Coaching with a Side of Sizzle

Warning: Do not schedule a call if you’re prone to no-shows or Broke. 

Hope that wasn’t to harsh.

However, if you made it this far, I am sure you know what you want and we would love to have you on a call.


Still not 100% sure what the coaching is all about?

Let me show you exactly how this process works!

I show you this older video I made because this video was made when there was 150 members.

Now there is 2,500 members. That should say something about longevity. This works!

Cool thing is, still 2 years later, I stay the course and never change from what I learned in this coaching.

They actually have Cool bonus, they now offer a big scholarship discount for action takers!


Here are some of my results as well as other students in the group, if you still need some more convincing! 😉

I made $138,000 this (2016) year from the process you just watched!

Screen shot 2016-07-26 at 4.46.37 PM

A quick recent $1,500 payment just to show I am still doing this!

Screen shot 2016-07-26 at 4.45.29 PM

2 Years later I still have this client paying me the same amount!


Again recent payments for myself!make money online
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Tyler Bangs a $1,000 bucks down and $6,000 a year client!


Mayo in May 2016 KILLING it like we all do!

  mayo staruck testi

“The ROI for JK Traning is 1000 times better than I ever expected”

From the horses (our students) mouth!

  testimonial2 And on and on testimonial3 And on and on and on testimonial5


Ok, ONE MORE for Good Measure!testimonial6


Sounds to good to be true?   Schedule a call, if your serious, and see how they can handle your skepticism:

Just in case you aren’t ready to schedule a call STILL, here is Dan explaining it in even more detail.

You think we’re onto something?

You can apply for membership, only if you’re 100% committed to the call:


DO NOT apply if you’re the “no-show” type.

Otherwise, I’d love to see you in our group.

See ya at the top,

James B. and my boys  Brad Campbell & Dan Klein

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