How to Stay Away From an MLM Trap – Our Guide

Many people make big money from network marketing, while others go broke. Well, MLM (multi-level marketing) is just like any other business. Successful people identify areas that can make money and learn the skills they will need to make money. MLM skills are quite easy to learn, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can succeed right away. There is a trap in MLM—thinking that earning money is part of succeeding, and you need to avoid that.

It’s not about what you earn

Many people are enticed to join MLM because the leaders, the events, the company materials, are sending the message that there is big money in MLM. Luxury cars, expensive trips, fancy dinners, branded clothes, MLM companies, and leaders are selling this lifestyle all the time. Many are convinced that when they join and start to receive some checks, the money will continue to grow, and you must not walk into this trap.

It’s not about what you earn but what you keep. You give yourself some rewards, but don’t blow your whole commission check on luxury spending.

Change your behavior with money

Some people join an MLM when they are broke because they believe that big money will come easily and continuously. It may be true for some, but not for everyone. Sometimes your ego will ruin it for you. You join because you’re broke, but when you start to get that extra money, you indulge in unnecessary spending to show off your wealth.

You need to change your behavior with money. Plan ahead where your money will be spent. Set aside an amount for your savings, mandatory expenses, and bills. Avoid buying things you don’t need. Create a plan and stick to it faithfully.

Plan What You’re Going to Do With Your Profits


Planning ahead about what you are going to do with your profits will instill a success mentality in you. Pay down your debt, and calculate how long it will take you to clear your debts if you accelerated the payment. When you receive higher paychecks, it will be easy to stick to your budget plan.

Take advantage of tax breaks

Tax breaks can help you keep more. There are Congressional-approved tax benefits that you can take advantage of so you pay less tax than necessary. Most people don’t know how to do it, unlike successful people.

Don’t easily quit

All business has ups and downs, and understanding that will help you keep focused on your financial plans. Don’t easily quit when things don’t go the way you expected. 


People can make a significant amount of money in doing network marketing. However, some quickly lose the money they earn by buying into the MLM lifestyle. Avoid that trap by changing your behavior about money and focusing on what you keep instead of what you earn. When the business slows down, stick to your financial plan, and don’t quit easily.

financial plan

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