Internet Laptop Lifestyle – Ray Kakuda

Thank you for reading this short but important Internet Laptop Lifestyle Review.


Internet Laptop Lifestyle Review – What is it?

So Ray Kakuda has a live webinar and recorded webinar pitching laptop lifestyle system and Project Make it Happen.

I recognized him from somewhere but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I decided to let it run until the button appeared to purchase this system.

Once I saw the $99 price I knew exactly what this system was.

This is just a spin off of Global Affiliate Zone.

So in short, laptop lifestyle is just a training on how to be an affiliate marketer. I am assuming they probably have different companies that you can push and become their downline in.

I remember Russell Brunson had a similar type of program 8 years ago.

I always felt it to be a little scuzzy to be honest an let me tell you, you won’t succeed at it because it is damn hard to be a successful affiliate.

I failed at it many times, and i have earn hundreds of thousands of dollars online.

However, affiliate marketing is one thing I failed at 100% of the time.

That is why I decided to build a real business online instead of chasing the scammy ones.

Let me show you exactly what I do to earn $100,000+ per year part time. 

  1. Never have to recruit
  2. Build a business that help other businesses make money
  3. Get paid a recurring income that averages $750/Month per customer
  4. Not saturated
  5. Not competitive
  6. Can work within your own city/state (100% of the time)

Again, you won’t make any money unless you go out and RECRUIT other people to come in and pay $99 plus all the upsells.


Talk soon, James