Commercify Review – From a $622,000 Shopify Owner

Commercify Review

Elliot back with another review that I am 100% qualified to write about.

Before I got into eCommerce I had a pretty successful SEO business raking in about $10,000 a month building websites and ranking local businesses….

….and to be honest, it was the biggest mistake I made chasing shinier objects when I had a proven sustainable business already in my pocket.

Imagine what I learned to say even though last 6 months or so looked like this:


There were a lot of ups and downs for both businesses but over $622,000 of revenue (about 35% in profit in 6 months is pretty damn good especially as I was floundering around on dry land for about 2 of those months…

However, Ecomm is completely unstable and not long term, unless one finds the best ecommerce platform to settle in. I don’t care what anyone says, I have seen it first hand, even when I completely thought ecomm was my lottery ticket. Huge names are in the background selling their coaching because their ecomm businesses are dead…

Commercify Review: Meet the Owners

Commercify was launched in 2016, run by these three people:

Ricky Mataka is a Super Affiliate...what does that mean. Well, it means he has a HUGE list (and I’m jealous hehe) Seriously, he has a massive list and anything he promotes tends to succeed big time, mostly because in this business the more eyeballs you can get your offer in front of, the easier it is to sell. Nishant Bhardwaj is a eCommerce big wig….what does that mean? Well, it means he knows his Shiat. Nishant Bhardwaj has done over 1.4 million in sales for 2015 and spends over 100k a month on Facebook ads so he definitely knows his stuff.

What Kind of Company is Commercify?

When Commercify first began, the services they wanted to offer would be a portal and membership site that offers Dropship Lifestyle business courses for ecommerce and incorporates the following:

  1. Lists of proven products to sell
  2. Advanced Facebook targeting data for those products
  3. Professional images of those products that convert
  4. 100% Automated Fulfillment – Never order products if you don’t want.
  5. 1 Click add product to stores software instead of having to create and add products.
  6. Trending Modules so you can keep track of hot selling items
  7. Facebook ad design and copy templates for tshirts.
  8. Lastly, Immersion training by Nishant Bhardwaj
Ultimately, Commercify followed through on its promise and delivered just about all of these, but a lot of people had problems with the quality and reliability. They stretched themselves too thin, too quickly.

My Opinion: Is It Better to Go With a New Training?

 New Training

My Opinion is that Commercify had decent training in the beginning so long as you know what you’re in for, turning ecommerce challengers out on the regular. It may even help save time with the features in this product since it is supposed to be a done for you system.

Problem is, the technology and techniques they use isn’t very up to date, and now if you search for it, it’s almost non-existent. They there are plenty other, new trainings that can help you make a more reliable income other ways online as well.

Plus, if you’re brand new to ecom, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong, and I’m not in ecom anymore because you have to dump so much money into it before you even find out if the product is good. Commercify had a good run, but ultimately the company couldn’t keep up with how popular ecom became.

The Commercify services are still available on the web somewhere, but how up-to-date or managed it is is uncertain.