Empower Network Sponsor – Choose Wisely or don’t choose at all

Empower Network Sponsor – Choose your EN Sponsor Wisely

This could be the single most important decision of your life…and if I sound to harsh or you don’t believe me then listen to my story…

You can either GO HERE to read about me or you can hear the short version on this page.

I went 7 years without making money online and I blame not having a sponsor…

I know, I know, sounds harsh and makes me sound like a complainer but that is how I feel…

Truth be told, until I found my empower network sponsor I failed at every single Business Opportunity I tried…


It wasn’t until I got hooked up with someone who actually helped me understand the basics of making money online, that I took this blog from 0 visitors a day to well over 100 visitors a day….

Don’t believe me? Then you can see how I went from 0 to 100 leads per month in 2 months.

The proof is in the pudding YO!

I have been getting a lot of requests on why I should be their empower network sponsor instead of well…Joe Schmo…

and quite frankly…it bothers me a little bit…I mean, does my blog not prove that I can teach this stuff?

Do I not come off authentic?

Do I not look like a good guy?

Does it look like I am a liar?

That list can go on and on about why I can’t understand why people question my ability to help them succeed online….well…until I realized something…

I realized that most people have gotten so screwed in the past that all they are doing is their due diligence…and rightfully so…

So I broke down the most common questions I get asked….

  1. How much money do you make a month?
  2. How long have you been in Empower Network?
  3. How long did it take you to rank on Google?
  4. Will you pick up the phone after I join?
  5. Why you instead of the other 10 on Google Page 1?
  6. How big is your team?
  7. Can you do it for me?
  8. I don’t have the money, can you spot me the money?
  9. Can I learn paid traffic?
  10. Empower Network has a bad wrap….why?

and this list can probably go on and on….but the crazy part is this…

These answers don’t really matter….and I may surprise you with why….

See, people get involved with People, not their bank roll, or their team, or for any answers that I may have above…

NOPE…people join people…they join the crusade….so when people ask me these questions, I usually answer them…

But I realize that ultimately they join me because of ME! and…I am not tooting my own horn….believe me…I am not…

I just know this as a fact…You know why? Because when I used to answer to people I haven’t made any money with Empower Network..

Yet….they still joined…or when I told Chad he is gonna be my first sign up, he was excited to be part of that journey…

Or when I didn’t even know how to build a blog, Jesse said dude, we’ll do it together….

Or when I told Joan I know nothing about paid traffic, she said I can help you…

Or when I said, I can only talk on Tuesdays and Thursdays nights in the beginning Charles said no problem those are good days..

and again I can go on and on about why people join people not because of their successes but because of THEM…

I am blessed to have such a great team…and I am part of a much bigger team as well…that most people learn after they join me…

HOWEVER, for some people I need to sell myself before speaking to them because without that initial push, they might not ever get past that first blog post…

So Why should you join me?…well…since I have to compete here it goes…

Why should I be your Empower Network Sponsor

  1. You get access to a fully equipped Blogging Team..ready to teach you everything
  2. You get access to ME, the most honest marketer on the web. 🙂
  3. You get access to the Prosperity Team that has so many benefits I need to do a blog post about it.
  4. You get access to my mentor and traffic specialist
  5. You get the 15K Blueprint
  6. You get a sick Facebook group that helps me all the time with technical issues
  7. I don’t force you to go “All in” until you are ready to go “All in”
  8. I treat a $25 entry person just like my “All in” team members
  9. I am available within 24 hours after reaching out…most likely much sooner.
  10. I offer great tools that I use everyday to explode my empower network business.
  11. Finally, because I am ME, and I am the best damn Empower Network Sponsor out there….Enough said! 😉

To be honest, I can go on with this list too…but I like to save the best for last…and that happens on the phone call with me…

I don’t hide behind the curtains…and if you live close enough, we can meet up for coffee!!!

As I said above:

“Choose your Empower Network Sponsor Wisely” It may be the most important decision of your business life!

Join hands and lets do this together….GET MONEY BABY!

Your future Empower Network Sponsor,

James Bonadies