Nate O’Brien: How He Built a Net Worth of Close to a Million


Nate O’Brien is a YouTube star and author who offers financial advice. After years of making videos, his net worth is most likely close to $1 million. Nate discusses everything from credit cards to buying a house in his videos, so it’s no wonder why Nate became wealthy at such a young age. In this article, we will discuss Nate’s earnings, wealth and income so you can see how he created his fortune.

YouTube stars are becoming more and more common these days, but Nate has been on the scene for several years. He started out in 2010 by making videos about credit cards before becoming really successful with his YouTube channel “The Crazy Shopping Channel,” where he discusses everything from credit cards to buying a house in his videos.

Nate’s YouTube income is supplemented by his earnings from book deals and other business ventures. Nate made $712,000 from his books and other business ventures in 2016 alone.

How did Nate get started?

Nate grew up in the small town of Port Hope, Ontario, and graduated from Queen’s University with a business degree. He went into finance after graduating and worked as an investment analyst for three years before quitting to start his own business.

Nate was interested in financial literacy so he started making videos about credit cards on YouTube which eventually turned into “The Crazy Shopping Channel,” which became so popular that he eventually quit his job at the age of 26 to focus on making videos full-time.

Why did Nate choose YouTube?

Nate was not always interested in financial advice. It all started when a friend was interested in buying a house. Nate had some experience with mortgages and began giving his friend advice on what to do. He realized it would be beneficial to help other people since he liked doing it so much.

Nate started making videos about credit cards because the information available online at the time was not very good. Nate wanted to help people find the best way to use their credit cards and earn as many rewards points as possible without paying too much in fees or interest rates.


What Nate O’Brien’s investment philosophy?

Nate is a big advocate of saving and investing your money. He often talks about putting your savings into the stock market because it will give you a lot more returns than if you were to save in cash or keep it under your mattress. He advises people who are interested in making their money grow to invest as early as possible, ideally at age 20 since the longer you have to invest, the more money you will make. He often talks about buying stocks in companies that are not yet well-known but have high potential for growth so they can be easily sold after their stock value rises.

Nate also recommends investing in real estate because properties typically appreciate over time and provide passive income once they are rented out to other people. Hw often talks about the importance of diversifying your portfolio because it will protect you from losing too much money in a bear market or any one investment going down completely.

Nate is an advocate for index funds that invest into many different companies around the world so there are no major risks involved and minimal fees since they require very little management. Hw often says that index funds are like buying a basket of stocks and they increase your chance of making money since the companies will do well together as a whole instead of just one or two doing well while others fail.

Nate often talks about keeping a healthy emergency fund because it will ensure that you won’t go into debt in case of any major emergencies like sudden unemployment, medical bills and more.

Nate O’Brien’s investment philosophy

He believes that the best way to become rich is through investing over time, so he often encourages people who are just starting out to put as much money away as they can because the power of compound interest will build up their savings and help them reach financial independence. Nate believes saving 20% to 30% is a good goal for those who want to become rich over time. Nate also talks about not stopping your dreams and passions just because of money because he would have never started his YouTube channel if that was the case.

Nate usually recommends people to invest in themselves by learning how to do something new or taking a course on finance so they can become more employable, learn more about money management and have more skills to offer in the future. often talks about investing your time into yourself because it will increase your value over time, but also says you shouldn’t make any major investments until you are ready for them financially because they can put a lot of strain on someone’s budget when done without proper preparation.

Nate advises people to think of their money in two ways: monthly income and long-term wealth. He advises keeping a balance between saving for the future while being able to enjoy life today so you don’t have regrets when it is too late or before it’s even started.

Nate says success isn’t just about making money, but enjoying what you do and having time to relax.