Lead Generation for Local Businesses – How You Make Money

Lead generation has become quite a popular way of making money online.

It is a much better income-generating venture than network or affiliate marketing, because what you earn does not depend on the number of people you recruit to join the company you are working for.

What is lead generation, and who are the leads?

generate leads for businesses

Leads are simply people who have expressed or shown interest in a company’s products or services in any way.

This means that instead of a person getting calls from random telemarketers who have probably bought their contact details, they get, say, an email, from a company they have already communicated or had some contact with.

For example, someone may participate in an online survey on the best place to buy a home theater, and they later get an email from the company that hosted the survey, showing all the home theaters that the company sells.

This would be much better than getting random calls from people who do not even know if you’re interested in buying a home theater, since you had already engaged the company by taking their survey.

It is even easier for the company to contact you with personalized offers since they have an idea of the type of home theater you want from the survey you took.

Lead generation is defined as attracting and converting potential customers into leads for a company.

You need to find different ways of getting people interested in the company so that eventually they will be attracted to your products enough to buy them.

How sending leads to a company works

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Say you recommend someone to a good nail parlor, and the owner pays you a few bucks for your recommendation.

Now, imagine doing that online, and on a large scale.

If you have a website that has a regular flow of visitors, and you recommend another site that you feel your visitors should check out, chances are most of the visitors will check out that site you have recommended.

They can complete a referral form on your website so that the recommendation is tracked back to you and you can create invoices.

Now, if you have the Income Activator’s Referral plugin on your website or blog, the job becomes much easier as you can now start your referral revenue stream, and send leads to your advertisers.

It is very simple; all you have to do is sign up for an Income Activator website so that you can use its referral software.

Why sending leads is a good way of making money

  1. It is much easier to direct people to the official site where things are sold than to attempt to sell those items on your website. Say one of your visitors wants to purchase an item. It is easier to direct them to a site like Amazon or eBay, rather than sell it on your own. The site you direct them to will have to pay for all those recommendations.
  2. Most people nowadays look for recommendations online before buying anything. Reviews and recommendations matter nowadays before someone can consider making an order. If you do such reviews and get people to read them, then you can easily generate leads to the companies and websites that sell by recommending them to your visitors. The more recommendations you do, the more money you get.
  3. If you become good enough and are an authority online when it comes to reviews, most people will trust you enough to follow your recommendations. Companies that sell their products online will easily recognize your value to their business, and will easily pay you for that.

How to start generating and sending leads to companies

The service industry has so many customers, so it is much easier for you to start with a service-based company, such as nutritionists, hotels or a dentist.

Start cheap, charge maybe $10 per lead. Your website should have content that is good enough to attract as many visitors as possible. Have a referral form that an offer that your visitors will like, say a free massage in a hotel or a free consultation at the dentist’s office.

Get your visitors to fill the referral form so that they can claim the offer. Talk to them, and if it is a good lead, send it to the company you are selling leads to.

You can start by giving the first lead for free, then start charging the company afterward. If referral works, you can now add more referrals for different companies.

You do not even have to have offers when you build a large following, though it is preferred because more people will be persuaded to purchase using your recommendation.

How a good lead is made

A lead is usually generated when a visitor to your website fills in your referral form by entering their contact information so that they can receive the advertiser’s contacts.

In the referral form you can ask any question, as long as it is relevant to the services/products that your advertiser sells. Say you are referring someone to a hotel, you can ask them what type of room and meal they prefer.

It is easier to start by providing referrals from companies that you are already recommending. You can then expand to include referrals from other companies.

However, people are more likely to trust companies that you have reviewed and recommended.

Advertisers love referral forms because they can get into contact with the prospective client since they already entered their contact information in the form.

Leads are still considered valid even if the visitor enters false information on the form because they will still get the advertiser’s contact information.

As long as they receive the advertiser’s contacts, it automatically becomes a lead, since they may later choose to contact the advertising company using their real information.

Companies like Google are paid up to $60 per click on any advert, whether the person that clicked the ad follows up and makes a purchase or not.

Referrals are one of the best ways for making money for you since it does not matter whether the visitor made a purchase or not, as long as they received the advertiser’s contact information. The advertiser also benefits since they only pay when you send them leads.

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