Is the Local Marketing Vault Legit? Should You Enroll?

Courses that teach you to make money on the internet are fairly common in 2019. There are hundreds of such courses that promise to teach you easy and quick ways to make enough money to live like a celebrity in a place of your choosing.

The reality, however, is far different from what these courses tell you. Most of them are filled with utter nonsense that doesn’t really teach you anything, instead, they are like pyramid schemes where you are asked to sell the very same course to other people and make money out of it.

  • When you’re tired of your day job and the daily 9-5 grind, it is natural to fall into the traps of these course creators.

They’re wizards with words and spend thousands on marketing to make sure that people like you get caught in their web. 

I tend to tell everyone I meet who is interested in making online money to stay away from such easy-making money courses. They’re all fake. The ones that actually enable you to make good money in the long term not only cost more, but they are also not as easy. 

  • I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Local Marketing Vault (LMV). This is one course I love to recommend to people who are passionate about getting out of their 9-5 daily grind.

The course is created by James Bonadies & Jason McKim (both well respected in the industry) and good friends of mine. 

The two have created this course with one thing in mind – to teach you quick and easy methods for lead generation as well as sales, cold calling, emailing and social media.

  • The course includes every single viable strategy you need to set up a good online small business that makes you a LOT of money in the long term. 

But is it worth it? Is Local Marketing Vault legit?

You can listen to all the experts and digital marketing gurus and they’ll all have a different opinion about a money-making course on the internet. The experts themselves are sometimes advocates of certain courses, so its best to judge a course yourself.

To help you answer this burning question of whether Local Marketing Vault is legit or not, I invite you to check their private Facebook group.

  • The group has more than 4,500 paid members which are evidence enough that LMV is not a scam.

The legitimacy of the course can also be determined from the course itself. Unlike many other money-making courses on the internet, Local Marketing Vault has tons and tons of content with a private Facebook group where the owners are actually quite active…. like everyday!!

  • If the course is a scam, you’ll never find their creators/founders being so active with the community.”Weekly Facebook Lives Too!”

The LMV community is active and the founders also hold competitions occasionally to let students test their skills and knowledge. 

Sounds pretty legit to me. Join the Local Marketing Vault course today without hesitation because I guarantee that if you learn the business model the course has to offer, you’ll never need to join another. 

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