Maurice & Kasey’s Bio

Maurice and Kasey Waller are both from Chicago, IL, but now live in Plano, TX. Maurice and Kasey collectively have 4 children with one on the way. By trade, Maurice was a Registered Dental Assistant in the Navy and continues to work in that field. Kasey was an Orthodontic Assistant for a major dental corporation. That is where the two met.

October 19, 2011 was the day that Maurice and Kasey stated they signed their declaration of Independence for their own personal freedom financially as well as time. It was the day that they were introduced to network marketing. Within this industry, they were able to supplement their income and work from home, which led them to spending more time with their children.

The Wallers left the company they had the most success with because of an unethical company CEO. After trying to rebound and find another good home within the network marketing industry, Kasey took an Assistant Vice President position with Bank of America Merchant Services. Kasey stated that working for corporate America is a great earning potential, but did not allow her free time. It is a great opportunity, but she missed  her freedom and time with her children.

Maurice has been pursuing his dreams of opening a food truck, so on the side he would deliver sandwiches around the Dallas area. Although making great dishes for people is Maurice’s passion, he didn’t get the fulfillment that he received when he was in network marketing. Kasey’s mid-term goal is to open up a youth center in Joliet and Chicago, IL. where she was born and raised. She wants to provide support for all youth, especially troubled individuals.

Maurice and Kasey’s journey in network marketing has been a roller coaster, but they would not change a thing. Network marketing puts you in position to challenge yourself and become a better person. They say its personal development with a compensation plan. With network marketing, the Wallers’ mindset has changed for the better.

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