Local Business Model

Zero to $10,000 within 90 days?

I did it, but the following is what makes me smile from ear to ear:

The Local Lead Generation Model is:

  1. Fast – Can start making money within a few weeks
  2. Ethical – Can feel really good about your business
  3. Wide Open – NO competition

MLMs and affiliate marketing is:

  1. Slow – It takes a ton of time to build a “downline”
  2. Unethical – Knowing the success rate, how could you even want to bring people into your downline?
  3. Competition – MLM and Affiliate Marketing are the most competitive industries on the planet. 

Let me show some proof first so you know I am the real deal.

$2,000 Per Month Client – $24,000/Year


$897/Month per Month Client – $10,764


2016 PayPal PART TIME Income $146,196.21



I could honestly post thousands of shots like this from everyone in our group as well as over 50 from my own collection.

However, I know you get the point.

This highly sought after Coaching program gets 60 applications A DAY!!!

I honestly don’t know how long they will stay open for, and only 1/3 of the applications actually get accepted.


If you are….


Please follow these 3 steps:

Step 1:

Simple, respect our time and don’t miss the call and please don’t schedule one if your broke, aren’t motivated as hell or if you are full of excuses. That is not what this program is about.

Step 2:

Allow the next page to load. It takes a little time….if this is for your future, I think a few seconds of waiting won’t hurt. 😉

Step 3:

CLICK Here > Sign Up & Schedule Your Call!

I’d love to see you in our group.

See ya at the top,

James Bonadies

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