The Millionaire Shortcut – Jeff Lerner

The Millionaire Shortcut: Introduction

The Millionaire Shortcut

Have you ever struggled through yet another day of your grueling 9 to 5, and found yourself daydreaming about life as a millionaire? You aren't alone-- most anybody on the planet would be interested in leveling up their life for good.

And you've probably heard of Jeff Lerner's book, The Millionaire Shortcut. The title alone is very promising! But what is this book really about, and what can you expect to accomplish after reading it?

I wanted answers to these questions, too. By the time you're done reading, you'll know everything about The Millionaire Shortcut... and if it's worth your time.

The Millionaire Shortcut: Overview

The Millionaire Shortcut by Jeff Lerner is a how-to guide that promises to show the reader the way to making their first million online.

Sounds great so far, right?

Lerner walks you through the process of setting up an online business from scratch– starting with zero experience or knowledge required. He goes over various methods of monetization, including advertising, eCommerce, and even dropshipping.

There’s also a strong focus on mindset and motivation throughout the book. After all, making your first million dollars is no easy feat… it requires dedication, hard work, and the right attitude.

But is The Millionaire Shortcut the best book out there for learning how to make money online? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is The Millionaire Shortcut?

The Millionaire Shortcut is a book written by Jeff Lerner, an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire who knows a thing or two about making money online.

But let’s be real for a second. The Millionaire Shortcut is only 15 pages long, and Lerner gives it away for free. To be completely frank, this book is mostly a sales pitch for his paid program, the ENTRE Institute.

While there are definitely some juicy tidbits in the book– especially for someone who’s completely brand-new to entrepreneurship– be aware that it was never designed to be a standalone book. It’s always been a free eBook with the main goal of driving traffic to Lerner’s online educational programs.

Who Wrote The Millionaire Shortcut?

Jeff Lerner

Jeff Lerner is the author of The Millionaire Shortcut. He's an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire who knows a thing or two about making money online.

Who Is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner is a digital marketer, entrepreneur, investor, and pianist.

Lerner has over 10 years of experience in the internet marketing industry, and he's used that knowledge to build up a successful online business empire. He now teaches others how to do the same through his book, The Millionaire Shortcut.

What Is The Millionaire Shortcut All About?

When you watch ads for The Millionaire Shortcut, Lerner says it’s all about teaching you the shortcut to becoming a millionaire. According to him, the book will teach you the one crucial shortcut you need to know to become a millionaire and grow your wealth from there.

The majority of the book is about mindset and perspective. He gives 1 specific tip that some people find actionable, and other people find to be just a sales pitch.

The Millionaire Shortcut Scheme

The Millionaire Shortcut scheme is a system that promises to show the reader the way to making their first million online.

Lerner walks you through the process of setting up an online business from scratch, covering topics such as monetization, marketing, and mindset…

At least, that’s what the ads say. In actuality, the moment you try to access the eBook, you’ll be hit with a video sales pitch for his program the ENTRE Blueprint. The majority of the book seems geared towards funneling the reader towards purchasing the course, and convincing them the course is what they really need.

Now, the eBook is totally free, so he’s not really scamming you out of anything but your time. Even so, a bait and switch is never a great way to start any kind of relationship. I’m frankly surprised so many people have signed up for ENTRE after reading The Millionaire Shortcut– the whole process just left a bad taste in my mouth.

What’s Inside The Millionaire Shortcut eBook?

Honestly, there’s not much inside The Millionaire Shortcut eBook. It’s 15 pages if you include the cover and copyright info, etc… More like 10 if you count pages with actual content.

And a lot of what he discusses is more of an introduction to how his courses operate. You’ll learn about Lerner’s mindset, daily routine, and general perspective, but it’s certainly not a roadmap.

The most actionable thing inside the book is his 1 shortcut, which is… drum roll please… find a billionaire to mentor you, and do exactly what they did.

That’s it. That’s the book. The rest of it is spent convincing you why you should pay him to be that mentor for you. Let me save you the trouble and break down his reasoning next.

From $500k In Debt To Thriving Marketing Agency

Lerner explains that early on in his career, he went all-in on a business opportunity and wound up over $500,000 in debt. He talks about the secret shortcut he discovered, and how he used it to earn $50 million with his hugely successful digital marketing agency.

