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Live Fit Apparel has become a notable brand, with sales made across the country. Of course, even if you have a couple of LVFT clothes in your closet, you might not know about the man behind the scenes, Randall Pich.

In this article from IBuyIReview, we are going to explore Randall Pich’s story, digging into everything from who he is to how he made his fortune on the globally-recognized apparel brand.

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Who Is Randall Pich?

Randall Pich is an American entrepreneur who found his passion for bodybuilding and personal training in the local gym. Through college, he realized he could combine his interest for graphic design with his passion for body mechanics and training through an apparel company, which is now one of the most popular workout apparel lines across the globe.

His clothing brand, Live Fit Apparel, has given him a notable net worth that many entrepreneurs aspire to, all while he continues to chase his passion for bodybuilding and personal training.

Today, his success comes largely from his apparel line, but he has expanded to include multiple brands such as Sky Lab prints and Top Threads Inc.

He has even branched out into supplements through his Live Fit brand, providing a well-rounded offering to his clientele at the gym and loyal customers of the apparel brand across the world. He has even been featured in the popular magazine, Iron Man Magazine. (1)

His Live Fit brand carries firm, motivational messaging, though the rest of his brands carry an alternative, edgy street-fashion feel, matching his calm, casual demeanor and professional style.

His website is full of photos of his tattooed self, wearing simple clothing from serious street style to professional business attire. The primary colors in his brands mirror this simple black and white theme, though his Live Fit apparel line feature some additional colors like green, blue, and red.

“I grew up in Long Beach on the east side. When we were young, skateboarding was the thing here. Growing up with that has influenced our style. That whole California vibe is what we represent. That is all I know, personally.”
Randall Pich

Randall is also the founder of a luxury eyewear company called Cloud X, designing custom shades and glasses on-demand.

Randall's Early Life and Education

Randall's Early Life

Born in February of 1988 on Long Beach, CA, Randall Pich lived a normal childhood with his parents, who were Cambodian refugees. It may have been a struggle to get by financially, but his parents worked hard to ensure he and his brother didn’t want for much of anything. Still, Randall knew there was more out there and that he needed to push himself to get to the next level of success.

He attended a local high school, finding a passion for graphic design and arts. With intention of making something out of his desire to continue with graphic design, he attended Cal State Long Beach, the local university. During this time, he became a personal trainer at a local gym called Bally Total Fitness. While he had always had an interest in improving his body, he found a true passion in working as a personal trainer.

Randall dropped out of the state university with six credits remaining to complete his degree in business. He doesn’t seem to regret the decision, as he has the success today that he dreamed of for him and his family. While it might not look impressive on paper, there’s another reason to his drop out: his business.

During his attendance, he and a friend started a t-shirt design business, operating a store where the pair designed custom t-shirts. This was the beginning of his career in the t-shirt business, and he realized to make it truly successful, he would have to devote more time to it than school would allow.

Creating the LVFT Line

As a college student, Randall was working part time as a personal trainer at the local gym – and that was when he wasn’t at the t-shirt store with his friend, designing, producing, and selling apparel. This was a busy schedule for one kid to handle, and Randall was getting close to burnout, especially as he neared the end of his education and he saw the upcoming tests that would determine whether he graduated or flunked.

His time as a personal trainer further solidified his desire to work with others and he began looking for a way to combine his two passions. The answer seemed clear as he saw more clients coming in, day in and day out, frustrated with their workout apparel. He knew he could produce something better, and so he brought the idea to his partner and friend.

This, however, would take more time than he had during his day, and he was faced with a decision: drop out of college and pursue the business, or wait to jump on the opportunity until he had graduated, focusing on his academic success first?

Ultimately, Randall knew that timing was everything when it came to entrepreneurship, and he saw a trend growing for comfortable, breathable workout apparel that his clients could feel comfortable in. He dropped out of college and began the Live Fit Apparel line, creating a better and more affordable type of workout apparel that is now sold (and worn) across the globe.

