ll call the “direct sales” model – is one where you are in charge of all your own marketing materials, training information and tools. You can work with an established company or create your own business from scratch. This type of MLM opportunity is also referred to as an “independent” model.

Why are MLMs popular?

MLMs are popular because they offer a way for people with very minimal investment, or no investment at all, the chance to create residual income and potentially build wealth over time. MLMs can provide a good second source of income that doesn’t require you giving up your day job.

While there is certainly plenty of risk involved, with MLMs that offer a product or service you believe in and want to use yourself, it can be possible for the people at the top of those types of companies to really make some big money.

MLM opportunities come in all shapes and sizes – from an opportunity where you might need just one other person’s help before getting started to an opportunity that will require the recruitment of hundreds, or even thousands of people.

Can you work in more than one MLM?

Yes, you can work in more than one MLM. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

Have you taken the time to research and understand what is involved with each MLM? It’s important that you do, because people who join more than one MLM at a time end up getting in over their heads.

work in more than one MLM

The best advice for someone would be to try out different companies before committing significant amounts of money or resources. Learn how to get the most out of one MLM before you branch out.

If your main goal is to make money, it’s best not to spread yourself too thin by working with more than one MLM at a time. Your focus and attention will be split between two or three different companies, so there won’t be enough left over to be successful with any one of them.

Why you shouldn’t join more than one MLM

You shouldn’t join more than one MLM for a couple of reasons. First, you’ll be spreading yourself too thin between two or more companies and have difficulty giving each enough attention to build up your business with any one company.

Second, if the MLM opportunity starts struggling for some reason, like economic changes in their market niche (a sudden shift in consumer preferences), then it may be difficult to continue with your other MLM. This can result in a double-hit on your finances and emotions, not to mention the time you invested building up each company.

It’s hard to juggle multiple MLMs simultaneously. For example, if you’re trying to pitch the opportunity at work but are also doing business with an MLM that requires your home office time and attention for its success, it can be difficult to balance these two worlds without neglecting one or both of them.

There are many other reasons for joining only one MLM. The most important thing to consider is whether you’re a good fit with the company and where their business model falls on your interests, values, and needs.

If not an excellent match or if it doesn’t meet all of your requirements then another opportunity may be better. Consider what opportunities are out there that may be a better match for you.

Memberships in more than one MLM company can lead to confusion, frustration and conflicting priorities that may ultimately prevent success with either opportunity. If there is any conflict between the two companies it will only take one business deal going wrong before both of them suffer as they’re connected through your membership status.

It’s hard to juggle multiple MLMs simultaneously. For example, if you’re trying to pitch the opportunity at work but are also doing business with an MLM that requires your home office time and attention for its success, it can be difficult to balance these two worlds without neglecting one or both of them.

Plenty of people have tried MLM and had success. Plenty more will try it again with a different opportunity that might not work out but they may find one that does.

What to do if you’re considering joining another MLM

joining another MLM

If you're considering joining another company, contact them to ask if there is any conflict in membership between their company and the one you currently represent or are looking at because this can be a red flag. Some companies might not want to work with you if they know there is already affiliation between your name and another company's product or service, but this can vary from one MLM to the next."

One of the major downsides for people who join more than one MLM at once is that it will affect their customer base from the previous MLM. You may find people who liked your products and services will not want to buy from you again if they know about another affiliation.

Other considerations before joining more than one MLM:

  • What are the costs? Usually, when you join an MLM company it’s going to cost a certain fee. You’ll want to make sure your budget can handle that expense.
  • How much time will be needed each week/month? Your schedule is likely already busy, so you’ll want to make sure there’s enough time for MLM tasks.
  • What are the expectations? The company will have different rules and regulations about how much time you need to spend on their business each day or week. Make sure they align with your personal goals before signing up.”

When does it make sense to join more than one MLM?

  • If your first MLM company ceases to exist.
  • If you’re looking for a different type of product/service and the other company offers it.
  • If you’re looking for more income.
  • You want to have multiple streams of income from MLM companies.
  • If the other MLM offers higher commissions, which is “money paid for achieving a goal” such as recruiting others and getting them to join an organization or buy products. For example: You make $0.50 per product for a company and you get $0.25 per product for another MLM, the more products that are sold with the other MLM can lead to higher commission earnings.”
  • If there is an opportunity in your current MLM organization but not in the one you’re considering joining.

What are the best MLMs

If you’re wondering about the best MLMs, check out I Buy I Review’s article about the top 25 MLM companies here. I Buy I Review buys a variety of online training programs and reviews them to let you know if they’re legitimate or a scam.