World Ventures & it’s hidden MLM Fad

World Ventures bringing in sly pitch of vacations while backhanding you with their MLM structure.

Ain’t knocking, just saying, be who you are and say WE ARE! like penn state 😉

Now, this page is hand splattered with a hell of a World Ventures Review, and I urge you to read it…


gotta ask…

Lord isn’t there another way?

With a whisper, “you know exactly what I mean.”

So, lets move on if you are still here and get on to the review…

World Ventures review, gotta say, much better than this, but still here is the low down.

Let’s first talk about the boomerang…

I like to call it the boomerang effect…

Give back to get more and that is what World Ventures is doing.

Being that they created their VolunTourism program which is a designed to give back to the community…

I have to admit, makes me like where they are going…

Let’s now talk founders..

Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue who prior to World Ventures made a boat load of money.

Being they were both successful before, they now wanted to pursue their passion for travel.

Probably one of the reasons it has been around for so long.

I do worry about the recent decline in their buzz, but this company has definitely come back from their valleys.

world ventures

Although the buzz has simmered, I believe they will be back up in the summer months when travel is peaked.

However, what is it that is actually being sold by World Ventures and what are the reps doing?

World Venture Products

So the little worker bees running around promoting world ventures are selling travel membership packages.

This is what you get with a travel membership:

  1. Special deals through their travel search engine Rovia.
  2. A Choice of travel membership levels starting from standard to luxury (will get into that shortly)

Let’s have a look at the prices first:

world venture membership costs

to be continued…