My Daily Choice Review: A Legitimate MLM or Scam?


In the bustling world of multi-level marketing (MLM), My Daily Choice stands out with its eclectic array of health and wellness offerings, from CBD oils to essential beauty products. This My Daily Choice review dives deep into the company’s legitimacy, products, and operations, providing a clear picture for potential affiliates.

A Closer Look at My Daily Choice

Founded in 2014 by the entrepreneurial duo Josh and Jenna Zwagil, MyDailyChoice carved its niche in the MLM landscape with a mission to empower individuals towards achieving their dreams. With its headquarters in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, NV, and a global footprint spanning continents, the company exemplifies a blend of innovation and opportunity.

Josh Zwagil, the CEO, brings a rich history of entrepreneurial success to the table, laying a solid foundation for My Daily Choice’s ethos. Jenna Zwagil, as the Chief Marketing Officer, infuses the brand with her unique perspective, combining motherhood and entrepreneurship.

What Products Does MyDailyChoice Sell?

My Daily Choice stands out in the multi-level marketing landscape with its diverse array of health and wellness products. The company prides itself on offering high-quality items that cater to a wide range of consumer needs, from daily wellness routines to specific health concerns. Here’s a deeper look into the various product categories MyDailyChoice provides:

CBD Oils

  • Hemp-Derived CBD Oils: Central to My Daily Choice’s product lineup are its CBD oils, available in varying strengths to suit different preferences and needs. These oils are crafted from high-quality hemp oil extract, ensuring users receive the full spectrum of CBD benefits.

Personal Care

  • CBD-Infused Personal Care Products: The personal care range includes products like CBD-infused lip balm, skin serum, and sleeping masks, designed to enhance skin health and provide a soothing effect.

Essential Oils

  • Aromatic Essential Oils: My Daily Choice offers a selection of essential oils, including popular scents such as lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass. These oils are perfect for aromatherapy enthusiasts looking to create a calming environment.

Beauty and Cosmetics

  • CBD-Infused Beauty Products: The beauty and cosmetics line features innovative products like CBD-infused mascara and primer, aiming to combine beauty enhancements with the beneficial properties of CBD.

Fitness Products

  • CBD-Infused Fitness Enhancements: For fitness enthusiasts, My Daily Choice has developed products like a CBD-infused muscle rub and protein powder, offering support for muscle recovery and nutrition.

Wellness Products

  • Wellness Enhancements: The wellness category includes CBD-infused coffee and tea, providing a unique way to integrate CBD into daily routines for an added wellness boost.

Weight Management

  • CBD-Infused Weight Management Solutions: This range offers products like a CBD-infused appetite suppressant and carb blocker, targeting those looking to manage their weight effectively.

Gut Health

  • Probiotic Gut Health Supplements: A CBD-infused probiotic supplement supports gut health, emphasizing the importance of digestive wellness in overall health.

Automotive Products

  • CBD-Infused Car Fresheners: Even in the automotive domain, My Daily Choice introduces innovative products like CBD-infused air fresheners, enhancing the driving experience with soothing aromas.

Travel Products

  • Travel Essentials: With items like CBD-infused luggage tags, My Daily Choice caters to the needs of travelers, combining practicality with wellness.

Digital Products

E-Books, Online Courses, and Webinars: Beyond physical products, My Daily Choice also offers digital resources covering health and wellness, business entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and relationship advice, providing valuable knowledge to its customers and affiliates.

Understanding How My Daily Choice Operates

My Daily Choice operates within the framework of multi-level marketing (MLM), a distinctive business model that combines direct sales with a tiered recruitment strategy. This approach allows individuals to become affiliates of the company, not only selling products but also building a network of new affiliates. Here’s a detailed exploration of how My Daily Choice functions, emphasizing its compensation structure, affiliate levels, and additional earning opportunities.

Affiliate Membership and Sales

At the heart of My Daily Choice’s operation is its affiliate program, which enables individuals to earn commissions through product sales and team-building efforts. Affiliates purchase a starter kit to join, which includes product samples and marketing materials to kickstart their sales journey. From there, affiliates can sell My Daily Choice products to customers, earning a percentage of each sale.

Affiliate Levels

My Daily Choice structures its affiliate program into several levels, each offering different benefits and commission rates. These levels are designed to incentivize performance and recruitment:

  • Product Affiliate: Starting level where affiliates earn commissions on direct sales.
  • Power Affiliate: Higher commission rates and bonuses for those who meet specific sales targets and recruit new affiliates.
  • Elite Affiliate: Further increased commission rates and bonuses, including overrides from sales made by recruited affiliates.
  • Chairman’s Club: The highest tier, offering the greatest commission rates and bonuses, recognizing top-performing affiliates.

Earning Commissions and Bonuses

Direct Sales Commissions: Affiliates earn a portion of the revenue from each product they sell directly to customers. The commission rate increases as affiliates ascend through the membership levels.

Recruitment and Team Commissions: A significant component of My Daily Choice’s model is building a downline of new affiliates. Affiliates earn commissions from the sales made by their recruited team members, encouraging both recruitment and support of new affiliates in their sales efforts.

Binary Commissions: This system allows affiliates to earn based on the sales performance of their “lesser” performing team, fostering a balanced team growth.

Generational Commissions: These commissions reward affiliates for the sales achievements of their downlines across multiple levels, incentivizing the development of a robust and active network.

