(Revealed) Ring Bomb Party – Worth It?

Ring Bomb Party (Updated: 2022)

Ring Bomb Party, recently rebranded as simply Bomb Party, is a hot topic these days. If you’ve been looking for a way to start your own business without having to create products, you’ve probably stumbled across this option.

Before you decide whether or not to become a rep, it’s crucial to do your research. Why? Because this is still technically a business venture. And like any business venture, it’s important to fully understand what you’re agreeing to, what your potential earnings are, and how much it’ll cost you to get started.

On that note, let’s dive right in. Today, I’ll be reviewing Ring Bomb Party, how it all works, and some of the most frequent questions being asked.

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Ring Bomb Party

What is Ring Bomb Party?

Ring Bomb Party is a multi-level marketing company that sells jewelry. The company was founded in 2014 by two sisters, Lillian and Isabella Coleman in Montgomery, Alabama. The company is now based in Prattville, AL according to their business license.

Though Ring Bomb Party, like most rep-based companies, doesn’t market itself as an MLM… it definitely is one. But what exactly does that mean?

How Do MLMs Work?

MLMs, short for multi-level marketing, is a common marketing method for selling products or services. In an MLM, there are typically three types of participants: the company, the distributor (or rep), and the customer.

The company creates and sells a product or service. The distributor then agrees to sell that product or service on behalf of the company. In return for their efforts, they earn a commission. Customers purchase the product or service from the distributor.

It’s important to note that MLMs are not illegal. However, there are some companies out there that operate as pyramid schemes. Let’s talk more about that now.

Is Ring Bomb Party a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Ring Bomb Party is not a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is an illegal business model in which participants only make money by recruiting more people into the scheme.

In a pyramid scheme, there is no product or service being sold. Instead, participants make money solely through recruitment. They do this by convincing others to join the scheme with the promise of making money.

Ring Bomb Party is not a pyramid scheme because they do have a product or service being sold. In order for reps to make money, they must sell the jewelry. While recruitment is encouraged, it’s not the only way to make money.

Is Ring Bomb Party a Scam?

No, Ring Bomb Party is not a scam. A scam is defined as “a dishonest scheme; a fraud.” Ring Bomb Party is not a fraud because there is a real product or service being sold.

The company is not trying to trick people into joining. They are openly and transparently running a business that sells jewelry by having reps host parties, both in-person and online. While you may not make the money you want, it is not a scam.

How to Make Money from Ring Bomb Party

Now that we’ve answered the question “Is Ring Bomb Party a Scam?” let’s talk about how you can actually make money from the company.

How to Join Ring Bomb Party

To join Ring Bomb Party, you must purchase a starter kit. The starter kit costs $99 and comes with everything you need to get started, including jewelry, marketing materials, and training.

Once you have your starter kit, you can start hosting parties and selling the jewelry. You’ll earn a commission on every sale you make. You can also earn commissions by recruiting other people to join Ring Bomb Party and sell jewelry themselves.

Bomb Party Jewelry

For what it’s worth, Ring Bomb Party has a very thorough and attractive product line-up. All of their jewelry is costume/fashion jewelry and is made with lead-free and nickel-free metals.

The company offers a wide variety of jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. They also have a few different collections, such as the Classic Collection, the Statement Collection, and the Birthday Collection.

We haven’t talked much about why these products are called “Ring Bomb.” Well, they’re kind of like bath bombs. The products come sealed in a fizzing block that you drop into water. When you do, sparkles, color, and fizz are released, revealing a surprise piece of jewelry.

The company started with doing just rings, but now offers a full range of fashion jewelry pieces.

Are the Products Worth It?

This is a tough question to answer because it depends on your personal opinion. In my humble opinion, the products are overpriced. I think you could find similar jewelry for cheaper elsewhere.

However, some people might be willing to pay the higher price for the convenience of a ring bath bomb and the social aspect of hosting parties. Especially through the pandemic, people have been eager to find fun and tangible ways to connect. While women may have gone shopping for the day before 2020, that hasn’t really been an option again until now.

So, if you’ve been looking for a fun and new way to connect with friends and family members– that can be hosted in-person or online– Ring Bomb Party products could totally be worth it.