A Public Figure on YouTube

A Public Figure on YouTube

In addition to Randall’s success in the designer fashion world, he also runs a popular YouTube channel. He began this channel in March of 2013, and he quickly amassed several thousand subscribers. His videos, in the beginning, were dedicated to his career success, talking about his life’s story, the success of his LVFT brand, and motivational mindset videos for entrepreneurs.

He also “a day in the life” inside-peek videos of his everyday work and play, along with motivational how-to videos for fellow clothing brand entrepreneurs.

Sprinkled in between these videos, he also shares interviews and videos from expos and conventions he attends, giving users an inside peek into these events and providing them with good PR.

While Randall Pich doesn’t upload videos too frequently, they are all high-quality productions with inspirational undertones. His channel has a little under 70K subscribers and continues to grow as he releases new videos.

The Launch of Entourage Academy

The Entourage Legacy academy is an entrepreneurial course that helps bring business owners together and create the kind of mindset that achieves success in anything they do. This mindset, Randall believes, is the primary thing that sets him apart from business owners who don’t make it successful.

He claims that his ability to create a plan and not just follow it, but follow it with a sense of urgency, is the driving factor for his brand’s success. He attributes this urgency with LiveFit through his experience of dropping out of college to focus on the brand.

RP Fitness

Now that his apparel line is thriving, he has found more ways to help people improve their bodies and train through the internet. His brand, RP Fitness, offers self-guided workout videos for people looking to make a change in their lives. The subscription is offered on a month-to-month basis or in a 6-month package.

Members can access the videos through an exclusive mobile app, or through the desktop site.

Becoming a member of RP Fitness provides you with access to monthly workout routines, easy nutritional guides depending on the program you are following, and exclusive videos, discounts, and other benefits to use with his other brands.


How Much Revenue Does the Company Bring In?

The Live Fit Apparel clothing line is estimated to bring in anywhere from $25-million to $50-million in revenue each year, though he states $8-million on his website. How often the website is updated is unknown, however, so there’s no telling if that self-proclaimed number is accurate.

While there is a lot of overhead for a company to design, produce, and ship thousands of orders on any given week, there is no doubt that the overall profit of the company is similarly high. Randall shows no interest in selling the company going forward, as it remains a successful venture that he is passionate about.

Live Fit Apparel Net Worth and Income

The Live Fit Apparel net worth is astonishing for a simple, skater-vibe clothing brand born out of a California college boy’s dream.

While he gave up a lot to help make the company a success, having tried his hand at several clothing brands that flopped before the company became a success, Randall never gave up on the idea of Live Fit Apparel, and today it ships apparel to customers worldwide.

Randall Pich himself is a millionaire with an estimated net worth of $4-million. Neither the man or the company show any signs of slowing down anytime soon, though the company’s retail stores had some rough times during the pandemic, causing some stores to close.

Randall's Family Life

In 2016, Randall began dating a woman named Sara Ann, and the two have been living together since 2017.

In 2019, the pair had a daughter together and he has shifted much of his attention towards helping raise the child with Sara.

Through his Instagram, it appears that he is still in contact with his brother, making posts about how he’s proud of his brother’s success. It is unclear where his parents are now, or if he has stayed in contact with them throughout his successful career.

Overall, Randall is relatively quiet about his family life, choosing to keep much of his personal time private.

Inspiration to Follow Your Dreams

Randall Pich is a true inspiration and he certainly helps tell a story of someone who can’t be knocked down no matter what the circumstances bring. Born of refugee parents who struggled to provide a good upbringing for their children, he fought his way to success through smart business practices, a practical application for his branding, and by following his true passions to their natural conclusions.

It really goes to show that we can all achieve success even by doing the things we love. Work doesn’t have to be something to get us by, always leaving us to live for the weekend. Work can be something meaningful, something that energizes you, something that you want to put more work into to see it thrive and grow.

These lessons are important for any aspiring entrepreneur to learn, even as you’re on your journey. Want to see what I do to earn an income doing what I love, connecting the dots between consumer and business owner? Check out my About page today and see how you can follow your dreams this way too.


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