Chris Farrell Membership Review – 2016 Updated

Chris Farrell Membership Review

Chris Farrell is a soft spoken, 42-year-old British-born Internet marketer who currently resides with his wife and four dogs in Beverly Hills, California.  He likes to joke that the fifth is on the way – dog that is, not wife.

While searching for a way to make extra money, he started in Internet marketing in 2008, and within six months he was making an extra $250 a day.  Three months later he had his first “$1000 day.”


On one day in August of 2010, he earned $1 million in sales, along with partner Mike Filsaime.

Chris Farrell is above all a skillful coach, and his charming British accent is very pleasant to listen to. He has created a number of coaching programs over the last seven years to teach new Internet marketers how to make their first online dollars.  His latest product, Chris Farrell Membership, has been voted the best Internet marketing course for the last three years and features a number of easy to understand, step by step videos.  Some of Farrell’s best known products are:

  • 12 Week Marketer – An online training course and video webinar developed by Chris Farrell in partnership with Ken Walker to help new online marketers start up their businesses over the course of 12 weeks;
  • Affilliate Dot Com 1.0 and 2.0 – A home study course developed by Chris Farrell with Mike Filsaime, covering outlined steps on how to make money online;
  • Create Your First Website by 3:45 This Afternoon – A series of video tutorials on creating money-making one-page mini-sites;
  • Set-Up My Resell Rights – Membership site where Chris Farrell teams up with Aaron Danker to teach members how to resell PLR and MRR products for high profits;
  • Internet Marketing Toolkit – Training system developed by Chris Farrell, Ryan Lee and Andrew Lock for earning profit online;
  • Chris Farrell Membership.

A look inside Chris Farrell Membership

When you start out with Chris Farrell Membership, you’ll see a 3-1/2 minute video with Farrell talking about how he got started in Internet marketing, and how it took him six months to start making serious money.

He quite honestly warns you that this is not a get-rich-quick sort of scenario, and that a certain amount of hard work is involved, but that if you’re willing to invest the time, his techniques will get you where you want to go.  You’re invited to submit your name and email in order to receive his “free” video course….

Submitting your email takes you to the next video, which instructs you to go to your email inbox and open up the email he has sent you, and click on the link provided.  Before the video ends you’re invited to try out the program for a week for just $1.  Normally the intro week costs $4.95, and after the introductory period, the membership costs $37 per month.

The email you receive gives you a link to access a five-part video series explaining the program, and lets you know you have been subscribed to receive his free newsletter, Success Grenade.

The goal of the five videos list in the Chris Farrell Membership site is to outline his program in order to convince the user that it’s worth the price of admission.  In the videos, Farrell outlines three steps necessary to make money online:

  • Find a profitable niche;
  • Build a list of people interested in your profitable niche;
  • Market products related to your profitable niche through affiliate marketing.

…have to say…it is not that easy…there is more to making it online

Why pay a monthly membership fee?  The Chris Farrell Membership does have its perks, including free hosting for an unlimited number of domain names.  That could save you a bit of money down the line.   You also have access to a tremendous number of websites which are already pre-built for you, along with free teaser products, in a mind-boggling number of different subjects.

mind-boggling number of different subjects…in which…I am not to fond of to be honest.

For instance, if you were to choose flight training as a niche, there is a ready made website you can use, complete with introductory downloadable pamphlet on becoming a pilot.  It’s all ready to go with a simple easy installation steps so that when people land on your site and submit their name and email, the information comes to you and you simply email them the link for the pamphlet, which is the lure.

This is just a squeeze page and I can tell you from first hand experience, you have to create your own squeeze pages which I can easily teach you.

21 Days to Success

The 21 Days to Success section located within The Chris Farrell Membership sit walks you through every step you need to be up and running and making money online within 21 days.  It provides basic, yet valuable information about the internet, building websites, editing photos, setting up hosting and FTP clients, email campaigns, traffic and search engine optimization, use of analytics and more.  The information is well organized and efficiently arranged in order to expedite the learning process. I think the biggest plus of his site is the organization.

There is also quite a lot of useful information and tutorials outside of the 21 Days to Success section that goes into a great number of different subject areas, from social media to search engine optimization, use of email signatures, Google alerts, video marketing and much more.

There are regular webinars featuring the latest hot topics and new tools and techniques, and even a forum section where members discuss a variety of different subjects and get a chance to comment on the various tutorials.

Making The Whole Process Understandable

The best part about being part of the Chris Farrell Membership is that he makes the whole process understandable.  He explains exactly what you need to do to be successful and breaks it down to the basic nuts and bolts.  There’s no smoke and mirrors, no magic bullets; he tells it like it is and helps the user understand why some programs don’t make money, and what they need to do to avoid those pitfalls or what I like to call rabbit holes.  The website is easy to navigate, clean, uncluttered, and fairly intuitive.

Why Chris Farrell Membership

I have said many times, not only in my blog but many articles I have written on how to make money online, signing up for The Chris Farrell Membership site could be your beginning to earn money online.

Update…Although I still love Chris’ site, as the Internet is always changing, so are the techniques.

You must have the latest most powerful training available.

I have recommended and will continue to recommend other products, but the Chris Farrell Membership site is by far the first stepping stone in becoming successful on the internet. I truly believe in my heart that unless you join this membership site, your chances to succeed diminish. (Update…if you are on a limited budget)

If you have a deeper pocket there are much better programs out there that can teach you much faster and better.

Chris Farrell Membership Scam

When I first started online in the MMO niche back in 2010 I thought everything was a scam. Thank God I Googled Chris Farrell Membership Scam and got some honest reviews. It was those reviews that led me to his site and my personal experience with Chris Farrell Membership site was a blessing. It was the day I went through his entire site that I learned exactly how people setup a business to make money online. If I never fell on that website I would probably still be searching. Although I think his site is fantastic, since those times there are much better programs out there to teach you the 2013-2014 way of making money online.


CFM likes to emphasize that his website as a community; a group of people all working toward the same goals.  He constantly invites viewers to post comments about videos, participate in the forums and network with other users, and there is a lot of communication going on in the members area.

What I always love is it truly takes a village to raise a child and definitely takes an online village to build a successful web business. If you think you could benefit from his teachings go ahead and click the button below as it has a special offer which enables you to start for $1.

Don’t forget….there is always a way to skip the bare basics and jump into a more advanced training or would like to get me as your mentor!

As always….hit me up with some comments…show your luv! 😉