Things I Like in Ring Bomb Party

There are a few things I like about Ring Bomb Party:

Huge Variety of Jewelry

Ring Bomb Party has been around for so long that there’s a huge Bomb Party jewelry selection. Like, insanely huge. From Bomb Party bracelets to a white topaz ring. At the time of writing, they have 10 different collections… and each collection contains hundreds, sometimes thousands, of different color and style combinations in any size.

Products Updated Often

The reason Ring Bomb Party has so many products is that they’re constantly releasing new pieces. According to their website, every month they add over 50 new designs and 20 colorways to their Originals Collection alone.

The use of colorways means that they don’t have thousands of pieces which are completely unique from each other– instead, it means that if someone likes a particular style or color, it’s practically guaranteed to be available in a variation they love.

Hosting Parties Can Actually Be Fun

For the right type of person, this kind of thing can be hugely profitable and lucrative to boot. If you’ve ever worked in sales, are a social person, and can read basic psychological cues, this could be a goldmine. Ring Bomb Party loves to shine a spotlight on their super-social, mega-successful reps.

To be clear, not everyone in that type of person! But for those who are, this can actually be a fun way to make money.

Things I Dislike in Ring Bomb Party

Gotta Keep Buying

You’ve probably heard the saying “You have to spend money to make money,” but MLMs take that idea to a whole new level.

Gotta Keep Buying

To be a Rep, you have to purchase a starter kit for $99. The cheapest Ring Bomb is $25, but the average Ring Bomb costs closer to $35. So, if you want to keep selling and making money, you have to keep buying new product... which can get expensive.

Plus, that's assuming that you sell through all of your product. What if you buy the Kids' Collection and none of the attendees are interested? What if you can't sell through your Holiday Collection stock before the end of the holiday season?

This might not seem like much-- $25 here and $35 there is nothing compared to the money you'll be making, right? That's exactly what Ring Bomb Party will tell you. Just keep in mind that you can't predict what people will buy, or when. But you will have to keep buying constantly to hold people's interest.

Low Quality and Overpriced Products

Like I said before, the quality of the products versus the price isn’t really balanced well. I understand a lot of the cost is to cover the host’s time and effort, but I’m just not a “get together with my friends and spend money on jewelry” kind of person.

For that reason, I wouldn’t consider becoming a Ring Bomb Party host or attendee personally. But I know for some people, the value of the social setting and the potential for a valuable piece of jewelry makes it all worth it.

Triggers Gambling Addiction

Some people might argue that Ring Bomb Party’s business model actually encourages gambling addiction. Think about how you would feel if you had your heart set on a specific piece of jewelry, and you didn’t get it. Your first thought would be to just buy one more and try again, right?

Well, that’s how Ring Bomb Parties work. And for some people, it can be a trigger for gambling addiction. If you’re someone who is struggling with this addiction, I would recommend avoiding ring bomb parties altogether.

It is an MLM

Multi-Level Marketing companies like Ring Bomb Party are what’s known as multi-level marketing, or an MLM, as discussed earlier. Now, I also said MLMs aren’t a scam and that’s true.

But you should be aware that most people don’t get rich overnight from being an MLM seller. In fact, the average person actually loses money from being a part of an MLM.

Why? Because in order to make good money, you have to be constantly recruiting people and selling product. And most people just aren’t good at that. In fact, it takes a lot of work and most people give up before they see any real success.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies are businesses that rely on recruitment to sell their products and grow their brand. So, if you become a Ring Bomb Party host or rep, your job will be to not only sell the jewelry but also to recruit other hosts and reps.

So if you’re thinking about joining Ring Bomb Party or any other MLM, just be aware that it’s not going to be easy. You will have to put in a lot of time and effort to see any real results.

Ring Bomb Party Compensation Plan

As a rep, there are two main ways to make money: retail sales and residual commissions.

Retail Sales Commissions

When you sell products to customers at the retail price, you earn a commission. The commission percentage depends on your rank within the company.

The company does have a minimum order requirement of $200 in order to earn commissions. This is something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about becoming a rep.

Residual Commissions

In addition to retail sales commissions, you can also earn residual commissions. Residual commission are earned on products sold by your downline, or the people you recruit into the company.

The commission percentage for residuals also depends on your rank within the company. But it’s important to note that you only earn residuals on the first two levels of your downline.

