Is the Local Marketing Vault Legit? Should You Enroll?

Courses that teach you to make money on the internet are fairly common in the 21st century. There are hundreds of such courses that promise to teach you easy and quick ways to make enough money to live like a celebrity in a place of your choosing.

The reality, however, is far different from what these courses tell you. Most of them are filled with utter marketing nonsense that doesn’t really teach you anything. (1) Instead, they are like pyramid schemes where you are asked to sell the very same course to other people and make money out of it.

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“In 2010 the Federal Trade Commission received 8,192 complaints involving work-at-home-business opportunities, flat with the previous year. The FTC estimates that only one in every 55 of these gigs is legitimate.”
My Say

When you’re tired of your day job and the daily 9-5 grind, it is natural to fall into the traps these other marketing course creators push.

They’re wizards with words and spend thousands on marketing to make sure that people like you get caught in their web.

I tend to tell everyone I met who is interested in making money online to stay away from such easy-making money courses. They’re all fake. The reality is, there is no get-rich quick scheme that works.

The ones that actually enable you to make good money in the long term not only cost more, but they are also not easy to get started. An actual business takes actual work.

I’m sure you have heard of Local Marketing Vault (LMV). This is one foolproof course I love to recommend to people who are passionate about getting out of their 9-5 daily grind.

In this article, I’m going to give you an overview of what the course is about, who started it, the pros and cons of the program, and help you decide whether its right for you.

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What Is the Local Marketing Vault?

In it’s most basic form, the Local Marketing Vault is a training vault filled to the brim with information and courses designed to help you understand and implement lead generation techniques.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about lead generation, from how to build your lead website, to how to get leads and acquire clients.

Lead generation is a method of online marketing where you set up a website for a local service industry.

You’ll set up some software to help you track when a new lead comes in for those services, advertise it in a desired location, and send the leads to a relevant local business who can take them. Bam! Marketing done.

No experience or industry-specific set up required – you’re just the middleman helping a local business by sending paying customers their way.

How do you get paid, though?

Well with each new call or quote request, the business gets to see that you provided the lead. Then you give them a call and ask if they’d like to keep receiving the leads. If so, they’ll pay a fee based on the leads you send their way.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry, it’s a lot simpler than it sounds.

Plus, the LMV training includes several Done For You examples to help you get started, too.  

The marketing vault has everything you need to get started, even if you don’t know anything about online marketing. The course is geared towards complete beginners, so it doesn’t assume you know any of the jargon already or understand strategies used in other areas.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s useless for students who already have an agency. Though the focus is on lead generation, a lot of the tools and strategies are easily transferred to other similar spaces in online marketing such as SEO or SEM, giving you different strategies to utilize in your current campaigns.

The Marketing Experts - Who Are James Bonadies and Jason McKim?

James Bonadies and Jason McKim are the main owners of the LMV course and they both have a great reputation in the community for taking care of their own.

Essentially, these are two entrepreneurs who found a great strategy and decided that they could help others get started with lead generation. They both seem like genuine, caring guys who enjoy watching their students achieve success.

Not only did they create the entire course, but they regularly update it on their own time. They really know their stuff about Facebook, Google, Adwords, and building funnels – the same kind of stuff you’ll learn in the LMV coursework once you enroll.

They don’t stop there, however. They make sure their Facebook group is tightly monitored for spam to keep the space open and authentic. They also host Q&A livestreams twice a week with the two of them to ensure their 5.8K+ students have all their questions answered.

Both James and Jason are great at what they do, and while they might host a lot of coaching sessions together, some people may click better with one or the other, which really makes the training unique.

You’re not listening to one guy who has had success, you’re listening to two who made it big with these techniques and decided to start teaching others.

The student reviews for LMV are phenomenal because they go above and beyond to ensure everyone is happy with the training, resolving any technical issues or complaints the students might have about the course. They are also known to personally vet the course for you before you sign up, jumping onto the phone to help you determine whether it’s the right choice for you, and set up a payment plan that works for your situation.

LMV Overview

Local Marketing Vault Review

This review is meant to help you determine whether the Local Marketing Vault is legitimate. If you’re like me, you were probably on the fence when you first heard about this program. Surely something that good has to be a scam. Too good to be true.

I’m glad I took the plunge and paid up for the course – I would never go back, and it has definitely saved me from some expensive mistakes in working with my own clients.

Is it worth it? Absolutely.

There is so much great information in this course that I would be wrong to suggest anything else to you if you are at all interested in pursuing a lead generation strategy.

It’s a solid way to get extra money in your bank account, and the payment plans are flexible. It has helped a lot of students focus their efforts and quit their 9-5 grind.

Is Local Marketing Vault Legit?

Yes, LMV is a legitimate program. No strings attached, no gotchas.

You can listen to all the experts and digital marketing gurus and they’ll all have a different opinion about a money-making course on the internet. The experts themselves are sometimes advocates of certain courses, but this is usually because of a strategic partnership or other type of business deal, so its best to judge a course yourself.

To help you answer this critical question about whether the LMV is legit or not, I invite you to take a look at their private Facebook Group stats:

They have just under 5,800 members at the time of this review, and the group is not only active, but supportive of new students trying to get their bearings and understand the course material.

