doTerra – Dodge it, Dog it or Dig it?

Doterra…well holy heck ya, the business is KILLING IT, and it seems everyone in the World is searching for this company, writing doterra reviews, joining the company or even buying their products..

However, is it all within good reason or is this just another example of the Sheep following the herd?

Before I hit you with my doterra review, lets do some house keeping…

First, doterra is 100% an MLM even if they call their people Advocates..

Clever yes, but in the end it is “If you get 3 and they get 3” yada yada

Still, the question is and always will be, CAN YOU make money with doterra and are their products for real?

If you answer YES, then I may have to refute that, or let my blog do the talking….

…even if I don’t believe money can be made for most who read this..

..I can still, without a doubt, say this is no doterra scam!

In my review, I will uncover a lot, most about the company, how they sell and if their products really are worth your piece of pie.

In addition whether or not you can make money with doterra…


Lets get onto the Review, and lets see how you feel toward the end…

Rock on Rockstar…

DoTerra Review

First, let’s start with a nice doterra video….get you all mooshy prior to the review. 😉

At doTerra, it seems they mean what they say about caring.

A closer look into their solutions, manifest their aim to improve people’s health in the simplest, most natural ways possible.

But does it really work?

DoTerra has their wide selection of essential oils from:

  • single sold therapeutic products,
  • Proprietary Blends,
  • Respiratory
  • Digestive Health Based oils, just to name a few.

Most customers know the company claims to offer only the highest quality of natural oils, in their purest form possible.

This is an even more thorough observation of how doTerra may have come to be the top go-to essential oil provider all throughout the world.

Products are great, opportunity may even be worth it, but am I sold?

Let’s first look at how this all started.

How They Began

In 2008, a team of seasoned professionals on health care and business decided to come up with wellness solutions, which were highly rooted from the earth.

It’s not as easy to enter the market place knowing there’s a lot of competition out there.

Another big hurdle was making the doTerra compensation plan even more competitive in comparison to existing health oil suppliers like Young Living.

Institutional caring solutions and health centers most probably had their eyes fixed on other wholesale, essential oil providers.

Then again, how did the organization manage to be what it is right now?

It seems their thrust was all about solution transparency and clarity of messages plus, pretty good products.

In a nutshell, they were simple to talk to, and it shows with their products.

For instance, their Breathe Line was presented exactly as its purpose – to alleviate respiratory difficulties and enhance ease of breathing.

The doterra founders often referred to as “Founding Executives” – again clever, and makes it seem so “corporate”.

  • David Stirling
  • Emily Wright
  • Gregory Cook
  • David K. Hill
  • Robert Young
  • Mark Wolfert
  • Corey Lindley

Each one plays a role, but all I ever think about is how much their overrides are… hehe

doTerra Reviews – Their Oils and Blends

doterra oils

doTerra has a total of six major oil blend categories available, and most of each category offers dozens of selections for customers to take relief from.

I won’t even go through to name all of them, it could take hours…

Its Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are composed of pure, organic essences, which were nurtured from all over the world.

These serve as vital ingredients, which can be mixed with other components, depending on another company’s intent of manufacturing.

Some of the selections they carry include

  • Basil
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Sweet Fennel
  • Ginger
  • Frankincense
  • and so much more….

If shampoos need pure oil extracts, doTerra could deliver their contents at reasonable bulk rates.

Some individual customers were also welcomed to purchase single, purely extracted organic oils for their own use at home.

Consider this category as a library of oils where professional and therapeutic enthusiasts can get inspired by.

doTerra developed a couple of Proprietary Blends which could be specifically applied for wellness treatments.

Its team of Research and Development experts came up with unique blends to evoke comfort and a sense of balance.

Some of them can even alleviate pain. (really?)

This doTerra review would not be complete without a look into the company’s efforts to expand and go into tons of different niches.

doTerra Guard

doterra guard

Its complete line includes:

  • The Cleaner Concentrate
  • Foaming Hand Wash
  • Natural Whitening Toothpaste
  • Small vial of protective blend.

Their lines show how other ingredients may be combined with their oils to achieve specific wellness effects.

doTerra’s other concocted lines include

The Deep Blue – Help relax Muscles

doterra deep blue

Breathe – To clear air ways and promote a restful sleep

doterra breath

DigestZen – To regulate digestion and provide comfort

doterra digestzen

They won’t even stop there…and I can’t go through their entire product line, so I’ll list them below.

With the widest array of products and essential oil categories it has, the lifestyle promise of doTerra can also branch out to other types of personal care products.

  • Hair and Skin Care
  • Spa Products
  • Nutrition Supplements and Shakes
  • Weight Management

To be honest, it is such smart marketing. They have a million reps pushing their products so why not add more?

Ching Ching…but at who’s expense?

The doTerra Compensation Plan

Compared to many other direct selling MLM companies, doterra does circles around them…

They kept their compensation easy to understand, which is always good for their reps. (This is totally a joke)

What has be flabbergasted (always wanted to use that word in my blog) is that…

…For all its various products, availability all around the globe and latest worldwide recognition, doTerra is indeed very much sell-able everywhere.

They may even pull off something that only Avon or Mary Kay has done…


Who would not want to feel stress-free or at least be pampered after a long day?

Skin care can be related to stress alleviation and eventually, peace of mind, doTerra never ceases to be every customer’s need in the market.

Even further, the organization has a solid and extensive distribution plan to make sure its founders’ vision and creatively made products will not go to waste.

Currently, doTerra offers six main ways for both sellers and distributors to earn. The doTerra Compensation Plan has:

  • The Purchase Reward Credits
  • Retail Sales
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Power of 3 Bonus
  • Unilevel Primary Commission
  • Leadership Bonus Pool

Now skeptics say these compensation plans may seem to add up to the typical multilevel selling scams, which abound in the marketplace.

In this doTerra review, I refute the scam mentality, which may automatically be related to the company.

However, doTerra is real and existent firm, with real lifestyle changing solutions.

But, can you make money?

Hold on we will get to that.

The varied doTerra Compensation Plan items show how the company adjusts to how the sellers and customers can ultimately reap their rewards.

They come in percentage discounts as frequent purchases are made.

Beginners may try the compensation package for a few months to get a hang of their selling activities.

For starters, they may earn about $50, depending on how many products they sell.

As sellers acquire more individuals to also become doTerra salespersons and distributors, their ranks and earnings may increase from $100, $300, $3,000 up to even $12,000 per month.

This may be the reason for such Milestones!

Doterra Milestones

  1. Doterra Started in May 2008
  2. 7 Months later they hit 1Million in sales
  3. 1 year later 1million a month was hit
  4. 2012 doterra does many 1 Million dollar days
  5. July 2014 doterra gets to 1 Million Distributors “Wellness Advocates”
  6. August 2014 brings Phase 1 of Corporate Headquarters
  7. June 2015 brings phase 2 of headquarters. Approx 383,000 Square feet of space

They also state that they have:

The CPTG has many qualifications to be considered Grade…

The doTerra Business Recap – Simple Version

After Paying your $35 Registration Fee

  • You get 25% discount on products
  • Can earn free products with the loyalty program
  • Refer people to your free website to earn more rewards

Do I recommend it?

If you have noticed, I haven’t been in the doterra opportunity, selling doterra essential oils or even hanging out in the doterra virtual office. lol

I hate to RIP any company without experiencing it first…


MLM companies have a bad wrap…some make money, some don’t.

Well, most don’t to the tune of 97% failure rate.

So, I always stay away..

…and rather do stuff that I know makes me money…