Monthly Residual Commissions: Affiliates can earn ongoing commissions from the recurring purchases of customers and downline affiliates, creating a steady income stream over time.

Fast Start Bonuses: New affiliates can earn additional bonuses by achieving specific sales targets within their initial period after joining.

Rank Advancement Bonuses: As affiliates achieve higher ranks within the company, they are rewarded with one-time bonuses acknowledging their success.

Global Pool Bonuses: Top-performing affiliates share in a global bonus pool, receiving a portion of the company’s overall sales revenue.

Training and Support

My Daily Choice is helpful for a distributor employee by providing its affiliates with extensive training and support, including access to marketing materials, product information, and sales strategies through its My Daily Choice Success Line. This subscription-based service offers tools and resources to help affiliates grow their business effectively.

Ethical and Legal Compliance

My Daily Choice operates with a commitment to ethical business practices, adhering to the regulations set forth by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and maintaining transparency in its operations. The company focuses on selling tangible products and offering genuine business opportunities, distinguishing itself from pyramid schemes, which rely primarily on recruitment for income generation.


Is My Daily Choice a pyramid scheme?

No, My Daily Choice is not a pyramid scheme. My Daily Choice is a legitimate multi-level marketing company that sells real products. While the company does rely on its affiliates to sell its products and recruit new affiliates, it’s not an illegal pyramid scheme. My Daily Choice is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), which is a trade association that provides ethical guidelines for the direct selling industry. My Daily Choice is also registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Under a pyramid scheme, affiliates only make money by recruiting new affiliates.

Feedback and Reputation: MyDailyChoice Reviews

While skepticism surrounds MLM models, MyDailyChoice’s absence of significant complaints or lawsuits signals a positive reception among its user base and affiliates. This feedback, coupled with BBB accreditation, suggests a level of trust and satisfaction within its community.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced View

Appreciating MyDailyChoice for its diverse product range and established presence in the MLM sector, there are notable advantages for affiliates. However, the cost of entry and complex compensation plans may pose challenges for newcomers.

Exploring Alternatives

For those considering other avenues within the MLM domain, companies like HempWorx and Kannaway offer comparable product lines. It’s crucial, however, to conduct thorough research into any MLM opportunity, weighing the pros and cons before committing.

Endorsement and Due Diligence

My Daily Choice embodies a fusion of opportunity and innovation within the MLM space. Through detailed My Daily Choice reviews, potential affiliates can navigate their decision with insight into the company’s operations, product offerings, and ethical standings. As always, informed decision-making is paramount, underscoring the importance of in-depth research and community engagement before joining any MLM venture.

Be sure to do your research

As always, we recommend that you thoroughly research any company you’re thinking about joining as an affiliate. One of your best sources of information is I Buy I Review. Our mission is to provide unbiased, honest reviews of MLM companies and let you know if we think they’re legitimate or a scam.

Here’s what to look for in a multi-level marketing company:

  • A good product: The first thing you should look for in an MLM company is a good product. The company's products should be popular, high-quality, and reasonably priced.
  • A good compensation plan: The second thing you should look for in an MLM company is a good compensation plan. The company's compensation plan should be fair to affiliates and allow them to make a good income.
  • A good reputation: The third thing you should look for in an MLM company is a good reputation. The company should be well-known and have a good reputation with its affiliates.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when researching an MLM company. Be sure to do your own research and talk to other affiliates before joining My Daily Choice or any other MLM company.

And remember, one of your most important sources of information is I Buy I Review.

Frequently Asked Questions about MyDailyChoice

How does My Daily Choice work?

My Daily Choice operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, enabling individuals to become affiliates and earn money in two primary ways: through direct sales of products to customers and by recruiting new affiliates to join their team. Affiliates earn commissions on their sales and additional bonuses based on the sales of their recruited team members. The company offers various affiliate levels, each with its own set of commission rates and bonuses, encouraging both sales and team growth.

Who owns My Daily Choice?

My Daily Choice was founded by Josh and Jenna Zwagil in 2014. Josh Zwagil serves as the company’s CEO, bringing extensive experience as an entrepreneur and business owner in the health and wellness industry. Jenna Zwagil, with her background as a passionate advocate for health and wellness and network marketing, serves as the Chief Marketing Officer. Together, they have built My Daily Choice with a focus on empowering individuals to achieve financial freedom and wellness.

How to make money with My Daily Choice?

Making money with My Daily Choice involves selling products, recruiting new affiliates, earning bonuses and commissions, and monthly residual income.

Where is My Daily Choice located?

My Daily Choice is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The company has a global presence with offices and affiliates in multiple countries, reflecting its international reach in the health and wellness market.

Is My Daily Choice a legitimate MLM company?

Yes, My Daily Choice is a legitimate MLM company that sells a wide range of health and wellness products. It is registered with the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and adheres to ethical business practices, differentiating itself from pyramid schemes by focusing on product sales alongside affiliate recruitment.

Can anyone join My Daily Choice?

Yes, anyone interested in the company’s products and business model can join MyDailyChoice as an affiliate. Prospective affiliates need to purchase a starter kit and agree to the company’s terms and conditions. It’s recommended to review the compensation plan and understand the commitment involved before joining.

How does My Daily Choice support its affiliates?

My Daily Choice supports its affiliates through comprehensive training, marketing materials, and a subscription service called MyDailyChoice Success Line. This service provides affiliates with access to training materials, product samples, and marketing tools to help them succeed in their business endeavors.