3 Steps – Find Profitable Keywords, Rank and Bank

Calling all Affiliate Marketers, network marketers, business owners and anyone who wants to make more money!

Profitable Keywords

Stop being broke, and I mean that in the most humble way possible. I was there, I was the guy counting pennies.

I remember when my wife and I used to literally run to the bank to hand in our change. We called it “change day”. The problem was, we didn’t realize that “change day” should have been the day WE changed. Instead we looked like the guy above! To me, it was pathetic, because I knew I had more in me.

9 months ago “change day” was exactly that. The day we changed. The day we said enough was enough. We need to go out and build a better life for ourselves.

So the internet was the only thing I knew I could turn to give me that opportunity.
The issue? I have failed and wasted so much money, that I had no confidence in my ability to make this work.

So, being the “failure” I was, I went straight for the shiny object. Empower Network! LOL I am not hating on EN, but I have to say, network marketing is probably the hardest business venture out there. The failure rate is laughable, the ability to recruit is an art and why would anyone buy from you if they can go to the guru and and learn from him?

However, I ended up doing over $15,000 of business with EN. It wasn’t because I was special, it was because I had traffic. Although I might not have generated as much as one can get with a reputed company like https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/on-the-map, but among the people I worked with, I was undoubtedly the best.

See, sometimes it truly is about eyes and how many people can see the offer. I was watching this regular guy rank for empower network on page 1 make $20k-$30k a month in empower network. I was blown away. I studied him. I followed him, and I reversed engineered his work.

Why was he being so successful?

The answer: Traffic = eyes = $

In my mind, I knew if I could just contact Chaz Edward LLC and rank like him, I could make money.

So, that is what I did. I studied, learned on my own, plugged away nights and weekends, learned his skills and made them my own.

The results = $15,000 in Empower Network in 3 months.

Nah it wasn’t hundreds of thousands but it gave me hope.

From there I went over to MOBE and promoted MOBE, wrote a blog post, ranked it. (go ahead and do the searches, you will see this blog)

The results = ~$10,000 in MOBE

You may ask, well if all you have to do is rank, then why did you stop promoting all these affiliate products.

Businesses Monetization

That leads me to "ethics". Before I get 100 hate comments, let me say this. I am not saying promoting the above products is bad. What I am saying, FOR ME, I feel it may be a little unethical to sell people the dream of making a ton of money, only to know in my heart it was going to be impossible for them to succeed.

It was just to saturated, to hard, to confusing.....to hardcore for the newbie who just wants to make a thousand or two online.

Now, a lot of people believe in people more that I do. I unfortunately couldn’t bare to watch people spend thousands of dollars knowing they just flushed it down the toilet.

My Decision = Scratch all the affiliates and get into Local Businesses Monetization

If you don’t know what that is, read this post here.

I knew I could rank anything under the sun. I knew the ins and outs of how to bring my website up to the top of Google for killer keywords. I also knew people who spent thousands of dollars to guys in India trying to rank their sites. I was actually one of them.

But now “I had the power” to rank them myself.

Could I take these same ranking strategies and use it to rank a website I built for taxi services, act like a taxi service, and sell the leads to other taxi services.

The answer = Faster than you can imagine.

Could I use the strategies I will talk about below to rank mortgage companies, electricians, plumbers, restaurants, soccer stores etc….and collect monthly fees?

The answer = Absolutely…to the tune of over $10,000 a month.

The question is not can I, the question is “How Can You”.

Here are the steps I take to find a profitable niche, rank that niche and collect checks to people who need more business.

This is simplified for the sake of my hand…. 🙂

  1. Find a profitable, low competitive niche in any industry using 3 steps
  2. Build a website around that niche using a DRAG and DROP website builder – EASY PEASY
  3. *Use our 3 Step “No Fail” SEO Ranking Strategy
  4. Rake in leads, sell the leads to clients on page 3-4 of Google (go to LocalViking.com for more tips on Google My Business (GMB) optimization).
Social Networking

*The 3 steps both Brad and I use is Social Bookmarks, Citation Link or Social Networking Profiles and High Authority links. We show you

If using this model is something you feel you could succeed at (anyone can do this) then you need to watch our Video where we explain exactly what we are teaching.

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