How to Leave a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme – Our Guide

Here are three mind-blowing facts about the Multi-Level Marketing realm: According to research conducted at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a whopping 99 percent of recruited MLM participants actually lose money in an MLM venture, 95 percent of these participants quit within ten years, and the top one percent lose nearly $1,000 per year.

Many of us know how the MLM scheme works. This is a unique marketing venture yet one that is common in all parts of the world. In fact, we might have been invited to a coffee shop for a business proposal at some point, only to realize that the other party was attempting to recruit us. We might have been persuaded to try MLM products, only to end up buying their stuff. Or the worse part is, we might have been enticed to shell out a huge amount of money, only to end up becoming a member. For months, you have tried to improve your MLM status and rise through the ranks, only to fail.

Having come to your senses that the MLM scheme doesn’t really work for you, you have decided to leave. Unfortunately, leaving such a company can be quite hard. You’ve invested so much in it and in the process, you’ve lost a lot – from money to friends to credibility. It’s not easy to bounce back and find your way to success in another business venture, outside of the MLM realm. That said, here are four ways to move on:


Keep quiet about your decision to your uplines

When you’ve decided to leave, the first and most important thing to do is to keep mum about your plans of leaving, particularly to your uplines. Chances are that if your immediate upline finds out, he or she will try to stop you from leaving and even convince you to stay. Uplines have been trained to persuade people. You might be blamed for failing to do your job. Perhaps you will even be asked to shell out more money to ensure that more revenue can be generated for you. You will be given promises here and there, but you know you have had enough. If you want to exit quietly and peaceably, keep your decision to yourself until you have cut all ties with the company.


Cut all ties with the company

Once you’ve decided to leave, cut all ties with your MLM company. The best way to move on is to ensure that you have no contacts with each and every individual in the company. Your name should, in no way, be associated with the company at all. How do you go about doing this? Delete all MLM-related contacts – both your company colleagues and former clients too. Remove your profile from the company’s pages as well as any of the company’s social media accounts. Unlike and unfollow your company’s social media pages so you won’t have to see its products and services. Finally, leave from your company’s group chats once and for all.


Reconnect and rekindle lost relationships

Chances are that the people around you were skeptic about the MLM scheme you joined and maybe even discouraged the decision. It might have been your friends, family, or even acquaintances. So when you’ve joined an MLM company, you might have lost good relationships with them because of opposing views about the scheme. Now that you’ve left the company, it’s about time to reconnect with these people and rekindle the lost relationships. This is one way to get yourself back in track. Now that you share the same views with those you’ve once turned your backs on, it will be a lot easier for you to move on. They will even uplift you by saying that you made the right decision in leaving.


Look beyond the MLM realm

Finally, what better way to completely move on from the world of MLM than to venture into other forms of business or to get yourself into employment? Don’t be harsh on yourself for trying to succeed. After all, success is a matter of trial and error. You’ve tried the MLM, and it has not worked for you. That simply means that you are meant to do other stuff. Perhaps, you can get a job that you are passionate about. Maybe you can even start a business that you’re interested in. Life is all about taking risks. That being said, the risks you take ought to be calculated. Fortunately, this time around, you will be wiser than ever.

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