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Project DIM – “Do it Myself Yo”


Project Sponsor Booster


Get access to me for $125.00/month recurring. I’ll help you like your sponsor should have helped you. Some call me crazy since it’s so cheap, but what the hell, I’ll take the testimonials. I will treat you as if you are on my Empower Network or MTTB team and help you along the way. In addition, you’ll get access to all my Facebook groups and my personal phone number. (I’ll actually pick up hehe) Cancel Anytime.


Project Link Explosion


So…you get it by now…only thing you need are Links. Yes there are some other small factors like, posts should be 1,000 plus words, you should have SEO Yoast plugin and if the circle is green…it’s a go. Not much more than that. However, Links can make you very wealthy. However, getting them can be almost impossible.

I’ve spent many hours to get where I am today, and I have built many relationships through the years…even during the years I have failed. If Links is your issue, if not being on Google is your issue, then order yourself a handful of high authority, high page rank links from ME!! Watch your SERPS explode and then call me to thank me! That is how confident I am.

It will take 30-60 days depending on how competitive your keyword is, but figure about 60 days to get you on to page one. (sometimes much faster) It takes a very long time to do this correctly, as Google knows natural link selection is exactly that natural. I will add your links naturally. Look at a few results, and there are much more but for example purposes look below: (#10) Huge Keyword (#2) Another huge keyword

*After you order, send me an email with your keyword choice to [email protected] Plus I’ll jump on a 10 minute phone call if you choose to know more. However, just know I’m gonna deliver, because I want your recurring payment to stick and in order to do that I have to EARN YOUR MONEY!!

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