Fast Fortune Club Review – Scam or Legitimate Program?

Fast Fortune Club Review

If you’re looking to make a quick income online that is sustainable and easy to maintain, then you might have come across a program called Fast Fortune Club, run by a man named Tom Gentile.

Many people dream about making it big on the market, but the market is much more ruthless than many people give it credit for, which is why you might turn to a course by someone who claims to have made it big before.

After all, their path has already been worn, so you should have an easy time following it. Making even a fraction of what the so-called expert has will often set you up for life with an early retirement.

In this article from IBuyIReview, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this Fast Fortune Club and self-proclaimed master trader Tom Gentile.

Is it everything you were hoping to find in a panel, or is it just another scam? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Fast Fortune Club? A Course on How to Make Money Fast

The Fast Fortune Club. The name may entice images of success, wealth, and expensive cars. It’s a fitting image for a platform that is supposed to make you a fast fortune. In short, the program is an investment advice newsletter which gives you access to the Fast Fortune Club top tips, tricks, and advice for trading in the market.

The program starts off by stating that you can “Get Richer in Seconds” by following the advice of America’s self-proclaimed “#1 Trader.”

It’s easy to see right away that this is not Tom Gentile’s only online sales funnel, either; the website header has changed in recent years to showcase a company called “Money Map Press” with several options for different finance-related projects created or endorsed by Tom Gentile.

This program has changed over the years, and now it includes five different features that you gain access to when you subscribe. The panel used to be offered in addition to a community forum where you can interact with other subscribers, however, the community area lost activity and is now defunct. 

This is one of the main things I don’t like about this program. Any program should have active community engagement. If there are people seeing success with the group, then without a doubt, that success should be advertised. Any program owner’s job is to keep their community going if they’re not actively working on new material.

The social media presence of Fast Fortune Club is a little disconcerting to me, as I would assume that legitimate real estate programs would all have their social media profiles under the same or similar names. Fast Fortune Club is listed under “Power Profit Trader” on Facebook, where the latest activity was (yikes!) over a year ago.

Things are starting to get a little fishy to me. How do I know that the program is still active and up-to-date without updated social media activity? The lack of trust begins to build…

Inside the Fast Fortune Club Program

When navigating to the site, there is a bit of information overload, as the Money Map Press header is trying to shove other financial products down your throat.

Every few seconds while you’re navigating around on the site, a pop-up will keep you distracted by offering this “Brand New Module in SCAN” with an image of a rocket ship. Clicking on this unbranded ad takes you to a pro version of Money Map Press with a clickbaity video that promises it can help you boost your trading strategy by 906% in only 5 months.


If you ask me, clicking on this ad was a 50/50 shot of whether I would be routed to a Money Map Press up-sell, or a malware ad, so I can say that I’m relieved it was just another up-sell, at least.

The Fast Fortune Club website is built around a subscription model to help you learn about stock options. (1) Sign up, and you can gain access to trading advice from top industry experts, though these experts are never mentioned until you find out after purchasing the program.

“Options are tradable contracts that investors use to speculate about whether an asset’s price will be higher or lower at a certain date in the future, without any requirement to actually buy the asset in question.”
Anna-Louise Jackson

When you do sign up for the program, however, you’ll get a few different benefits that the Fast Fortune Club has put together:

  • The Microcurrency Trading Crash Course

This is the primary training originally included in Fast Fortune Club, and this was the Fast Fortune Club crash course which was meant to help early investors cash in on trades using microcurrency trading techniques.

The training is a six-part video review series which Tom uses to teach you everything from how to set up a trading account, to a review on what microcurrencies are, and his strategy on identifying trends in the market that click.

This is probably the easier starting point out of all the programs for people who are newbies in the stock market and don’t have a lot of money to work with. Still, no trade is guaranteed, no matter how experienced of a trader you are, and the market is a fickle, volatile thing, so expect to still lose some money while you learn the ropes.

  • Money Rush Crash Course

In this training, Tom Gentile explains that he will teach you his very own patent-pending strategy for landing trades based on their “money patterns.”

You will get to see him go through his trading process from beginning to end without anything cut out, which is great if you learn by watching someone else do the hard work first.

Something I did like about this course is that it does show you everything you need to do to set up a trading account, making it the perfect course for beginners. Gentile claims that this process can help you 10x, 20x, and 30x the potential profit you can make from every trade.

Of course, putting this strategy into practice is difficult, and many people struggle with it on their own without the previous experience that the Fast Fortune Club has. You should still expect to lose some as you learn the ropes, as there’s no guarantee on any trade, and all investments are made at risk.

  • 2 Money Rush Recommendations Each Month

This is one of the main benefits for keeping the subscription service running. Every month, the Fast Fortune Club will submit two “Money Rush” recommendations and send it out to each member. 

These recommendations are meant to give you hands-on experience, giving you an excuse to utilize the strategies the Fast Fortune Club offers in the training. Of course, by the end of a year, these recommendations do little for you than pick out a trade option so you don’t have to find your own stocks.

These stocks might be valuable to some people, but if you’re like me, you’re always wondering how much better the recommendation might be if I found something that wasn’t being jumped on by hundreds of other students just like me.

  • 2 Money Hour Recommendations Each Month

The “Money Hour” best recommendations are similar to the Money Rush recommendations, except that these are trades that are likely to move fast and can produce quick daily victories if followed up on quickly with the strategies he teaches. Tom picks out the best stocks for these recommendations.

These stocks are given to you in the form of an alert, and you can expect two of them each month for the duration of your subscription as well.

