Income Disclaimer

See the actual Empower Network Income Disclaimer here.


I cannot and will not guarantee you will make money with any of the products that I promote. I’m specifically speaking of Empower Network, My Top Tier Business or any other programs I might review in the future.

There are times where I post screenshots of money earned, traffic generated or even leads generated and you MUST accept the risk of not doing as well as I am doing.

My current success in these programs and the successes of my teammates do not predict your future.

Most members of Empower Network or any other MLM don’t make money. As a matter of fact, most people searching for how to make money online don’t make money online.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Empower Network being a scam or My Top Tier Business being a scam.

Nor does it have to do with an MLM being a scam, pyramid scheme or any other names people suggest.

It merely has to do with the fact that most people just aren’t cut out for this industry.


Do not use what I talk about on this website as a predictor on how well you will do in this industry or online.

I don’t know you, and I can’t predict how hard you’ll work, or how tough your skin is.

Hard work is not the only factor, there are many factors in this industry that play a roll in whether you will make money or not.

I advise you not to spend your last dollar on any program and urge you to make sure you are making a smart decision. If the starting cost will hurt you financially, you must take that into consideration.

Please take this information as motivational and entertainment purposes only, even though everything I write about is 100% true.

Please consult a professional prior to making these decisions to help you make an informed and smart decision on whether to invest in business or not.


I will not be held liable for any losses endured on your behalf.

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