How I landed a $5,000 per Month Client – High Ticket Sales

Today I wanted to talk to you about high ticket sales and how I landed a $5,000/month client and how you can duplicate these strategies in order to do the same…part time.

If you want to skip the write up below and just see it in action, hit me up with a simple name and email and you my friend will have a nice treat on me! hehe

Before I get into the specific strategies, I want to tell you I’ve struggled big time online, and if I never found this type of business, I would still be struggling.

The company I was promoting was the first company that I actually had some success, and spent 7 years of no success.

I was grossing over $10,000/month for a few months in a row.

Then Bamn…it was taken away from me.

Nothing I did, nothing I didn’t do, just the company growing so fast that Corporate took it over and changed everything.

I was in business to be FREE.

Market as I want, use keywords as I want, build blogs as I want and recruit as I want.

Then the rules changed, and I, like most, was left with my tail between my legs.

However, with change comes new opportunities, and new opportunities means growing.

Growing is the single most important human trait we need to explore.

Without growing we stand still, and unless your happy with your current situation, standing still is not an option.

High Ticket Sales

I knew I had an asset.

I had an asset of knowledge that allows me to rank almost any keyword I go after.

When I was approached about coming on board for a coaching program that actually teaches this stuff, I knew it was a winner and I knew saturation was mere impossible.

and they did…

Even though Guru’s are making a lot of money selling knowledge which you know already because you’ve probably bought a lot of stuff online.

Stuff like:

  • How to run facebook ads
  • How to build a list
  • How to buy solo ads
  • How to buy media ads

I won’t bore you with more but there are thousands of products in the make money online niche. They are all selling knowledge and getting stickin rich off of it.

On the flip side, we already know that, because we are in the industry or trying to get in the industry.

What about the rest of the world. The world that doesn’t look online to make money. The world that is just trying to find their next lead for pool installation. The next client for sporting goods. The next person to sell a mortgage too.

These people are searching within their own market to make more money.

What if you stopped trying to sell or learn to sell other people’s knowledge for a measly commission and learned the tools to sell your own knowledge to people in every market in the world outside of internet marketing?

Possible? Holy hell yes…..

Beyond your imagination and you can embark on learning this knowledge so you can sell your knowledge to every small business owner just in your  town.

By selling, I mean not literally selling…

More on this in a minute…

For me, I sold my knowledge to somebody in Clifton NJ.

What niche? Mortgages.



Getting to it soon.

We must clear our minds of internet marketing and allow yourself to think a little differently. When you do, you will see the possibilities. The possibilities to end confusion, information overload, new products and a slew of other shit you need to make it in this internet marketing industry.

I mean, do you wake up in the morning saying, my dream is to be an internet marketer?

Hell NO!

You wake up saying, man I wish I could just make an extra $500 a month. Maybe $1,000…

The beauty, it can be attained with the proper coaching and mentor ship.

In our coaching program, you can have 189 coaches, because we work together in small community. We help each other and actually give each other the secrets to our successes….

Just like I am going to do now.

How did I land a $5,000/Month Client?

I urge you to read this without trying to 100% understand everything I say.

Just assume you knew how to rank certain websites using certain keywords. Assume!

Why? The process is easy and works 90% of the time. This is the easy part.

So, I wanted to go after a tough niche. Something that would challenge me, take a little time, but challenge my new craft. I went after mortgages mainly because I knew people in this industry are hungry as hell.

The first thing I did was do some keyword research on what I felt people were searching in this industry.

I picked “Mortgages Clifton NJ”

It had good searches and wasn’t that competitive.

I built a 1 page website to literally capture a name and email address.

The site basically said,

“Are you located in Clifton NJ”

“Looking for Financing”

Fill out the form below to have a “Local” mortgage company contact you.

Thank you for supporting your local business.

🙂 – I don’t know where I came up with that but it worked.

I ran that 1 page website on Google Adwords using a $150 free coupon.

I was paying about $4 a click and got 12 leads from that free $150.

I remember saying Holy S***. I have something here…If I spend $150 to get 12 leads, I can easily get a mortgage company to pay me for this.

Basically what I did after was risky, but I felt if I give freaking value, I’ll get it back 10 fold.

I forwarded the leads to a company that was not on page 1 or 2 or even 3. The poor guy was sitting on page 9 for that keyword.

I didn’t contact him, I just sent the leads.

1 week later, about 48 emails to him, I called him.

Sweating, nervous and shaking, I asked him if he got my leads.

His answer?

Dude, who the heck are you, and why are you sending me leads like this?

I explained, what I did, I am a lead generation contractor (made that up too) and wanted to “show you” what I am capable of doing for your business.

He actually stopped me and said, “Bro, I’ve closed over 10 of those! How do I keep you on to keep delivering them to me?”

Did I sell anything? LOL nope, and look the calls don’t always go this way, but it did for me.

I asked him, nervously, how much did you make on those 10 sales?

His answer?

“About $15,000” – How is that for High Ticket Sales

I told him I would keep the leads flowing at $5,000 per month and redo his website.

Without pause, “yea no problem.”

This was his first check:
high ticket sales

Ah the sweetness.

My expenses. About $1,000 per month. Let me point out that I over did it with this guy and over deliver him so much, because I don’t want to lose him. I outsourced his site and spent $500 and usually spend about $500/month on adwords.

That is how I landed this client.

This was High Ticket Sales at its finest, and with low ticket like my medical sales client, there is usually no expenses except your knowledge.

Remember, you are selling your knowledge.

Your knowledge has a value. How much?

Whatever value you put on it and people are willing to pay. That is how much. (Thank you Daegan Smith)

Do you feel like you can do this?

Deliver value first, land the client second?

Scared of picking up the phone. Guess what?

We even have a sales team to help you if you choose you don’t ever want to pick up the phone.

There is a big opportunity for you here, and I hope you see it.

Go here to see  if we are a right fit for you…or vice versa! 😉



James Bonadies