MLM: Important Reminders for Students

Reminders for Students

As a college student, you probably have big dreams. Perhaps after graduating, you aim to land a job quickly so you can start earning your keep, pay off your students loan, help with the family’s expenses, and save enough so you can pursue your dream of traveling or even establishing your own business. All of these are nice goals to have, of course. Accomplishing them, however, is another matter entirely.

It is because of these very goals that students become vulnerable to the malicious intents of unscrupulous MLM groups and recruiters. You’ve probably heard stories before and think you’ve heard enough. However, you might be surprised that once you sit down for a meeting with one of the more experienced recruiters, they can be quite convincing. Next thing you know, you’re investing your savings, which you may have saved from your own school allowance.

MLM Recruitment: The Usual Scenario

At one point or another, you will be approached by someone who might claim to have already tasted success in multi-level marketing when the truth is they could also be struggling to find people to recruit. They will use as an example of success members of the group who are already on the higher rungs of the ladder—leaders who already have expensive cars, huge homes, glitzy accessories, and a flight to catch every other week. In a way, they will make you jealous of those people’s success so you can be convinced to join. After all, as a student, wouldn’t you want to step on the ladder of success ASAP?

 investing in MLM

Here’s the thing: MLM is not always bad. There are people who are actually able to become successful. However, investing in MLM is not a guarantee. This is where proper and sufficient understanding of how the business works come in. You need to assess your situation and you need to learn more about the company before deciding that you want to become part of it.

Be Vigilant: Learn About the Company and Its Products

Let’s say that you’ve met with a friend or an acquaintance who tries to convince you to join him or her. You trust them to make sound decisions, so you might be thinking maybe this opportunity is the real thing. Hold your horses — don’t sign up just yet!

Politely say that you need to think about it first. If you feel like there’s something fishy and odd with the whole setup—the company and its products—then you might as well trust your gut. If it interests you somehow, though, conduct further research first.

It’s crucial to look into the company before deciding you want to get on board. A bad company will have negative reviews and be unable to prove their success. Take that as a clear sign not to join! If you find that the company is legitimate, research further. How do you earn money? Do you need to keep on recruiting to realize a return on investment (ROI) or simply sell and buy products?

If you need to recruit to earn, are you up for the task? You’ll need to go out to meet people to tell them about the opportunity. Do you have the time and will to attend to meetings and various in-company training sessions?
Next, you need to check the company’s products. Are they profitable and easy to sell? Can you use them for your own consumption? Are those the kind of products you would actually want to use yourself? Look up reviews to see what people have to say about the products.

NEVER Borrow Money Just to Invest in MLM

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As a student, you might not have a lot of savings enough to pay for initial membership. The recruiter might passively suggest that you borrow money so you can afford to sign up. They will say that you can gain your initial investment back in no time—but what if you don’t? You’ll just be putting unnecessary financial obligations on yourself. Don’t let the temptation of becoming rich quick ruin your future! Assess your own financial standing before you get on board.

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