Shopify Review & the Massive Explosion

The Shopify Craze & Why you need to get in the game

Tick,     Tock,     Tick,       Tock

The sound of time….scary thing!

Reason I start off my post like this is to put you in that mood to take Action….your sick and tired mood.

If you are anything like me, I used to fall into a complacent mindset.

Bills are paid, have a little extra for the month…

Life is good, eh!

Then next month the bills come in and the stress is now back.

However, this month you ripped a whole into your tire and BOOM! $450.00 gone.

BUT – That was your spending money for the month.

Now What?

Well now is when you take action and start searching on the internet for a better way.

Then you land here. (Thank you btw)

However, landing here means nothing without taking action.

Before reading my Shopify Review, let’s get some house keeping out of the way.

Your here because you looked at one of my other pages, or maybe I am ranking for Shopify  review.

Either way, you are here so watch this video to see why everything I ever tried stopped with this business.

and my friend, I have done A LOT!!!


This is about how to make tons of money using shopify as a platform to sell…just…about…anything!

Let’s be cliche….(warning income screen shot below)

Shopify Review

*Paying attention? 

Sorry, I have to do post proof, otherwise you probably won’t listen to a word I have to say.

Mainly because in this twisted, psychotic industry of making extra money on the side, who can you trust?

It’s like that weird Uncle you refuse to leave your kids with. yikes!

Should I bang my head against the wall trying to become an affiliate for lets’ say Empower Network?

Maybe I should Join DoTerra or Wake Up Now (which is now put back to sleep).

OR…maybe I should stuff envelopes?

How about Cash Gifting?

Heard that works great! hehe

OR…screw it, I should open up my own SEO shop and rank local businesses. (which if you look around this blog, you will see I have/had success with)

So lets get down to the truth, the nitty griddy, ugly truth.

Can you, someone with “0” experience, someone who only has a desire to make an extra 1,000-2,000 a month open up a shopify store, and earn extra money?

Well, if you are anything like me.

A human that eats, sleeps and ….. cough..

well hell ya you can build a super business!

I never ran a ecommerce store, and outside of writing posts like this shopify review post, opening up my SEO business and joining MLM’s, I had no experience selling anything online.

L E T  M E  S A Y  T H A T  A G A I N

I … never … ran …. an ….ecommerce …. store … EVER!

When I was approached to “give this a try” I was reluctant.

Matter of Fact I struggled…

If you look below you can see August 17th I did 110.47 and that was extremely difficult.

Why…keep reading!

Shopify Income Proof

Let me explain this graph because, OH it has such an amazing story behind it.

August 15th 2015 opened my store.

August 16th 2015 – Did $110.47

August 17-August 31st – Did $100-$300 a day

August 31st 2015 9:00 PM call with my mentor.

September 1st $1,500 day

September 2nd – 5th – $2,000-$3,000 Days…

UPDATE – I have done over $900,000 in sales since September 1st 2015

Patrick has coached me in every aspect of my business career since 2015. A father of almost 3 and devoted husband, he truly was a blessing to me.

If you want that same leadership, I encourage you to step out of the rat race and finally put your dreams before your time is gone.

I truly mean that.

One kind word of advice.

Apply only if you are serious.

Building a side business takes effort, time and some money to start.

If you book on my Calendar Patrick will give you a $500 reduction in the tuition. 🙂

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