Everette Taylor Net Worth: How African American Entrepreneur Became a Multi-Millionaire

Everette Taylor Net Worth

Everette Taylor is an African American entrepreneur and public speaker. Everette’s net worth has been estimated at $45 million, but how did he get to the top? Everette was born in 1954 in Chicago Illinois. After his father passed away when Everette was just eight years old, Everette had to help support his family by working various jobs. He would work for hours on end after school and during weekends so that he could provide for himself and his mom. This eventually led Everette to open up two barbershops in Chicago where he sold shampoo out of a vending machine.

Everette saw selling out of barbershops as an opportunity to start selling other products, so he began cold calling companies until he could find one that would give him a chance. He was eventually given the opportunity by Unilever, and later went on to open up his own company called TAYE Haircare Products, which sold African American hair care products.


Everette’s company was the first African American-owned and operated hair care products company of its kind. He eventually sold TAYE Haircare Products to L’Oreal, and today Everette runs a successful consulting firm known as Everette Taylor Enterprises. Everette now runs Everette Taylor Enterprises, a consulting firm that focuses on assisting companies and entrepreneurs with their marketing efforts.

Everette’s \$45 million net worth is an inspiration for those looking to become successful at business as well as public speaking.

What is Everette Taylor Enterprises?

Everette Taylor Enterprises is Everette’s consulting firm that focuses on helping companies and entrepreneurs. Everette has been able to help his clients make millions of dollars through this company, and it was even named the top black business in Atlanta for over three years running by Black Enterprise Magazine. The Everette Taylor brand became such a popular name that Everette is now able to use his name as an endorsement for products and services, which is why Everette Taylor Enterprises has become one of Everette’s most profitable ventures.

Taylor Enterprises

What is Everette Taylor doing now? Everette continues to be an influential African American entrepreneur and public speaker. He is regularly sought out for his marketing expertise, which has earned him a \$45 million net worth over the course of his career. Everette often speaks at events throughout the year in order to inspire others with his words. Everette’s positive attitude about business as well as his dedication to helping others has made hom a role model for those looking to rise from the bottom. Everette Taylor is an inspiration as well as a valuable resource, and he encourages anyone who needs help with their branding or marketing efforts to look into hiring Everette Taylor Enterprises for assistance.