You’ll see James and Jason in the Facebook group, monitoring it for spam or any posts that break the rules, trying to keep it a safe space on top of answering the dozens of marketing questions that come in each day.

Unlike many other marketing courses on the internet, Local Marketing Vault has tons and tons of content with a private Facebook group where the owners are quite active.

Beyond the feed and comments activity, they host a weekly Q&A livestream twice a week to help new and old students alike. This is evidence enough that LMV is not a scam. No scam program puts this much effort into maintaining a real community like these two have.

The LMV community is very active, and James and Jason occasionally host competitions to let students test their marketing skills and knowledge.

Who is LMV For?

Local Marketing Vault is a great marketing program which can help anyone work from home on their own time. (2) It’s been shown that working from home has some great benefits, plus you get extra facetime with the family.

Becoming your own boss has it’s perks too – you no longer have to work through the 9-5 daily grind, you make your own hours, and set your own goals. That’s a lot of stress off your plate. No more progress reports or KPIs to meet!

“remote work may be something we should be doing more of, according to two new studies. Working from home can be good for your health and productivity. Not only did people who worked from home report greater work satisfaction and less "work exhaustion," they also got better sleep.”
Carolyn Gregoire

There are three main categories of students who find themselves considering the Local Marketing Vault program.

  1. The Complete Beginner. The Local Marketing Vault has lots of information, and while it can sound a little overwhelming to start with, you also get a well-organized checklist to help you determine where to start. No marketing experience is necessary with Local Marketing Vault, which makes it truly unique. It’s a great course to get your feet wet with, and before you know it, you’ll be generating leads left and right!

  2. The Entrepreneurial Dabbler. Maybe you’ve been looking for ways to work from home for a while. Chances are, if this sounds like you, you’ve bought into a course or two, or tried running your own online store, or started a YouTube channel, but nothing really panned out. By enrolling in the Local Marketing Vault, not only do you get proven strategies that have been tried and tested time and time again, but you’ll also gain access to technical concierge to help you through any part of the program and an extraordinary Facebook support group.

  3. The Agency Owner. If this sounds like you, then you probably already have an agency and work with online marketing in some aspect, whether it’s paid ads, search engine optimization, or social media management. These are great avenues to pursue, but what if you could supercharge your online marketing strategies? The Local Marketing Vault has a lot of information for you, too. Discover new marketing tools, new methods of attracting traffic, tracking conversions, and so much more.

How Much Is the Marketing Course?

The Local Marketing Vault cost differs based on the individual.

I know that sounds evasive, but it’s actually a pretty unique way of structuring the course.

Most students say the marketing course cost them a couple thousand, but it was never all up front – there was always a payment plan, and always a discount or voucher of some sort they were able to take advantage of.

You can’t just sign up for the course, you have to first jump onto the phone with one of them. They want to know what you hope to learn from the course to ensure that you’ll get your money’s worth out of it, and they set up a payment plan based on what you can personally afford.

These guys really want their students to succeed, and it shows.

When I enrolled, it was a completely different experience than I expected, and it gave me a lot of respect for James and Jason. They try their best to ensure the course gives the most value to their students as possible.

Pros and Cons of LMV, The Ultimate Marketing Course

You asked for it, so you get it – here’s a list of pros and cons about Local Marketing Vault based on my experience with the program.

To be clear, these are the pros and cons I’ve experienced by going through the course material myself.


  • Extraordinary training and organization
  • Great technical concierge
  • A stellar Facebook group with lots of owner and community engagement
  • Many real, time-tested strategies that made my agency profitable
  • Great for beginners and experienced individuals alike


  • Takes actual, real work to make it happen – like any legitimate business
  • Can be expensive for some, but the program is often discounted and they’ll set you up with a payment plan based on your needs
  • There’s really not much else!

Now, I know I couldn’t get the same number of cons as there are pros. I really tried, but there’s only so much that I can realistically put here.

Sure, if anything comes to mind I’ll update this review, but it’s too jam-packed with value and community engagement that I would be lying if I said there was more to be upset about.

Have you gone through the Local Marketing Vault before?

I want to hear what you think as well – what are your top pros and cons for the course?

Did you find it as valuable as I did? Let me know in the comments below, and we’ll exchange notes!

LMV Frequently Asked Questions

Local Marketing Vault gets a lot of questions from students who haven’t signed up, and if you are really uncertain about the program, I encourage you to get on the initial sign-up call with James and Jason. They really know their stuff about marketing and they can help clarify any part of the program that you are confused about.

That said, I’ll do my best to answer a few common questions I have seen about the program…

  • Q: Will This Work if I Live Outside the U.S.?

A: Yes, the training will absolutely work for you, even if you live outside of the U.S. The Facebook group has students from all across the world!

  • Q: Can I Just Learn Some Basic Ads and Figure This Out Myself?

A: Well… You could, but it’s going to take you thousands of dollars just to start figuring out ads if you’re fronting the cost yourself. It’s cheaper to purchase the marketing course and get the information and continued support from the experts.

  • Q: Do You Pay for Ads, or Does the Client?

A: Fortunately, the client pays for the marketing ads. Once you land a client – which is covered in the training – you devote part of their fee to the running the ads. If you have a marketing project you want to fund without a client, James and Jason also have a section on how to get capital funding for your business!


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