Low Hanging Fruit – How I’m getting Fat Eating It


Ah, the internet marketing world. The world where there are so many tire marks, the entire internet smells like rubber. {Metaphor alert – Spinning your wheels}

So, let’s get this out of the way because I like to start with some sad news first:

  1. Everything you tried doesn’t work?
  2. You spend more money on Internet Marketing Products than your kids college education?
  3. You feel lied to, betrayed and beaten up?
  4. You have joined MLMs because they make you feel warm and fuzzy?
  5. Every time you buy something, you say this is it, I am done if this doesn’t work?

Everything you have tried on the internet doesn’t work and you are spending more money on IM products than your kids college education. Your feel lied to and betrayed, and you exhausted trying to find an answer. You thought you could join an MLM since they made you feel so warm and fuzzy, but every single time you say, this is the one, it turns out that it wasn’t. Buying products online is sort of like crack. Every hit makes you feel good, like there is a chance, but it fades away, and you are looking for your next hit.

Well folks, I understand completely. I was a crack (not really, but just go with me on this) addict for 7 years. I bought product after product, course after course to the tune of over $10,000. I had nothing to show for it. $0.00 (BIG FAST “0”)

About August of 2014 everything changed. It wasn’t a light bulb moment that you hear about all over the sales videos, it was more of like drips of sales started to come because I STARTED TO ACTUALLY TAKE ACTION. Now, this post is not about taking action, I am assuming you do that with every product you buy. It’s funny because one of the biggest guys on the Net in the IM space recently posted that last year he sold 25,000 units of his product. How many people do you think logged into his training site 3 times or more?

1% or 250 people!!!!!!!!!!

250/25,000 logged into the training more 3 or more times.

Then people wonder why nothing works.

Anyway, I said I was assuming you are an action taker…

Here is a scream shot from December 2014 just from small online sales. About 15 days worth:


It’s $1,103 totally hands free. However, this wasn’t from my biggest part of my business. I built an easy offline busy that landed me $5,000 a month client, $1,750 a month client, $1,000 a month client and so on….

It is something everyone overlooks because I think they think it is to hard to do.

If online is so damn confusing, difficult and you feel you are sick of all the Guru BS, then GET OFFLINE!. Grab the low hanging fruit and get FAT AS HELL DOING IT!

In a nutshell, this is exactly what I do:

I pick a niche, like limo services. I build a simple (or outsource for 30 bucks) website using a drag and drop website builder. I write some content (I lied, I actually outsource it) and put it up. I then follow a simple strategy called “No Fail” Seo strategy that I and my partner teach to our students that literally works every time.

I then wait for rankings for my local area, or any local area in the world. If I don’t want to wait for Google, I’ll run some adwords to it (which we teach) and send the leads to a business owner on page >5 of Google.

After some leads, I either email or pick up the phone and say:

“Hey bizz owner, I have been sending you some free leads, did you get them? Great, do you want me to continue to send them, or should I find someone else? Great, I’ll send some more and follow up with you in a week or 2 and we can work out a deal to continue to do business. Sound Good? Great!”

You can do this with emails as well, or something that works wonders is a phone whisper. Imagine being a business owner and when you pick up your phone, the first thing you hear is:

“This is a FREE lead delivered by James Bonadies, please hold to be connected”

They already know your name, and will be expecting you to reach out.

You are getting FAT while making local business owners FAT too. Get it?

Keep an eye out, I may actually share my “No Fail” SEO strategy in coming weeks.

OR – you can learn more at HERE!