He then explains how excited he is to share this secret with you so that you can become “one of the 1,700 millionaires that’s created in America every day.”

Then, like I said above, he’ll reveal that his “discovery” was copying other successful people. Don’t get me wrong– the guy is clearly successful and extremely skilled at digital marketing. I just wish he had chosen a less slimy, bait-and-switch-y freebie to draw people in to his online courses.

How Much Is Jeff Lerner Worth Today?

Today, Jeff Lerner is worth an estimated $100 million. His exact net worth is unknown, but we do know he generated over $50 million in sales from his agency before ever launching the ENTRE Institute.

Considering the exorbitant prices of the top-level tiers for ENTRE Institute membership, I feel the $100 million valuation probably isn’t far off from the truth.

How Did Jeff Lerner Make His Money Online?

Lerner made the majority of his money online by starting and growing a successful digital marketing agency.

He’s also been on the Inc. 5000 list twice in recent years– and that publicity always comes with more sales. He’s written several books, is a motivational speaker, has a thriving social media audience across all the major platforms, and of course earns income today from the ENTRE programs.

What Does Jeff Lerner Do For A Living Today?

Today, Jeff Lerner is primarily focused on being the face of ENTRE Institute and leading the coaching calls that students get access to. He’s still extremely active on social media, and often posts free content in the form of YouTube videos and Facebook posts.

Can You Make Money With The Millionaire Shortcut?

While it’s certainly possible to make money with the strategy Lerner outlines in The Millionaire Shortcut, the book itself is more of a sales pitch than an actionable guide. If you’re looking for a book that will teach you how to make money online, this one is absolutely not the right fit.

There are many affordable options out there that will give you loads of bang for your buck. I would recommend checking out some of my other reviews before making a final decision.

Is The Millionaire Shortcut A Scam?

The Millionaire Shortcut is not a scam, but I do feel like it’s misleading. The book itself is free, so Lerner isn’t technically taking anything from you… But he is trying to sell you on an expensive course that may not be the best fit for your needs.

I would recommend doing some more research before signing up for the ENTRE Institute. There’s an endless amount of courses, books, and coaching programs to help you make money online– and unlike The Millionaire Shortcut, many other books are educational rather than a straight sales pitch.

There’s just not enough information in the book for you to really do anything with it. I’ve seen freebies from other educators that are more focused, more informative, and less sales-y than this one.

Is The Millionaire Shortcut A Scam

Are There Any Alternatives To The Millionaire Shortcut?

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Millionaire Shortcut, I would recommend checking out some of my other reviews. I’ve reviewed a number of different programs and courses that can help you make money online, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that’s a better fit for your needs.

My personal favorite program is the same one I used to get to where I am today. Despite trying all these other courses and programs, it continues to vastly outperform every single time.

My personal favorite is the Local Marketing Vault course. Personally, I don’t learn well from just reading a book– I much prefer an engaging course that keeps me focused and attentive.

In a nutshell, Local Marketing Vault teaches you to generate leads for local small businesses. You’ll do so by running highly-targeted paid ads and designing extremely simply funnels, two of the most effective methods for driving traffic to local small businesses.

But how do you make money with Local Marketing Vault? Simple. Businesses will pay you because they have no idea how to do it themselves, and no time to learn. I really love Local Marketing Vault because, unlike MLMs, you’re getting paid helping real, local small businesses… instead of getting paid (sometimes) to help a huge conglomerate get bigger and sign more reps.

Now, all of this said, remember that The Millionaire Shortcut is completely free and only 10 pages of reading. When you sign up to receive it, you’ll get it as an instant downloadable– no shipping to pay and wait for.

So while I don’t feel many people will get much of any value from The Millionaire Shortcut, at least it’s a quick read and free of charge. Many books and courses require you to sign up, put a credit card on file, and then force you to move heaven and earth if you want a refund.

To be clear, Lerner’s ENTRE Blueprint will do exactly that if you pay for it and want a refund. But The Millionaire Shortcut is basically risk-free. Worst case scenario, you have to unsubscribe from Lerner’s email list and move on with your life. It doesn’t get much more low-risk than that.

I hope this review has been helpful! Thanks for reading.