Life Leadership Review – Is it worth investing in?

Chances are you have come across a Life Leadership representative or heard of the company from a member as did I, so I decided to write this life leadership review.  I was approached by a Life Leadership representative and decided to pay the membership fee so as to write a first-hand and unbiased review.

Life Leadership Review – About the company

Life Leadership was started in 2011 by Orrin Woodward, Tim Marks, George Guzzardo, Chris Brady, Clause Hamilton, Dan Hawkins and Bill Lewis, and is based in Cary, North Carolina. Life Leadership deals with informational and educational material, in the form of videos, audios, books and live events.


Joining Life Leadership

It costs $99.99 to buy Life Leadership’s business starter pack, and an annual fee of $15 if auto-renewed or $19 if manually renewed.

Life Leadership Review – The Products

The products are divided into three:

  • Financial Development
  • Professional Development
  • Personal Development

Financial Development

  • Financial Fitness Program – It costs $109 – $164.99. It teaches you the principles of making money, budgeting and discipline, and the rules of money.
  • Financial Fitness Master Class – It costs $164.99 – $246.99. It is for those who want to get a deeper understanding of the principles of finances.
  • Financial Fitness Track and Save – This costs $22 per month and helps you learn the fundamental elements of the Financial Fitness Program: tracking your spending and saving your money.
  • Wealth Habits Subscription Series – It costs $38 upfront and a monthly subscription of $11. It aims to teach you and aid you to develop the habits of the wealthy in a series of small sessions.

There is a Financial Fitness app through which you can purchase Life Leadership products.

Professional Development

This costs $64.95 for six months and gives you access to a book and four audios each month. It is designed to develop leaders to transform the corporate world.

Personal Development

  • Life Leadership – It costs $22 per month and is designed to promote personal growth and development in all areas of life. It is a monthly package of one magazine and two audios.
  • Edge Series – It costs $11 per month and is designed to teach preteens and early teens the principles of success.
  • Rascal Radio – It costs $22 per month, and is an online/mobile personal development radio station.
  • Freedom – This costs $11 for an annual subscription. You get one audio per month that teaches you the principles of freedom and how you can preserve it in your society.
  • Total Access – It costs $82.50 for a single subscription and $160 for a couple’s monthly subscription. It gives you complete access to the LIFE Library of life coaching videos and all monthly LIFE Live educational events.
  • All Grace Outreach – It costs $27.50 per month for a book and audio per month. It aims to promote spiritual growth and development in people while strengthening their Christian walk.

Life Leadership Compensation Plan

Life Leadership’s affiliates are paid commissions for making retail sales. The commissions depend on the affiliates rank and their downline. There are thirty-three ranks in Life Leadership.

Retail Commission

The Life Leadership affiliates get a 15% commission (based on the point value of the item) on every sale of Life Leadership products to retail customers.

Customer Pool Bonus

It is a bonus paid out each quarter on each affiliate’s total quarterly retail sales. To qualify, you have to have accrued 600 PV that quarter in retail sales. According to Life Leadership, the amount varies according to the individual’s total sales volume and the overall sales performance. Life Leadership guarantees a minimum bonus of $50.

Cumulative Customer Bonus

It awards affiliates who are retail-oriented with an annual bonus. The bonus depends on the affiliate’s annual retail volume. (PV – Personal Volume)

  • 5000 PV – $500 bonus
  • 10,000 PV – $1,000 bonus
  • 15,000 PV – $1,500 bonus
  • 20,000 PV – $2,200 bonus
  • 30,000 PV – $4,000 bonus
  • 50,000 PV – $7,000 bonus
  • 100,000 PV – $15,000 bonus
  • 200,000 PV – $40,000 bonus

Personal Bonus

This is a monthly rebate given to affiliates when they personally purchase Life Leadership products. The higher the volume of products the affiliate purchases, the more the rebate they get.

  • 150 PV – 3% rebate
  • 300 PV – 6% rebate
  • 600 PV – 9% rebate
  • 1000 PV – 12% rebate
  • 1500 PV – 15% rebate
  • 2500 PV – 18% rebate
  • 4000 PV – 22% rebate
  • 6000 PV – 27% rebate
  • 8000 PV – 30% rebate
  • 10,000 PV – 33% rebate

Customer Bonus

It uses the same PV qualification as the Personal Bonus, but on the retail customer orders instead of personal purchases.

Differential Bonus

It is the difference between a distributor’s rebate rank and that of their downline. It uses the same PV qualification as the Personal Bonus.

Depth Bonus

This is the residual commission and is paid out using a unilevel compensation structure, according to the affiliate’s rank.

  • Senior Coordinator – 3% commission
  • Life Coach – 5% commission
  • Executive Life Coach – 6% commission
  • Double Life Coach – 6.75% commission
  • Triple Life Coach – 7.25% commission
  • Crown Life Coach – 7.5% commission
  • Crown Ambassador Life Coach – 7.65% commission

Leader Bonus

A person at the Leader rank or higher qualifies for this bonus if they personally recruit someone in their downline at the Leader rank or higher.

Life Coach 12 Achievement Bonus

This is for the affiliates who qualify for the Life Coach 12 rank. They receive a car – a Tesla Model S.

Life Leadership Review – The Verdict

Life Leadership is a very legit company with some useful lessons and training courses. However, since it is an MLM, you have to be excellent in recruiting new and active members into the company, for a chance to earn good money.