Ring Bomb Party FAQs

The FAQs on the Ring Bomb Party website are helpful to current reps, but not so great for those considering signing up. You can find info about tax documents, shipping, creating coupon codes, and more… but not much about what to expect. Here’s what I could find.

How much are Ring Bomb rings worth?

Ring Bomb rings are worth an estimated retail value between $25 and $500. As a hostess, you’ll get special pricing for a starter kit and you can choose from a few restock tiers after that.

Are the rings in Ring Bombs real?

Yes, the rings in Bomb Party bombs are real. The ring bomb party starter kit comes with 5 rings made of stainless steel. The company also offers 14k gold, white gold-plated, and .925 sterling.

But even in your starter kit, you don’t get to choose what you’ll get. If you have friends or guests who insist on solid gold or sterling silver, please mention this while you’re signing up. I did find a couple reports that the sign-up team will work with you to get started.

What are Ring Bomb Party rings made of?

The ring bomb party starter kit comes with 5 rings made of silver-plated stainless steel. The company also offers 14k gold and sterling silver options for bomb party rings, but those are priced differently. As for the gemstones, only some of the pieces use real, genuine diamond gems. Each Bomb Party Collection includes an unspecified amount of these rings and necklaces, worth up to $1,500 each.

As for the stones that aren’t diamonds, they’re all lab-created. This allows you to get beautiful gemstones at a fraction of the price jewelers charge.

Ring Bomb Party Reviews

So, what do people really think?

I was surprised to see that there weren’t very many Bomb Party LLC reviews when I started doing my research. Most of what I found were either from reps or people who had been invited to a party but hadn’t actually tried any of the products.

The few reviews I did find were mostly positive, with people saying they loved the quality of the jewelry and the fun party atmosphere. People especially love the “mystery” aspect of not knowing what they’ll get ahead of time.

The negative reviews were mostly from people who felt like they’d been scammed or mislead by their friends or family who were reps. These reviews are valid, to be sure, but keep in mind that you’ll see reviews saying exactly the same thing for pretty much any MLM you look into signing up with.

So if you’re thinking about joining Ring Bomb Party, just be aware that it’s not for everyone. It’s important to do your research and make sure you understand what you’re getting into before you sign up. Treat it like a serious business venture and keep a tight budget to protect yourself.

Ring Bomb Party: Summary and Takeaways

All in all, Ring Bomb Party uses a pretty straightforward multi-level marketing business model. You sign up to be a rep, invite people to in-person or online parties, and sell them jewelry. The products are decent quality and the company seems to be reputable… but that doesn’t mean it’s a great idea for everyone.

The big idea is that Ring Bomb Party is a social selling company that offers jewelry at in-person parties and online. Hostesses can earn free and discounted jewelry, as well as half-priced items for every guest who books a party with them.

Ring Bomb Party

But because it's a social selling model, you'll need to be not only comfortable with-- but also excellent at-- talking with people, getting them engaged, and closing the sale. You'll also be expected to recruit other reps to at least some degree, so consider where you'd find these people without alienating your entire circle of friends.

In short, before you join, just make sure you understand how MLMs work and what your goals are. Be aware of the potential risks and downsides, and don’t let anyone pressure you into signing up or buying anything. Do your research and decide for yourself if it’s something you’re interested in pursuing.

The company offers a variety of ring styles, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and earrings. They also release seasonal collections and new pieces throughout the year to keep their inventory fresh and exciting, which is good news for anyone wanting to sign up and make money.

Reputable Business according to BBB

Ring Bomb Party has been in business since 2013 and is still based in Alabama. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but there are very few online customer reviews as I mentioned earlier.

If you’re interested in attending a Ring Bomb Party, go right ahead. I didn’t see anyone talking about fees to attend, so while you might feel pressured to buy, you aren’t obligated by any means.

If you’re interested in joining Ring Bomb Party, make sure you understand how MLMs work and what your goals are. Be aware of the potential risks and downsides, and don’t let anyone pressure you into signing up or buying anything. Do your homework and determine whether it’s the right choice for you.

As you can see, there are many ways to reach your wildest dreams. I Buy I Review is a site devoted to buying and reviewing products, MLM companies and online training programs that claim they will teach you how to launch an online business and make millions. We determine if they’re legitimate or a scam. If you’re interested, check out our reviews now.