Affiliate Marketing for Dummies 2016

If I could write a book on Affiliate Marketing for Dummies….

….I would include the fact that most people fall down the Rabbit Hole, because they are not doing what I call

Local Lead Generation

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You can save yourself years of frustration and lost money…

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Affiliate Marketing For Dummies….It happens everyday and all day to thousands of people who come online and search for affiliate marketing for dummies.

Thousands, including YOU!!!!

The funny money these marketers make by selling affiliate products or even their own products would make your eyes explode out of your head.

Sorry for the visual! 🙂

I am going to explain to you why you and me have so much in common, and why you need to listen to me.

Not tomorrow or next week, like right now!

This holds true especially if you are looking for a way to make money online.

If you have tried making money online and are not making at least 2-10K a month then you are chasing the rabbit straight down the rabbit hole.

Don’t be embarrassed because this stuff is hard man, so hard that the funny money that comes in is just that, FUNNY!

Affiliate Marketing is so lucrative that  we are all chasing that rabbit, but most fall down the rabbit hole looking for the get rich quit scheme.

Let’s take my real life example.

Don’t think my writing sucks, but as I walk you through the old days of how I got started, the journey is so twisted that my stories get confusing, awkward and down right embarrassing.

Here goes nothing:

James, how many times have you gone down the rabbit hole?

My quick but confusing story starts at 6:00 AM.

I won’t even bore you with the time frames from this point forward.

First, Google, “affiliate marketing for dummies”….

….thousands and thousands of websites pop up.

I tell myself, oh forget it, I’ll just work on what I bought yesterday but first…..

I check my email to see if I got the guru’s email asking me to join another program, because that program MIGHT BE THE ONE TO MAKE ME RICH.

My stomach would turn when I didn’t get an email, and I would ask myself why is he not writing me?

Like they actually would sit down and write me a personal email. (hint hint aweber)

I need something to work with, and yesterday that program I bought didn’t work. (soooo stupid)

I then would go log in to a back office of one of my programs to find no sales. (how could I make any sales, I didn’t do any marketing…loser for even thinking like this)

Damn affiliate marketing, this shit doesn’t work. haha

The vibration hits my pocket, YES I got an email, quick open it, it might be the golden ticket, or a winning lottery ticket.

DING DING, yes it is, I got that email. Guru writes to me and says, “how to run 1 cent adds on facebook”.

YES, I thought to myself, now I will run ads pointing to another affiliate program and make some MONEY!! HOLLA

WAIT A MINUTE. I need a squeeze page. Ok, google squeeze page. Log in to (doesn’t exist obviously) but I would search for about 1 hour on how to create a squeeze page.

Finally, I found out how to create a squeeze page, then I put it together in like an hour with some lies about how to make money online in like 1 week. ding ding (put people first and the money will come pouring in)

I got my squeeze page, and now I need an autoresponder. I happen to have one, so I logged in, created a list name. 1-cent-facebook-ads and did all that nice stuff that goes along with aweber.

I was ready to rock and roll.

WAIT A MINUTE. I need freaking follow ups in my autoresponder.

Soooo, I spent 2 hours creating a follow up series on how people can make boat loads of money online within a week. The follow ups were terrible and put together like crap, but I accomplished it.

Next issue, was to learn the new program, so I can run the 1 cent Facebook ads. I ran through the program, didn’t understand it, so I googled 1 cent Facebook ads. (hint….MAKE A DECISION, and TAKE ACTION on whatever you believe is worth putting your trust in)

When I googled 1 cent Facebook ads, I started reading scam reports, reviews and testimonials. I did this for 1.5 hours. By that time, it was 4 PM.

I looked at the clock and said, “There I go again, wasted another Sunday!”

Around 7PM as I was washing my son and going through my emails, I got an email about how to build a web business in 24 hours.

Monday evening, I worked from 5PM-12AM with the same result. NOTHING!!!

This repeated for 7 years guys.

Not everyday, not even every week, but when every time I would jump on the Funny Money Choo Choo express called affiliate marketing, I would fall down the rabbit hole.

Thousands and thousands of dollars later and 7 years of wasted time, I accomplished nothing.

This is why I have Googled “affiliate marketing for dummies” a hundred times. 

There must be an answer!!! Dammit!

Think about if I stuck to one program, followed it, mastered it and never had to buy another one again.

All those commissions I gave to these people would never have happened.

The dream of easy ways to make money online, would have never crossed my mind, because as you learn this game, you realize there is NO easy way to do this.

There is a right way to do this, but not an easy way.

If you truly want to take advantage of the lifestyle you deserve.

Visit what I am currently doing now and if it fits into what you are truly looking for, come on board with me and let me help you.

It is truly up to you whether you succeed or not, but stop chasing that carrot….

MAKE A DECISION, STICK WITH IT and put your heart, mind and soul behind it.

The shiny objects are shiny, but this business is not easy if you allow yourself to get sucked in.

Learn how I am killing it online (and watch me show you how you can too)

I hope to see you on the other side,







James Bonadies

Online Business Coach