  • Live Money Hour Call Each Week

If you ask me, even if you get the stocks recommendations, this is the most valuable part of the features, though the calls can be a hit or miss. You can expect the same that you could from any expert who has rehashed the same content for months on end – eventually, you run out of content and you just start filling up the space.

The main point that keeps the material fresh is the fact that the Fortune Club reveals a new recommendation during this call, going through his trade strategy live on air.

There are nuggets of good information spread throughout each Money Hour call, but for the most part, you’re listening to someone talk about their product. If that gets you motivated, however, it’s a great thing to tune into.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide if these features are worth the price tag. After all, this is not like other courses where you pay a one-time fee and you have access to the training for life; you will pay a monthly subscription fee for access to the material, which relies entirely on your motivation to keep going.

Fortune Club Founder: Who Is Tom Gentile? (Behind the Scenes of Fast Fortune Club)

Tom Gentile

Tom Gentile is the owner of Fast Fortune Club and he is self-proclaimed to be “America’s #1 Pattern Trader.”

This claim isn’t valid outside of the Fortune Club's own publications, as no big-name sites have listed him as such.

He started Fast Fortune Club as a way to take his work into his own hands. He is also a contributor for Money Map Press and has over 30 years of experience in stock trading.

According to his biography on Money Map Press, he started out working 60 hours a week at Home Depot and never making a penny more no matter how hard he worked. His income was set and he was tired of it.

In 1986, however, he decided to make a change and started studying the ins and outs of options trading. It was here that he created a business educating others on stock options called Optionetics – this company was later sold in 2009 to a discount broker for a few million dollars.

From there, he continued doing what he was best at: making stock trades and educating others about the market.

Is Fast Fortune Club Legit?

This is difficult for me to answer because I believe it can be a legitimate program, but it is such as saturated market that you’re not going to have a good time participating in it. Trading is such a risky business model, so you could make a fortune overnight, but you could just as easily lose it.

I’m not interested in gambling, and I couldn’t reliably recommend that my readers jump on the gambling bandwagon either.

Unless you are already familiar with day trading and investment options and you have plenty of money to throw around to learn the ropes, I would not recommend you get this program as a legitimate way to make a sustainable source of income.

There’s too much at risk.

If you have a family or need to keep a nest egg around for any reason, then there’s no sense in gambling it away.

Risks Involved with the Fast Fortune Course

With any investment advice, the person giving the advice cannot be responsible for your investment. Any investment you make, whether through the recommendation of Tom Gentile, or anything relating to the course or the course owner, is made at risk.

This means that if you put down a thousand dollars on a trading that goes bad, you’re out that thousand dollars. No if, ands, or buts about it.

It’s not hard to see why people think the advice on trading stocks is a scam if you can’t guarantee results. If you want a legit program, it seems like the investing game isn’t the right choice for several reasons. The complaints and reviews the Fortune Club have received are brutal.

Any investment trading comes with its risks, and you can expect any trading recommendations made through investment advice to rise quickly, so it’s imperative to get the trade as soon as possible if you want to get in on a good deal.

The reason? They aren’t just advertising these trading recommendations to you, and they’re not tailored to your portfolio. They’re advertising these recommendations to hundreds of traders who are likely much more experienced and quick to trade their money when an alert comes through.

Supposedly, there is a Money Back Guarantee of 60 days you can get if you don’t like the information presented in the course or if you don’t get a satisfactory amount of money through the microcurrency recommendations. Unfortunately, I could not find this advertised on the Money Map Press or Fast Fortune Club website, so there’s no telling if this guarantee is still in effect.

The Final Verdict: My Thoughts on Making a Fast Fortune

My verdict? There are much better ways to spend your money than a club that sells possibilities. If you want my two cents (thanks for asking!), I believe that any course you purchase should give you real, tangible tools to carve out your own path, rather than blindly follow the advice of someone who is only interested in keeping you subscribed to their newsletter.

Because of how quick the stock prices are to rise when a Money Rush recommendation comes out, it feels too much like gambling, to me. (2)

Some of the only digital news sites I’ve seen that cover the service are usually tied to the program with some sort of affiliate marketing, so I can’t even say if the reviews are a scam or not. A lot of the legit publications seem to see the program favorably, which makes it difficult to get a real online opinion.

“When you invest in stocks and bonds, you’ll lose money when the funds decline in price. There’s always that risk that’s why it only makes sense to study the percentages of how much your portfolio will grow or shrink depending on the investment you make.”
Maine Belonio

I don’t feel like I came out with a solid understanding of the Fortune Club’s trading strategy, but I enjoy the information that they did provide. Too much of the trading is left up to educated guess and chance, that it feels like he hasn’t revealed his whole trading strategy.  

Would You Rather Invest in a Legitimate & Proven Program?

Are you ready to make a small fortune with something that isn’t so chance-driven and risky? It’s not affiliate marketing, it’s not investing, and it’s not an mlm:

Here’s how I’ve reliably made my money in the past few years: Local Marketing Vault. 

In this course, you are given an entire toolbelt full of funnels, ads training, and other online tricks that will help you create a sustainable source of revenue for yourself.

This program is tried and tested by the owners for success, and they hand you everything you need to get started. All you need to do is show up and make your business work.

That’s a breath of fresh air, to me.

Better yet, there are plenty of local businesses that need your help, so you aren’t racing to the finish line with hundreds of other students. Their 5,000+ strong community is still active, with weekly livestreams and dozens of posts daily from students and the owners alike.


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